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As she picked her way across the giant cobblestones, the tiny toe-shoe swayed gently across the somber brown face of her valise, its ribbon protesting mightily against the indignity of being tied to the handle of such an ungainly beast.

A top-hatted man from a doorway darkened by more than just a lack of natural light grinned at her in a most unusual way as he took in her frothy tutu and crystalline eyes. “Well, hello there, Dearest,” he began, indicating the sky with a pointed finger. “Perhaps you should deign to dine with us before the dramatic deluge begins.”
"Wherever shall I go?" she said, her lower lip trembling with extraordinary vigor as her possessions seemed to rain down from the bruised sky.

"I neither know nor care," replied Mr....
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LuluSings Jul 12, 2010
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The top-hatted man used a small trowel to shovel grayish-green mashed potatoes onto a plate that resembled a manhole cover in size, creating a veritable root-vegetable Mount...
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