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Great Mystery
Lariquixabeira Released Jan 04, 2013

All the songs, all the books, all the movies and our lives in general are about love, and you know why? Because there is no greater mystery on this planet. It's natural for a mother to love her son, but how can you go out on this wild crazy world and find someone to love? It's not like faith or destiny is out there arranging all the details for two people to end up together. Or is it? 

Because, to tell you the truth, the possibility of two people really finding themselves is so little, that is hard not to believe in such things. I mean, among all of the people in this world, all of the places you could be, all of the decisions you could have made that would've lead you in other directions, all of that made it possible for you to live that unique moment when you meet that one person that will be part of your life forever. And when you think that this one person, that somehow was meant to be yours, actually could easily have been somebody else's for a number of reasons that is really impossible to tell, than you stop and think: how lucky is that?