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I must say, I am totally overwhelmed by that place. So many talented people around. The first day when I "sneaked" my way through this website it was the total overkill for my brain:-)


When I saw the wonderful "flight of the foxes" illustration wirrow did, the first thing that got into my head was the red hair of the girl. So I tried to play and experiment with it. I also fell in love with the theme "Tribute to the Regency" Madrond101 did. Such a beautiful song. I rendered the film in a very high resolution, in case anyone would like to play with it.

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I am no sure. Two days ago, I directly uploaded this video into the collaboration for the "loop" theme and it did not show in the general search. So my question is, what is the best way to handle things when you upload something new? Does it make more sense to make a general upload first and do the collab thing later? So, sorry for the double posting guys. I am a tiny bit confused...arg!


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When I first heard the audio done by CautiosTrain of "Gooblygag" and that supercute voice of her five year old sister, I wanted to animate something, where we can observe the little girl while she is telling her story.  I think, by that we have a lot of opportunities in showing various numbers of facial expressions, even if the "model" is very simple. The next thing I would love to show, is the world she is talking about, oh and everything is happening/building itself behind her back. Shadows or silhouettes that may appear, smoke, growing things etc. Maybe at some points she can interact with her phantasie world or react (body language, facial expressions etc.)


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