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Decided to put a bit of explanation for why I included each piece:)

11/11 - Thanks hitRECord: Not only is this the RECord I'm most proud of, I feel that it really sums this place up very, very well and also sums up my greatfulness in general for life and love and friends.

... and a(nother) new life: I couldn't not include this. It's my favorite project I've ever worked on and the one I'm most proud of:)

City Movement: This is the first thing I ever filmed and edited. And I'm really proud of the way it turned out. I also included it because it sums up the civic pride I feel living in Chicago.

Some rhythm tap (w/ washing machine sound): I love tap dancing. It's an integral part of who I am. Plus, I really like this piece because it plays with rhythms and I'm really into that in a nerdy way. My favorite type of tap to do is the kind of tap that isn't like a big choreographed number, but just another form of percussion.

Journey of the Anglerpod: I'm quite proud of this piece, and I feel like it shows my general perspective on life. I'm a big believer that you should never give up no matter how bad things get, and that through the love of friends and community, anyone can have a happy ending.

Faux Fall Formal in 30 Seconds or Less: This was an amazing time. Just amazing.

Voyeuristic Owls with Voices: I just had so much fun doing this one. I don't generally make "funny" RECords, so I wanted to include this one. I love making things "talk"

Nebulullaby - Earth edit V2: This was a tougher editing piece for me to do because of all the quick cuts in the end. But I'm really proud of the way it turned out.

hitRECorders at the Alice Statue in Central Park: What an amazing moment of one of the best weekends of my life.

Sunset after the Storm: Seriously one of the most beautiful things I ever saw. Aesthetically it's cool, but I just love what it symbolizes - that from the roughest of storms can come the greatest of beauty. I also like the way it visually captures the dichotomy of good/evil.

Good Night, Big City song: I really like this song I did. I would LOVE if people added instruments to it.

Phil Phillips - CinePHile: I just had a lot of fun with this and I really like the way it turned out.

Fake History: The Spork: I just had a ton of fun with this piece.

a new hevn video story-board: I'm proud of this because it was my first feature, but I also am happy that I was able to contribute to this amazing project even though I can't draw/paint/photoshop. One of the many reasons I love hitRECord.. everyone's talents are useful

SxSW Checks Go Out Into the World: I'm really proud of how this turned out... I worked hard on it and it came out just the way I wanted.

Summer Journey - Summer in the City #2 Vid: SITC was by far one of the coolest experiences of my life. The show itself was awesome, of course, but also the journey I took to get there literally and metaphorically.

Owl & Octoped in the Oatmeal - I love anything that presents me with a challenge and takes me out of my comfort zone. This did that. And I LOVE how it was REmixed.

Tap for "You Do Your Thing " Yeah, I know I just said I don't like choreographed numbers as much as just raw rhythms. And I don't. But I loved doing this. I even got to get into costume:)

Portrayal of Chapter "The Journal Entries" from Psych Ward Rockstar by gweninterrupted: This was the first acting I had done in a long time. I really want to re-do it, cuz I know it could use some improvement, but I'm also quite proud of the way it worked out.

Wishing on Tiny Stories: Love the way this was created with all of us. Just a fun memory of Skype chat:)

Blot Romance - I honestly just whipped this out in about 5 minutes but sometimes those raw, unedited short little things are what works best:)

Got a Minute to Vote?!: Again, I'm very proud of the way this one turned out. It was one of those times when what was in my head came out almost exactly.

... and it was all a dream: I really enjoyed doing this one and am very proud of the way it turned out... with the longer, fluid edits while the dream is "good" and the quick, starling edits when it becomes a nightmare.

Dreams of Wonderland/Dreamy Alice V 2: I made this the night before I went to Summer in the City 2 because I couldn't sleep:) I really like the way it turned out.

Tiny Book of Tiny Stories Arrives: Excitement Ensues: This RECord more than any probably showcases my general personality and excitement for life.


thank you for the community, for the art, for everything. love you all. for real.  


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I wanted to share a project I've been working pretty hard on for the past 12 weeks and will continue to work on for the next 6 1/2 months. It started as a REmix of REsources my husband and I contributed, but I've also been contributing more REsources with every heart-beat I have, every breath I take and every bite I eat. It should be done around August 16 :D

I know it doesn't look much like a baby here, but that bright spot on the right is its heart. We could see it beating, which was incredible (baby's not big enough to hear it quite yet, but soon). So according to the definition RegularJOE uses in his interview RECord (REsourced below), he or she is already RECording, and has been for about 7 weeks. So strange and awesome to consider that I have two hearts beating within me - mine and someone else's. 

Contributing to the Re:love collab because I don't know what could define love more than this.

Matt Conley, we can have a hitRECord Playdate when we come to visit family in Massachusetts! (REsourced you because I REmixed your RECord title:)

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A "love letter" to public transportation in cities:) I am constantly enthralled by traveling on public transportation (even though I've been doing it for years). I love watching the people and feeing connected. I especially love doing it in cities I'm visiting. This is my first attempt at filming/editing, and also mixing song and speech. This is a skill I would love to get better at, so any feedback/advice from you amazing editors out there would be much appreciated. I had a ton of fun doing this:) Fun fact!: In the shot that goes with "The Circle Line is the best" when the train is going over the river, there is a really bright light on the bridge that I was so happy about because it synced up with Tom's line about the city being a sun. That light was because Transfomers 3 was filming and evidently needed an extremely bright shot. So thanks Transformers!:) ** I'm resourcing the latest Regularity on here because of Joe's comment about making a vid for the Cities collab. Although this isn't a documentary like he was talking about, it does incorporate several of the RECords in the Cities collab.

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Some tap:)

(told ya I loved this washing machine's rhythm)

For those rhythm lovers out there... this is a tap exercise that is based on 8-beat phrases but used cross-measure rhythms, building in succession. The first is 2 beats (X4), the second is 3 beats (in triplets), the fourth is 4 beats (x4), then 5 (syncopated so it fits), 6 (x 2, and then a 4, and then 2 6s and a 4), 7 (x4 + a 4) and 8 (x4) (it actually goes up to 24 I think? We've learned up to 11). The ones that don't fit neatly into multiples of 4 are cross-measure beats so the 1 count falls on a different step every time. If you're into rhythms try counting it out, it's kinda fun and challenging... This may be a fun project for you drummers out there to try:)

Thanks to my tap teacher, Lane Alexander, for teaching it to me and my class:)
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I wanted to create something that gave our little guy hope:) This is the story of his journey from surviving a mass killing, to loneliness and despair, to bravery and hope to find a community of his own.

I used the same edit I did for the first one, but I took out the voice over/script cuz I wasn't really happy with it. I'm much happier with this version using just PASIV's awesome music. It was perfect for the story.

Someone wanna write/narrate something?
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Despite the cancellation of Fall Formal, about 30 of us still got together in NYC, dressed up and had a night out on the town. And it was one of the most fun nights I've ever had:) Here's a little summary.
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