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LilRelly Released Mar 25, 2012
You know you want to taste
my beauty, laced with stimulating
allure. I will be the cure for
your lonely morning, but you
heed the warning that I will keep
you up at night. I will excite you
making your heart race, and my fragrance
will embrace you when you need

My undertones, fruity and florally,
wish to orally please you. Sometimes
bitterness makes itself prominent,
yet I always remain a dominant part
of your life. My acidity can burn
a hole through your stomach, while
still console you and your friends.
Your love for me transcends how I treat your

I use any excuse or occasion to
seduce you. I make you thirst
for me. With pursed lips, you long to
drink me in. My heat will scald your
skin as my swirling steam, like fingers,
draw you to me, asking you to
fill me with cream and sugar so I can erase your
"If only I had a better jacket, maybe he would have chose me" she said to herself, as she sat on the shelf between Twain and Hemingway.