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Metaphorest beautiful poem put to music. The guitar, vocals, cello and shaker were done by myself and the other shaker and the drum was done by my brother Dougie Mackie aka Fameless. Producer: Dougie Mackie Recorded through a radio Mic I couldnt find a shaker around the house so I made one out of a medicine bottle, cocoa pops and sugar. The drum was a big cardboard tub with a plastic lid. haha. Seems really odd. If anyone wants to put a harmony on top you are more than welcome!

Based on the artist model The Books - "Cold Freezin' Night"
A labour of love.
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Just a little different...

This was too much fun! Hope you like it and contribute. I'll post just the audio of the tapping if you want to re-use it.
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The other night, I had a dream but this dream had no images it was all music.
This is what I heard.
Welcome to my dream world.
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Hi! I'm Lizzie. This may be a little on the long side... : )
173 photos.. if anyone is interested haha.
I composed this sound track for Metaphorest beautiful poem.
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Silly little love song.

To This:

Once upon a start I wished for you.
Well who knew they came true?
I count my blessings one by one,
That its only just begun.

And every breath I take is all for you,
It's all for you,
And every beat my heart makes,
It's all for you.
So let us kiss to this,
let us kiss to this.

Oh could this be a dream my mind's unfurled?
This feeling's so beyond this world.
I give to you my love stoned heart,
Your little work of art.
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A brainy record.
All up this took 11 hours to create, storyboard, shoot and edit.
There are 421 photos and all were used. Hope you enjoy!

Prepping images on sheets of plastic took up the majority of the time taking up just over 5 hours. I used a whiteboard for the back drop.
All editing was done by hand each image averaging 0.04 seconds view time.

It does take a long time but I encourage everyone to give it a try. If you have the patients and the imagination, give it a go even if you produce something just a few seconds long. You will be amazed at what you can do.
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This is how I tidy my room
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My Dad taught me this chord when I was really little and he called it the John Lennon Chord. 

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