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Louve Mar 26, 2012

Don't you understand that I need your bites
Your tongue deep in my mouth
Your fingers pulling my hair
Your body crushing mine on the wall

I need a wolf
I want to be eaten wildly
I need a...

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- Good evening young lady!
- Good evening mister wolf!
- Where are you going alone in the wood?
- I bring honey buns to my Grandma.
- Oh pretty gril, how hoarse is your voice for a...
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Louve Mar 14, 2012

Potato : a jawbreaker for sheep

(Well, you must have a sheep to understand how it looks trying to chew a whole potato)


Barush challenged me to translate her poem " I'm glad you liked my autopsy" in french, so that's the result.

@Barush : I'm sorry, I didn't translate it word to word, because it...

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