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by Luran
One lost a book.
Two lost her keys.
Three just wanted to warm up.
And four will give them more than they all bargained for.
Guess you can find yourself on another side of a trash bag, hmm? :)
(uf, sorry, i'm still unsure of how everything works around here)
Tom refused to take off his dripping wet coat even as he sat down across from Edna, the woman who had called him up somewhere during the day and asked him to meet her. He had no idea who she was, while she unfortunately knew him in a way that most people don't get the chance to.

"Miss Million?" he asked, his tone passive and uninterested. After the accident, nothing, not even a call from an unknown - and now he could see - a worn out, but attractive woman in a drop dead suit seemed to light up the grin he usually wore across his lips.

"Yes, please sit Mr-"
"Tom." he cut her off, "Just Tom." and sat down as she nodded. He took out his pack of cigarettes which were dry enough to still be smoked and pulled one out. Edna's expression seemed to strangely twich as Tom took out his box of matches and he guessed she didn't like smokers. He didn't ask though, he didn't care as he lit up the small stick of nicotine and took a long drag.

"So, miss Million."
"Edna." she said, her smile all too wide for her skinny face.
"Edna. Is it a custom for women these days to call up men they don't know?"
"If it's about business, why would it be strange?"
Tom shook his head and smoke rolled off his parted mouth.
"Is it business, miss Million? If so, my horse is not for sale and if you lost bets on my riding, then it's your poor judgment that's lost you your money and not my skills."
Edna opened her mouth to say something, but the waiter interrupted as he stopped by their small table.
"Your order, miss?"
"Scotch, please."
"And you sir?"
"Bourbon, straight."
The waiter nodded and walked away.Edna's eyes had caught Tom swaggering in to the bar and hearing his order, she could pinpoint the smell coming from his parted mouth - the ordered bourbon wasn't his first of the evening.
"I know for a fact you haven't ridden in a while Tom."
"You keep track of when I ride? You must be a betting woman then."
Edna smiled and this time it seemed a little sincerity crept up to the edges of her lips.
"I don't actually care much about riding, horses or betting. Not quite my...Thing, I guess."
Tom waited a moment or two. He had a nack for knowing when people took a pause in between their tales and when they were finished with them.
"I prefer carnivals."
"Oh yes. I love the noise, the brightness of it all. I can easily immerse myself in the flashing lights and how they create shadows across the open filed they're on. Then, if I really want to indulge myself, I slip a 100 dollar bill in to the ringleader's pocket and he drowns out all the lights for me."
Tom frowned, all the while listening to the tone in the woman's voice as she carefully uttered each word. He wasn't sure if she seemed even wearier from them or quite the opposite, full of life.
"When it all goes dark though," Edna added quietly, "it sucks you in."
A small laugh errupted from Edna's throat and she shook her head, the waiter placing their orders in front of them before walking away.
"Am I strange Tom?"
"If I answer your question will you answer mine?"
"Quid pro quo, one for the other."
"I asked mine first."
Edna swallowed, nodded and her elegant hand took the glass of scotch from the table.
"Your children...They died recently, that's why you haven't ridden in a while."
It wasn't an answer, just raised more questions in Tom's head.
"And who told you that?"
"If every woman who's read the newspapers has called me up about it, I'd just be sitting here with a line forming from your chair through the exit and down the street, all the way across town."
A pause to take a breath and take every inch of Edna's expression in to try and read it, but the skinny woman, her sunken cheeks and her fine tailoured suit said absolutely nothing.
"Why did you call me?"
"You didn't answer my question first."
Tom wanted to reach out and grab her by the wrist, but he held his shaky hands at his sides.
"You're a bored rich broad with too much time on her hands."
The laughter that ensued from Edna made the bitterness forming in Tom's throat worsen and he took a sip of his bourbon to dry and wash it down to his stomach.
"I know your wife left earlier that night, you left a few minutes after. You seemed like such a happy couple when you waved goodbye to her at the front porch."
Tom was silent, his mind void of thought and his throat void of voice. The pit in his stomach grew to the size of a dying star and one hand clenched in to a shaky fist.
"That night-"
"Yes. She seemed like the type to go to a bridge game. She seemed to be going to one. You had other intentions though."
Tom was sure he'd stopped breathing as his heart pounded in to his ribcage and seemed to break his bones. Edna nibbled on her bottom lip and watched the scotch in her glass. Her dark eyes sprung up again to meet Tom's gaze.
"There was another woman at the door a few minutes later and you left giggling like school kids."
She sighed, gently pushed away her glass and tapped her red painted fingernails against the wooden surface of the table.
"I didn't know you left your kids back there Tom. That you left them alone."
"What are you saying?" Tom whispered with the strength he conjured up in the back of his foggy mind. The devil was sitting right in front of him, but the stench of smoke and bourbon wasn't still letting those features sink in to that woman's face.
"And the house...So lovely,all lit up." Edna whispered, "Not a sound though from the rooms upstairs. I guess they were asleep. Daughters, right?"
As if it were an automatic gesture, he nodded.
"Nora...And Eliza." he whispered and ran his hand through his hair. His eyes stung and it wasn't from the smoke, but sudden tears as realization washed over him. A memory flooded his brain: sound of sirens from the blazing red firetruck, as well as the quiet call of his name from the woman that wasn't his wife. Tom had realized why he had suddenly felt fear just as he was feeling fear right now in front of this woman. Edna Million in a drop dead suit.
Edna slowly stood up and took out some money from her purse to leave it on the table. Her hand twiched, if possible,delightfuly as she took the matches that lay beside Tom's drink.
"My condolenses Tom. Don't stop ridding."
Tom's face was blank, not a word registered, only the sound of high heels as they passed by and the sound of the door opening to the rainy day outside.
by Luran
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"Just what we need, a pattern and a prayer?"
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