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Smilk's Forest and taydanielle's tiny story about a blue tree.

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While waiting for the bus last spring, I had myself a little freak out. A little cussing is involved. Also, moose appears further away than it actually was.

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Melted Bear Ice Sculpture, Anchorage, Alaska.

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In the end, I'm glad it was you. 

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Went on a 5k run last winter. It was -5 out. Suddenly my eyelids felt very heavy.

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I couldn't find a tiny story to go with this. Do you have one?


Having issues resourcing Flower Girl by Categuystevens:

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The days when it was just you and me were the best days. Whether we went out for ice cream, or played by the lake, I would look down you and your smile would shine so bright. I knew I couldn’t be loved any more by anyone, than you loved me in that moment. Luckily for me, that moment was every moment... until all the moments were gone.

I still walk down the train tracks to our favorite spot. I imagine your hand in mine, and let the pain cascade through me as I hear the whispers of your childish chatter about the snakes you learned about in school. I stop where the tracks go around the bend, and head down to the lake nearby. I settle down by the  tree we used to have mid-day picnics under, and watch as the memory of you dances away in the gentle fall of snow.

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I am dying to go somewhere exciting for Spring Break. Probably won't happen though. I'm poor.

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Everyone told me that i'm going to be okay.


Time has passed and i guess i'm okay.


It just feels much worse than i expected.

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Of Giants Big and Small

Abigail was young, foolhardy and not a bit bashful. Her sister Charice was the quiet kind; quiet and mischievous. Together they made reality from dreams, climbing mountains, becoming princesses and building castles in which to live out their days. Abigail would rescue Charice from the dark watchtower, never missing an opportunity to slay dragons or defeat the Giants. 

The Giants were most displeased by these games. Abigail and Charice practiced for hours in secret how to execute a proper ambush. After a battle of wits and sword play of epic proportions, the sisters had finally conquered their very first Giant. As the Giant lay dying he said, “One day you’ll be a Giant and you will be defeated, for you showed no mercy to my kind.” The sisters merely smiled at each other conspiringly in only a way sisters can and continued slaying their childhood monsters with renewed vigor.

Time passed and games of conquering monsters turned into more lofty goals of ambitious careers, exciting vacations and beautiful men. Both girls breezed through college. Charice, who wanted to continue playing like her childhood never ended explored the ocean and made friends with the sea creatures. Abigail stopped along the way to as many parties and excursions as she could find. The thrill of seeing the world was the ultimate game to her.

In Paris, Abigail realized she could touch the top of the Eiffel Tower. In Rome, she stood over decaying arenas and smiled down upon the ruins. It was only when she returned from her trip to Paris that she remember the conquered Giant’s parting words. With a gasp, Abigail knew the end of her reign was near. 

In her hand, the pregnancy test confirmed a child would be on the way.


(Challenge from Blees Completed.)

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