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its a camera :P
The Adventures of RECord Girl... Soon to come, feel free to add to the concept... below is a little bio of her.

She is mighty.
She is brave.
She is happy.
She has aim.

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I've been debating on uploading this just due to how many faces it can turn. But art is art. The model's name is Malice Mcmunn, This is something that I'm actually working towards making into a t-shirt for my friend Sam Tripoli's Naughty Show & his podcast following that carries the name of "xIlluminaughtyx" she's a legend in the game of being an alt model, been in ink magazines and one hell of a badass chick.


I'd love to see poster ideas if people wanna have at it. 

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Imagine being stuck sitting next to yourself, and the many different sides of yourself.

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so i saw metaphor has released a new song today. heres my response. it only took me... 5 hours... lots of databending--not nearly successful as i wanted to be... but it highlights a few common ideas.

lots of thanks for the hitRECord community for uploading videos for me to play around with. i apologize in advance if your record wasn't highlighted to be sited as i only downloaded from sources i could find.

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My favorite things are Memories, they're irreplaceable. 

Music by L.T.Daley, the song is "Interlude".

The reason why I chose to show a state fair is because its typically a family event, especially if you're younger you have memories of going with family or meeting up with friends at some rides to just hang out and have a good time. Its moments like these when you realize that you're having the time of your life, while still being able to see other people enjoying it too in such tight spaces in large crowds of people. The fact that I waddled around with my family last summer, makes me giggle because instead of waddling we could have just killed some time by jumping on to some of these rides. All we ended up doing was just watching and starring at everything.



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...and then there was blood.

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Heres a little something about the city, who knows, it might be fitting into the road collab.

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Almost 3 months ago I ventured out on a creative quest for myself to get over my creative block and stumbled onto Attraction as a theme for my art. After weeks of diving into articles, books and video of research I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m in need of some help to fill in some of the blanks outside of my research much less my own experiences. So this is my call to arms to my fellow HitRECorders, please assist me in sharing your testimonials in regards to Attraction. I’m also open to use any contributing RECords in aiding a broader cultural perspective, so please feel free to contribute how you feel best fits this collaboration.

Everyone: Contribute a Text Record with your ideas for Attraction based theme

Everyone: w/a Camera: RECord a testimonial regarding Attraction.


  • What comes to mind when you think of Attraction?

  • Do you think Attraction is a choice?

  • Do you think Pick UP Lines work?

  • Do you consider yourself to be Attractive?

  • How do you think Attraction works? Do you believe there is a formula out there that explains Attraction?

  • What do you think Men or Women find Attractive?

  • What kind of responsibly do you believe you have to yourself and your potential mate in regards to Attraction?

  • What are some of the issues you see in regards to Attraction?

  • Have you ever approached or been approached and it gone terribly wrong? Share an experience.

  • What are your experiences with being Attractive or not being Attractive enough?

  • Does age, looks, and status factor into qualifying a mate for an Over Night, Short Term, Long Term Relationship?

  • Do you look for a mate’s quality that in which you do not find in your friends of the same preferred gender?

  • How do you think society has effected what you deemed to be Attractive in a mate or presenting yourself to be Attractive?

  • Do you think Attraction is attainable or is it genetics?

  • How do you think Technology has influenced Attraction?

  • Do you think Attraction can be gained outside of 1 on 1 and face to face conversation?

  • Do you believe Physical Attraction is stronger than Emotional Attraction?

  • Do you think some people take Attraction for granted or manipulate people because they’re attractive?

  • Do you think the Friend Zone exists?

  • Do you think Attraction can be gained after entering the Friend Zone.

  • When do you know to Kiss someone? Have you ever been rejected from a Kiss? Share an experience.

  • How do you think Attraction can be maintained in a Long Term Relationship?

  • What is the difference between Attraction and Love?

Writers: Contribute a piece of writing regarding Attraction.

Musicians: Contribute a piece of music regarding Attraction.

Animators, Cinematographers & Video Editors: Contribute a piece of video regarding Attraction.

Illustrators, Graphic Designers, Photographers: Contribute a piece of imagery regarding Attraction.

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heres a few changes and a little more animation. Had a 5.6 GB quicktime file that wouldn't upload--so i converted it to flash... down to 57.4 MB... odd compressions.... but, whatever, it doesn't seem like i'll be able to make it look as crispy good on hitRECord as it looks like on my machine. sorry guys, i tired...

hopefully the next update will have the girl being swallowed by the big city face. i think once in side the girl will start to change and lose herself.

keep the advice rolling!

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