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Hello everybody! =)

What shall I say? I am terribly late with my Subscribe Saturday contribution and can only blame the moon in Scorpio for that. To some people it might be empowering, however, it slows me down. Okay, there also might have been a huge family get-together during the weekend with not chance of sitting down at a computer as well. I am truely sorry for being late, but definetly wanted to continue with the SubSat series! Hope you can all forgive me and now there will follow the next 6 awesome HitRECorders!! Since my subscriptions are ordered chronologically, I myself am curious who is coming next! ;-) Drum roll....

joerud - Aww, Joe is probably somebody many of you know. He wrote/composed several fantastic songs which are well-known. Besides he is a man of many talents - writing, taking pictures, doing videos, more musical compositions, testimonals and he has most certainly impressive entrepreneurial qualities (e.g. his former Underground Confectionery Company). ;-)

Check out this text record about his third hitRECord anniversary. I really do love his writing and way of expressing himself. "I care about this place greatly." This, Joe, shines through in all of your records and contributions! Thank you for all your wonderful records! <33

MadisenMusic - I just realized, I haven't seen most of your new records lately, though I am subscribed to you, Madisen. What's going on with my dashboard?! I need to remedy this immediately! =D

MadisenMusic is just cool! Cool with a capital C! He has been around a long time and is so talented with his writings (I love, love love 'The Life of Donnie Bibbs'), his remixes for the SFAFF collab, his superduber awesome personality and as his name already points out - his MUSIC! Just to name a a few of his talents! Check out his records, you will be glad you did! <33

mal.aux.cheveux - Her record 'Love me... Love me (other than) not...' was so intriguing to me, I subscribed to her back then. Over time I could watch her adding more - 84 - amazing records. The majority are photographs and I hope there will be many, many more!

josefina - I am such a huge fan of Josefina's art! She has been recording since 2011. The only hitRECorder I ever compiled an own album for. Something about her art touches and inspires me so very much. Josefina has a unique style (actually a signature style) and her creations make me smile, laugh or horrify me! Above all she is a young, emerging artist with lots of spirit! Hopefully more hitRECorder will check out her work, for it seems to be kind of "unseen". Her last record is about "good luck" - that should be an excellent omen! =D

Josefina, as always I wish you a bright, happy future and awesome time with your creativity! <33

aemw2708 - Ashley joined last year and has added 65 records. She seems to have stopped recording! Please, create more! =D It is a joy to look at her work! Most of her creations are intriguing visuals - photographs or awesome drawings. She also writes and remixes! <33

chadilaksono - I subscribed to this artist, for I truely loved her record 'Lost & Found' - her story-telling and the accompanying illustration. Still remember that her described moments of joy leaped over to me! I subscribed in hopes of seeing more of her works in the future. Sadly she seems to have stopped recording and has only 3 records as total. However, there is a link to her website (which I hadn't seen before).

Thank you, Isaac, for the Subscribe Saturday collab! Right now I only manage to recommend 6 artists due to lack of time (what happened to 11?). 6 is my lucky number, so I can live with it, as I hope you all can do as well! ;-) It is kind of sad to end my list with two hitRECorders not being here anymore, on the other hand it makes me twice (actually there is no number to express my feelings) as happy for all the awesome fellows being around, staying here, creating for the love and fun of expressing art!

Have all awesome times and more! Till next week! <33


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