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its a camera :P
The Adventures of RECord Girl... Soon to come, feel free to add to the concept... below is a little bio of her.

She is mighty.
She is brave.
She is happy.
She has aim.

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I've been debating on uploading this just due to how many faces it can turn. But art is art. The model's name is Malice Mcmunn, This is something that I'm actually working towards making into a t-shirt for my friend Sam Tripoli's Naughty Show & his podcast following that carries the name of "xIlluminaughtyx" she's a legend in the game of being an alt model, been in ink magazines and one hell of a badass chick.


I'd love to see poster ideas if people wanna have at it. 

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Imagine being stuck sitting next to yourself, and the many different sides of yourself.

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My favorite things are Memories, they're irreplaceable. 

Music by L.T.Daley, the song is "Interlude".

The reason why I chose to show a state fair is because its typically a family event, especially if you're younger you have memories of going with family or meeting up with friends at some rides to just hang out and have a good time. Its moments like these when you realize that you're having the time of your life, while still being able to see other people enjoying it too in such tight spaces in large crowds of people. The fact that I waddled around with my family last summer, makes me giggle because instead of waddling we could have just killed some time by jumping on to some of these rides. All we ended up doing was just watching and starring at everything.



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so i saw metaphor has released a new song today. heres my response. it only took me... 5 hours... lots of databending--not nearly successful as i wanted to be... but it highlights a few common ideas.

lots of thanks for the hitRECord community for uploading videos for me to play around with. i apologize in advance if your record wasn't highlighted to be sited as i only downloaded from sources i could find.

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...and then there was blood.

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heres a few changes and a little more animation. Had a 5.6 GB quicktime file that wouldn't upload--so i converted it to flash... down to 57.4 MB... odd compressions.... but, whatever, it doesn't seem like i'll be able to make it look as crispy good on hitRECord as it looks like on my machine. sorry guys, i tired...

hopefully the next update will have the girl being swallowed by the big city face. i think once in side the girl will start to change and lose herself.

keep the advice rolling!

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I've been debating a lot of things about "Electric Loss" recently... not sure where to go except maybe forward. I hesitated to upload this yesterday morning, but revitalized by Jared's comments here it is. Version 7 of my progress. Theres additional animation, some replacements of animations to fit the mood a little more in some spots. Let me know what you guys think, it's important.

I decided to step back a bit and rework some of the backgrounds. I felt they were a bit static. I've also been getting this kind of cool look with white solid shades moving across colors and reflections... It makes it look extra purdy. Lol. So... yeah--I didn't do as much as I probably could have because I was debating on what to do.

I know that it also looks like you guys might not know where to contribute because I've been doing a lot of heavy lifting or possibly trying to steal the spotlight--but theres a lot that can still be done that I hope we all work together on this. Footage of singing or dancing, walking, riding cars or whatever you fancy can always be used. Rotoscoping if anyone is up for it is always appreciated--as a person who does it professionally, it means a lot to me if you do some roto. I could always use more designs for buildings, signs and maybe people too? Illustrators come up with some concepts, designers help flush them out, if not I can do some refining if need be. I'm still trying to find better ways to incorporate what people have already done for this collaboration as I've tried to remain inspired to do things because of the contributors. Granted it's not turning out exactly like one item or another, I think I'm doing the best I can to reach a safe grounding point for new ideas to emerge and continually bild off of.

Remember, These shots aren't timed perfectly and can always be edited. I purposely made them longer than need be so we can properly time them later. The only reason you're seeing things look like they go together is because I'm making it up as I go. If you're inspired with an idea for this, please let me know. I am totally willing to comprimise. A lot of these shots could use retouching or more elements. If you guys would like some of the elements seperated--thats a possibilty or even if you guys wanted the After Effects file--that's doable too!. Just make sure you download the appropreate resrouces. (I can only hope you guys carry powerful machines to work off of)

Also I stumbled across hitRECord's Tumblr to see that Electric Loss was featured on VH1--so keep it going guys!

So, enjoy!

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Ladies and Gents, here it is...

Toss's absense has gotten me back on the band wagon only to finish The video with the shortest edit out there that sounded smooth and seemless. I wasn't really picky or favored one over the other--this edit by Ryan Patrick just fit the timing nearly perfect for the Electric Loss video. These last few days coming up with crazy backgrounds, renders and ideas for something that might work became crazy. The ending isn't the best of endings, it could always be remixed!

Also I feel bad for not doing any RE-RECs last night. I was up until 3am completing this--Fell asleep during render time. I will have to get better at that.

Thanks Gyllenmaya for the lazer eyes that helped sparked an ending to this video. Thank you Djean for your particle animation even though I never was able to sync it. Thanks Burnsius for your dancing animation. Thanks Toss for doing a lot of the grunt work for this music video. Thanks Jeff and Marke for being creative stewards helping us in making this crazy video. Thanks Joe for putting this on the spot on VH1. The best for last with a great many thanks to the rest of the HitRECord community & staff.


Changes can still be made. I just have to rest.

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