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Here are my (3) Thanksgiving Tunes.

I've made one for just about every year I've been on hitrecord;

Maybe I'll make more in the future;

but hopefully these will do for now. 


(This is sort of like an urelated sequel to a song I made last year, called "Thanksgiving Robbery", which I resourced)



I hate spending, every year of Thanksgiving

at my Grandma's house, a nightmare I'm re-living. 

Grandpa's in the corner and he won't stop grinning, 

at my cousin, (the circus clown) who's plate spinning.

My cousin is a circus clown. He's "Plate Spinning".

Grandma and Grandpa, a couple of Kooks, 

they keep the head on the Turkey, and they call it a Goose! 

"We keep the head on the Goose, give you something to savor,

you take the head off the Goose, you're gonna waiver the flavor",

That's sick! I don't like the "Stuck-Turkey-Head-Trick",

I'd rather eat my own hand, or a pile of bricks, 

but then again, I just felt my ow stomach start to twitch, 

so I guess I'll make myself a turkey sandwich, (yummy)

Now I know that I don't lead a starving life, 

but I was happy when they pulled out the carving knife,

I was ready for some action, food satisfaction, 

but what we got next was a Turkey reaction,

"Did you see that bird wiggle??!" said my cousin as he giggled,

but I I didn't have an answer, I was puzzled, I was riddled, 

"That Goose is alive!!" shouted Granny from that side, 

and I couldn't believe what was in front of my eyes! 

(it gets a lot weirder from here girls and guys) 

The turkey starts flailing like a mad wildabeast, 

starts flapping his wings like he's an animated centerpiece,

"Get my army knife from the bedroom kids! 

I'm gonna show this bad Goose, who his Thanksgiving daddy is!" 


(just in case there's any character confusion,

that was the Grandpa, who said that last line.)


but the Turkey bit Grandpa, and now he's knocked out, 

and he's lying on the ground, with foam in the mouth, 

So then my Grandma, myself, and my stupid clown cousin,

shoved the psychotic Turkey in a pre-heated oven!

It took some muscle, but we locked him away, 

I wish the story was over, but there's more to say, 

"Grandpa woke up!" Grandma yelled out; 

"but he looks a little different and he's freaking me out!

He's got a whole bunch of feathers, and a beak for a mouth, 

we either eat him for dinner, or kick him out of the house!!

"We won't eat him for dinner!! He's my husband you sinner!

And if you ask me, I'd say he looks a little thinner!"

 "I know you loved Grandpa, and we'll miss him fondly;

but he's not your husband anymore, he's a Turkey-Man Zombie!" 

(he's not your husband anymore, he's a Turkey-Man Zombie) 

"He's coming at us; Turkey Zombies hate people; 

you can see it in his eyes, there's a Thanksgiving evil!!" 

He was fast, he was clever, he knew how to use a feather, 

and he scratched up the furniture, the genuine leather! 

I punched him in the face, until the beak severs, 

and I see my Grandpa's face smiling forever! 

"That was just a costume? A crazy joke?! 

I hate coming here!! You almost made me croak!!

And I'm not paranoid or nothing; 

but there's still a dead bird making noise in the oven!" 

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. 


I got turkey on my plate and I'ma eat it baby, and you better not forget my gravy!

Mama's cookin in the kitchen and my stomach is itchin, for a little bit of hunger attention.

What was that noise? I don't know that voice! I opened up the front door (with poise).

It was a neighborhood boy, with a gun to the door, saying let me in and drop to the floor!

"I hear you're having Thanksgiving dinner!" "What's it to you?!!" "I wanna eat a little bit of it too!

I been smellin yalls food for an hour or two, and I'ma steal it cause that's what I do!"

"You're telling me I won the world's worst lottery?! I've been waiting all year for a Thanksgiving Robbery?!!"

"I don't care what you've been waiting for, now I think I'm taking more, Pumpkin Pie going out the door!!"

"I'ma count to (1), you better put down my pie!! Or my fist is gonna POP you in the eye!!"

"Gobble Gobble bring it on!! I'm hungrier than King Kong! and I ain't had a fight all day long!!"

They were fighting so madly, one guy got burned badly, there was gravy everywhere sadly.

(nobody touched the Green Bean Caserole. I thought that was kinda weird.)

They were shovin faces in the Cranberry, everything was very scary, someone call the Tooth Fairy!!

"Wait! Wait! Wait! Said the mama from the kitchen, why can't we get along on Thanksgiving?!!  (wisdom)

Sit down, and chow down!! Put your little gun down! It's time to go to Turkey town!!"

"I'm sorry!"   "I'M sorry!!"   "No I am!"   "No I AM!!"  "Will both yall shut up and pass the Ham?!"

Back to good in the hood, and they ate real good, AND they ate about as much as they could.


(The Moral of this story is......!!!!!!)

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Halloween was awesome! And Thanksgiving is on the prowl! So I say... ON WITH THE FESTIVITES!!

 (a little children's song I wrote. feel free to sing along.) ;)


Halloween you did alright! But now it’s time we say goodnight!

Hop on the old November Bus! Pumpkin Pie for all of us!


I wanna be a Turkey, I wanna be a Turkey, Nothing you say can hurt me, cause I wanna be a Turkey

(la da la da la)


I’m gonna eat some Turkey Legs, I’ll have leftovers for 30 days,

I’ll  eat so much I’ll never stop, I don’t care if my belly pops,

A Turkey can gobble and so can I, I’ll gobble my way to the Rhubarb Pie,

The Mac and Cheese has caught my eye, the cranberries oh my, oh my,


I wanna be a Turkey, I wanna be a Turkey, Nothing you say can hurt me, cause I wanna be a Turkey

(la da la da la)

Thanksgiving is what we Long for….. long for,  and it’s here!

(La la la la)


Happy Thanksgiving!

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