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A few nights ago I was someones date to a dinner thing somewhere in LA,  and I was the charming person who spilled wine over the host's carpet and baby. The end.

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If interested, please follow me here


Also, there is a short documentary in the works...

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(Elbowman enters, dressed in ridiculous outfit with lightning bolts, explosions, and other non-elbow related symbols on it. He is clearly very nervous about the interview.)

Interviewer: So what’s your name and power?

Elbowman: (soft-spoken) Hi, I’m Elbowman, and my power is, um, I can lick my elbow.

Interviewer: You can what?

Elbowman:(coughs lightly)…lick my elbow. Both elbows, actually, not just one (looks expectantly at interviewer, thinking they will be impressed).

Interviewer: …Alright then. So tell me, Elbowman, why are you leaving your current superhero?

Elbowman: (timidly) Well, I… This will actually be my first job, you see, as a sidekick, if I’m hired. I mean… I just discovered my superpower recently, so, yeah. My friends thought it was pretty cool. (looks down for a minute, trailing off) People aren’t supposed to be able to do that, you know. Lick their elbows. Only other people’s. Which, you know, I can do that too, if- if that’s what’s required in a certain situation. But I can also lick my own.

Interviewer: (clearly perplexed by this incredibly underwhelming superpower) Ok… so… um… what’s your greatest weakness and your greatest strength?

Elbowman: Well, my strength is, of course, my power (attempts to lick elbow to demonstrate, doesn’t quite make it) which, you know, sometimes I have to stretch a little bit beforehand, to make it work, but yeah. (tries again, fails.) I didn’t stretch. I should’ve stretched, but, um, It’s a pretty impressive… pretty impressive strength, when I can pull it off. As for my weakness, well I… um… I have allergies, mostly seasonal and stuff, but yeah. Also, I’m lactose intolerant. So, if a villain, was ever to, um, to get some lactose, and put it- put it on my elbow, then I um… my powers… I wouldn’t be able to… (trails off)

Interviewer: Well I don’t think-

Elbowman: (interrupting) But you know, I would still be able to do it. Lick my elbow, and all. But I would probably just have, like, cramps in an hour or something. I’d still do it though, you know… for justice… (looks down at the ground)

Interviewer: (sighs) Ok, describe a difficult wor- Alright, really quick, could you please just give an example of when your superpower might be useful in a crime-fighting setting?

Elbowman: (very nervous, talks with hands) Well, I mean… say there was a bomb, you know, strapped to my elbow, and it could be defused, you know, by, like, moisture, then… um… I could, provide that moisture…by licking…and it would probably defuse. Also… um…yeah…If there was a bomb strapped to my other elbow, I could diffuse that one, as well, ‘cause I can… did I mention that I can lick both of my elbows? (looks up expectantly)

Interviewer: Yes. Well, I think we’ve heard all we need to hear from you. We’ll call you back in a few weeks with our decision.

Elbowman: (optimistic about how the interview went) Alright! yeah. um… thanks for your time… (gets up, attempts to lick elbow one more time on the way out.) (fails.) (exits.)

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i was thinking we could explore two sides of a story for the episode re: the number two.

one of my favorite collabs is kouralilly's backwards/forwards poetry project where you can read a poem either top to bottom or bottom to top, and both tell a different story. 

i think the most effective contributions are ones that show two distinct stories when read one way or the other.

these could make excellent typographies or animations played back-to-back to emphasize differences.

oh you want examples? well i got your examples right here, buddy:

The Truth by xanlee

Would I by Iluminar

tiny by Mottelz

You and I by Ines Reis

Can't Buy Love by the Shuttersmith

Respectively Speaking by MadisenMusic

i'm certain there are dozens more that could work for this project. but i just wanted to throw this out there :)

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trying out different narrator character designs for turning my "my Momma"poem into a graphic novel


“ Your momma so fat, when we went to the movies she sat next to everybody” and they were some lucky motherfuckers to have the privilege to sit next to a woman like her.

My momma is so fat that when she laughs all her rolls of flesh shake and crash together truly waves of mirth

and if you got over your fucking

fat shaming head shaking lip pursing bullshit you just might feel that laughter reach from her beautiful toes into the earth and if you you stay extra shhh calm quiet that laughter just might grab your freshman 15 by the hand and start to dance

My momma is so old that she remembers when her twelve drunk neighbors started calling themselves apostles after smoking a few too many and started writing a pretty big bestseller

My momma is so old that she still tears up when she recalls when the dinosaurs moved out of town “such lovely people” she’d say over a melancholy cup of reminiscing tea

My momma is so old that the stories she whispers before we fall asleep aren’t written in any books that still exist

My momma is a goddess.

and if you are lucky enough to behold this woman on the street you better remember what ive said.

Because if you take it into your

pig head

to mock catcall goad prod attack or smirk at her remember this also, if all that world lives in my momma who was created by my star-filled grand momma then imagine just ponder for a moment remember

those two women

made me."

by tdolan
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Video stems (5 different video files -- including 30 seconds of background -- & my Premiere Pro Project File)

Audio stems (reference mix, player one, player two)


Also...not a lot of people have done this yet.  I highly encourage it.  It was fun to film & play.  

Also starring RobotSilver.

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There are two kinds of people in this world:

- those who read this title as '55378008'. 

- those who read the title and know exactly what it says on an upside down calculator. 

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by jdhaen
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Quick remix of theabones's 20 eyes with Joe's remix of phenomenaaa's Tiny Story

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I can easily say one of the highlights for the year was flying to the UK to see the ever-fab Pamagotchi dance in the Somerset lavender fields so I could make a cinemagraph out of it. 

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