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first draft (I'm not much of a writer but I had a go :D I got stuck on it so I wanna see what you guys think first)

woah, mate, you kiss your mother with that mouth? thats right

i’ve got her number i’m gonna tell her what you’re on about


you think you’re being funny when talking like a brat

she’s gonna take away your pocket money for calling people fat

she’s not gonna read you a bedtime story tonight

she’s not angry, she’s disappointed that she raised a little shite

how do i know this? she told me last night

and she also told me that you sleep with a night light


you’ll be your knees begging mother please forgive me

for being a little bugger about dissing people’s mothers

cause your rap is offensive you’re a little ranter

and don’t pretend to apologise and pass it off as banter

thats no excuse mate, didn’t your mother ever tell?

shes gonna put you in the naughty step and leave you there

and hell, you call my mumma dumb again i’ll set fire to your teddy bear


your mumma’s a success? well thats a crock of shit

did she really raise you to sound like that dickhead robin thicke?

and honey, its not attractive talking like a prick

grabbin’ yourself and walking like you’ve got an itchy dick

but who cares mate

you’ll never get a girlfriend while you’re talking like that

and you look like justin bieber when you’re wearing that hat


fat jokes, really? what are you? fucking twelve?!

tell that to my mummas face you’d probably shit yourself

didn’t your mother ever tell not to brag about your self

to get some fucking manners cause you’re talking like wanker

making jokes about suicide and calling it banter

get some...

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