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You can have anything you don't need,

To teach you of the hideous greed,

What you need can not be reached,

What you want can only teach,

That get what you need and there's nothing to die for.


To show your heart in the gleam,

Open the flesh and shine through your protection,

It's never too late though may it seem,

That theses people know nothing but neglection.


You have soul, need and pride,

So much you don't need to hide,

You pave your own way in this world,

Live in that dream-world.


What You Need
LunaShame Released ago

I know I just joined today, but I already have 8 records out (none really that good) and I'm addicted to this site! I've had so much to say, but no one to really exrpess myself to, and nowhere to do it. But now I do, and I feel a lot better! hitRECord is such an inspiring website, not all may be willing to try it, but they are deffinetly missing out! For all the artists, and yes that means you, NEVER be afraid to express yourself, in any way.

by LunaShame ago
by LunaShame ago