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[Im]perfection [Nose]
LineDreamer Released Jun 28, 2015

I used to think that I was ugly because of my nose. When I was 13 years old, my nose completely changed. It became bigger and a bump appeared. I remember that at one moment I wanted to change it. I had bad times with people. I would receive hurtful comments such as " you look like a witch", "nobody wants to date somebody like you." Of course, I started believing those people. But around the age of 20 , I discovered photography,and I started taking self-portrait. I felt much better. Then, one day when I finally met my fiancé at the airport, I felt beautiful in his eyes. He told me a little later that he noticed my eyes first.

My nose is weird, so what?

We are all beautiful in our own way :) Do not let people put you down. Imperfection is pretty.