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Sometimes, I dream of my heart overflowing and spilling all over my shirt. I hope I wear it well.

You know how at the most inappropriate times,

Like during class,

Or work,

Or on a bus and you're super close to a person,

and you accidentally shock them?

And there's this "oh, shit" moment,

an "I'm sorry, that was kinda awkward" moment

a "I wonder if he/she thinks I'm cute" moment

all at the same time?

That's how I feel everyday with you.


It's a quarter to three and I can't sleep.

I can feel your soft breathing against my neck and I want to just

turn around and touch your face.

I want to trace your brow line with my fingers

and kiss your jawbone,

but you're asleep.

You look so peaceful

and I don't want to wake you.


Three years ago,

I kinda knew that you'd be the boy that I'd want to spend the rest of my life with.

Sitting under a university tree

Gangly limbs relaxed attached to

wiry body,

scruffy face

fingers wrapping around Dostoyevsky,

a Camel cigarette resting between

flower petal lips.

(Manly flower petals.)

"Hey, kid," you said as I sat down with my

Chinese food,



You were it.

Are it.


Now,we have a cat.

And a kitchen.

And a bed.

And a life


We own seven guitars

two ukuleles

a cello

and a makeshift drum kit made of a high hat,

crash symbol,

cardboard boxes

and giggles.


We tango to Tom Waits.

We experiment with pastas.

We make music.

We paint.

We record.

We fight.

We laugh.

We love.

And I'm happy.

I hope you're happy too

and I know that you're not used to it.

You know,


But I know you're trying

and that's all I need.


It's four now

and I can't take it anymore.

I brush your hair away from your face

and your eyes flutter.

You smile

and my heart turns to cream.

We kiss and you turn over.


Goddammit, I love you.

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Poem I wrote a while back.
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I've been in a music writer's block for the past few months. Now it's broken. :)

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So...this is one of those stories that I was writing down in many different ways. Trying to be eloquent and instead became frustrated and decided to make a video to show you instead. Now that I think about it, it's probably easier just talking to a camera with shitty quality than staring at a blank piece of paper.

Please bare with me?

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This is a candid photo taken of my boyfriend and I at a party. It is basically epitomizes our relationship. 4 years strong. :)

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Here's a version of the Halloween voiceover. I used Megan Carnes' Waltz of the Freaks and Joe's script. Hope you can use it. :)

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Angelheaded hipster girls prey on gangly boys in Buddy Holly glasses. It's a pack mentality.

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5 Years

Wired: Dani Williams

I can’t sleep.

Thoughts are forming and swirling through my brain as if nuclear fusion itself has been created only to be released in a mushroom cloud. I lay on my bed staring at the popcorn ceiling only to count the aspestis and seriously plot out how many books I can read before dawn, how fast I can clean my room, and how many times I can rearrange the books on  my book shelves, (all twelve of them) before I can completely master the calculations and probability of it all.

I’m shaking.

My knees bounce in short swift motions over and over again, simply to make my muscles ache and cause me to question, (once again) why I’m up so late.

I’m tweaking.

Like a junkie after its first successful 6 weeks in rehab. Playing with strands of hair until it falls loose, and challenging the concepts of straying from a not-so-important addiction. Although the addiction was never my own. And the success from it is causing me to worry.

Fear is what holds me tonight.

Not the strange serial-killer-slasher-movie fear that strangles all common sense and lands you with the same post-tramatic-stress as a nam vet. Rather the fear of the unknown. The security of my failures holding me to the muck and mud of Bay Area rain’s results. (Hey, at least I was grounded) Now however, the success of struggle lifts so-called chains and while I’m given the gift of flight, my sneakers are compelling me (once again) to run.

And while I must neglect the compulsion.

My fingers twitch and toes ache for the once again comfort of weights to ground. Failure is familiar, and success is frightening.

Hey, at least in the dark, you know where the light is.


5 Years ago, I lost my closest friend. Throughout the years, around this time, I’ve never truly known how to feel on this day. What I’m supposed to do. How I’m going to react. About 2 AM, I woke up sobbing. Even though it's been 5 years, I think it was my body telling me that it’s okay to feel horrible. We’ve all grown up. We’re adults now. We’re all living our separate lives and it’s okay. It’s also okay for me to want to curl up into a little ball and mourn. She was the closest to love that I ever could have felt growing up. It’s okay to mourn the loss of that.

So rest in peace, Danielle. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better person to constantly remind me about the strength of love. True love. And she was right. At least in the dark, you know where the light is. Right?

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She lives on the horizon by the sea.
Takes her feet and turns waves into love songs.
Oh, if only he could be.
The one that could hear her love song.

Oh girl, don’t cry.
Give it time and he’ll see
Oh girl, dry your eyes.
My sweet girl by the sea.

He lives way up high in the trees
Swaying with the wind
Without a care, blowing in the breeze
Oh, if only he could be.
If only he could be the man she wants him to be.

Oh girl, don’t cry.
Give it time and he’ll see
Oh girl, dry your eyes.
My sweet girl by the sea.


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Hello, HitRecord! Long time no see. It's because I've been busy with a new band. We're called Hiya!

This is our first mastered song and I'm so excited to share it with you! It's called Never Forgets Now. 

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