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by Kubi

So I made this over the weekend... These girls make me laugh!

It would be way cool if you downloaded it and watched in high quality.



by Kubi

*NOTE: This is not the final version that appears on the DON JON dvd/bluray

It's really great to be able to upload this, mainly so all those people who contributed to the collab can see it. Thank you to everyone who did contribute. It was a crazy little film to make - there was about 2.5 weeks to get it all done, and that includes most of the pre and post production. So there was no way I was going to get it all done without everyone's help. That insane schedule is also why I couldn't use quite as many contributions as I would have liked, but I feel like I used a fair chunk.

Just so you know - because I mostly animate in Flash (a vector based program) it means when I'm using someone's rec, I'm not using their actual physical image. Instead I'm tracing over it in Flash so it's vectorised and I'm free to animate in the way I'm most comfortable with. It also means I can easily manipulate things like colour so it blends in with the rest of the scene. So some of you might not recognise your rec's straight away, but I assure you they're there in some form or another.

Don Jon was only released 2 days ago on DVD/Blu down here in Oz so I finally got to see it complete with Joe's introduction and credits etc... I've made quite a few shorts in my time and this was definitely one of the more enjoyable ones to make.

As always, but especially with this one, it will look MUCH better if you download it. I was going to upload a 1080p version but my intenet speed sucks, so it's just 720.

by Kubi
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*NOTE: This is not the final version that appears on TV. 

It contains my own temp sound design and is missing the final title/graphic cards. The final tv version won't be uploaded to the site, so I hope you can enjoy this one... oh and you get to hear some of ozie's music.

It'll look a lot better downloaded. There are all sorts of little textures and whatnot you won't see on here.

1280 x 720

by Kubi
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I love editing, and I don’t get to do much of it these days, so I wanted to try and edit something for the HITRECORDERLY #3... However I suspect this might not fit in with the vibe of it.

But I just wanted to say 2 important things:

1. A lot of the great editing here was not done by me. I’ve taken small chunks and large chunks of other people’s already edited videos and just played around with them. So my hats off to people like MattConley, Dr Gory, RedHeadMonster, jehuGarcia, missamerica, Ryan Patrick, jcpeterson, and others (and please bear with me while I do the resourcing).

2.  Towards the end of this video I have included footage of Joe talking about his brother. I had no intention of doing this when I started, and obviously I’m quite nervous about bringing up something that’s so personal for Joe. But what he says not only about his brother, but more so about the HR community, is just so perfect that it became impossible not to include.

Anyway, I had a great time making this cause it forced me to go back and really experience the history of this place... So I hope it puts a smile on your face.

ps.  the title was taken from wirrow's - A New Hevn

by Kubi
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I've been told there might be a chance this film will get a screening during the upcoming tour, and I was asked to alter some of the titles and credits... So naturally it was a good opportunity to go back and make a few other improvemets. 

Apart from the adjusted opening and end credits, I've subtly tweaked some of the animation of the girls, especially the one on the right. I've also included another tighter shot on both of them mid-way through their conversation, and added some background noise to fill in some of the audio gaps... These aren't huge changes, but overall it plays a bit smoother now.

The background noise might sound a bit weird if you don't have proper speakers, so if you do, please use them.

Again, as always, looks much better downloaded.

(1280 x 720)

by Kubi
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So I made this over the weekend... These girls make me laugh!

It would be way cool if you downloaded it and watched in high quality.



by Kubi
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a love story...

by Kubi
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by Kubi

this is the same man in the blue suit from these:

by Kubi
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He stopped under the street light, and thought of all the different ways to make it look like an accident.

by Kubi
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by Kubi
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Some of you have been writing new stories for the 'things that make me happy #1' record, so I thought I should upload a new version without the text.

I can always get rid of the textured background if need be.


The original text read:

things that make me happy #1:

Listening to sad music while having happy thoughts...

by Kubi
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His name is Hernandez... And he is a Mexican vampire!

by Kubi
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by Kubi
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by Kubi

I wanted to contribute at least one of these kids vs monsters thingys to the collab... it's so cool. you rock wirrow.

in my head this is sort of 'Attack the Block' meets 'Red Dawn'... I like the idea that these kids are probably within their early to mid teenage years, and have the ability to think for themselves as well as articulate their thoughts and emotions without sounding like 2 year olds.


by Kubi
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This was written as voice-over for a short film. It's from the point-of-view of a female dog who spends her time spying on a male dog roaming the surrounding neighborhood, while sh'es tied up in her backyard... I wanted to cast humans in the roles, and have them wearing plastic dog masks, like this:


You Are So Cool:

The yard feels small today.

I think I bit my tongue… It’s a stupid tongue.

Where are you?… Where are you? Where are you? Where are you?

God I hate my hair.

Oh… There you are.

… You are so cool.


I dreamt about you last night.

Sitting in my tree.

You offered me a cigarette, and read me your screenplay.

It was in French, but I pretended to understand.

You said it was about gunplay.

You said it was about violence.

… You said a lot of things.


They yelled at me the other day.

Told me to stay away from you.

Told me you were a killer.

They pulled my chain and yelled… Yelled so much.

Told me “NO!”


So I wrote you something…


I love the way you read.

I love the way you smoke.

I love the way you roam.

And how you glare…


I love the way you eat your prey.

I love the way you scratch your nails.

And how you comb your hair.


I love the way you laze about.

I love the way you break the rules.

I love the way you see me.

… But pretend not to care.


My hipster poet.

My Jimmy Dean.

My breathless.

… You are so cool… You are so cool… You are so cool.

by Kubi
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When I first saw mirtle's 'oh dear' drawing I immediately wanted to animate it, but I also imagined hearing a haunting VO as we see her sinking, so I wrote this small poem.


goodbye my life, my love, my dreams

goodbye to all that could have been.


goodbye the sun, the moon and stars

and to all those things I’ve never seen.


goodbye to family, friends and foes

goodbye to all those heavy blows.


goodbye to sweaty one night flings

and all those wondrous little things.


goodbye, goodbye, goodbye my world

goodbye to hope and misery.


hello to all that lurks beneath

for you have kindly set me free.


hello my friend, my new found friend

I only know you, as the end.

by Kubi
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A WOMAN walks from the ladies toilet back to her table, where a MAN sits waiting patiently. They share an awkward smile until he notices something.

MAN:  Woah, wait a minute... Did you wash your hands?

WOMAN:  Did I, what?

MAN:  Did you wash your hands?

WOMAN:  What are talking about, of course I did.

MAN:  ... Are you sure?

WOMAN:  Am I sure?!

MAN:  Are you sure?

WOMAN:  Yes I’m sure... Jesus!

MAN:  Cause it kinda looks like you didn't. 

The WOMAN sits in silence staring back at him.

MAN:  I mean, normally when someone comes out of the bathroom they’re still drying their hands on, you know, their clothes, or, the napkin.

She continues to remain silent.

MAN:  It’s hard to get them dry in those bathrooms. The paper towels always run out and those dryers are completely useless.

WOMAN:  ... And?

MAN:  Well I noticed when you sat back down, your hands were perfectly dry... It just seems... Suspicious.

WOMAN:  Suspicious?

MAN:  I guess it depends on if you did a number one, or two.

WOMAN:  Oh god.

MAN:  Number one I can live with, I mean, it’s not ideal--

WOMAN:  --oh god--

MAN:  --but not washing your hands for a number two... Well.

WOMAN:  Uh-huh... And what if I didn’t, what then?

MAN:  Well, isn’t it obvious?

WOMAN:  Enlighten me.

MAN:  I mean for starters, even if the tiniest flecks of poo touch--

WOMAN:  --Poo?! Did you just say poo?!--

MAN:  --touch my food, it can become contaminated by itsy bitsy microscopic pathogens which can lead to kidney failure and or death!

Once again the WOMAN is stunned into silence.

MAN:  I don’t know if I can eat this now.


MAN:  You basically just pooped on my food.

An OLD LADY sitting nearby interrupts.

OLD LADY:  Excuse me, can you please keep the poop talk down, we’re trying to eat.

MAN:  Tell me about it, I’m trying to eat too!

Another MAN (#2) eating nearby butts in.

MAN #2:  What’s going on over there?

WOMAN:  Oh god please make it stop.

OLD LADY:  I think she shat on his food.

WOMAN:  What?! No!

MAN:  Well, technically you did.

WOMAN:  Oh shutup!

Suddenly a WAITER appears.

WAITER:  Excuse me, is there are a problem here?

WOMAN:  Oh great now the waiter’s involved.

OLD LADY:  She shat on his food.

WOMAN:  I did not shit on his food!

WAITER:  OK ma’am, this is not that kind of restaurant.

WOMAN:  Restaurant?! This is a fucking pub! I wish I was in a restaurant!

MAN:  But, your dating profile said you liked steak and fries?

WOMAN:  do like steak and fries!

Another couple (MAN #3 / WOMAN #2) sitting nearby get involved.

WOMAN #2:  Excuse me, did you say dating profile?

MAN:  Why yes, find-a-date dot com. We’re on a blind date.

WOMAN #2:  Oh so are we.

MAN:  Oh splendid, how’s it going?

WOMAN #2:  Wonderful actually, and you?


OLD LADY:  She shat on his food.

MAN #3:  She shat on his food?

MAN:  It’s true.

WOMAN:  *sigh*

WAITER:  Ma’am, I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to leave.

WOMAN:  Oh thank god.

MAN:  ... So, should we split the bill?
by Kubi
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A:  Annnnd, gone.

B:  Hey, watcha doing?

A:  Life Cutter.

B:  Life, what?

A:  Life Cutter. It's that new program.

B:  ... What are you talking about?

A:  Really? You haven't heard of it?

B:  No. What is it?

A:  Well, it's this new editing software that allows me to cut out all the shit parts of my life.

B:  ... Get out?!

A:  No, seriously.

B:  Oh my god! Look at that, that's you!

A:  Yep, my whole life.

B:  I don't understand. How is this possible?

A:  Well I just put this weird thingy on my head, and voila, it transmits my life onto this timeline. Then I grab this little razor tool here, and start cutting.

B:  So, what... It just vanishes from your life?

A:  Yeah. It's like it never happened.

B:  But... It did still happen, right?

A:  Well, yeah, I guess, but when I save this edit and re-upload it back into this head thingy--

B:  --The neural neutraliser?

A:  The what?

B:  It says it on the box.

A:  Oh... Yeah... Anyway it tells my brain that those things never happened. 

B:  Hey look, there's your car accident from last summer.

A:  Yeah, I might keep that one. The insurance hasn't gone through ye--

B:  --and there's when I told you Susanne was cheating on you with your Dad!

A:  ... Yeah... That's going.

B:  Oh man, this is amazing! Can I have a go?

A:  Ahh, sure. Just let me save this... OK, now put this on your head.

B:  ... This is so cool.

A:  Just wait a sec, it usually works pretty fas--

B:  --Oh my god! Look! There it is!

A:  Like I said, voila.

B:  Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.

A:  All right, take it easy, this isn't a plaything, it's serious stuff.

B:  Urgh, look at that. That's when that fat douche fired me. Oh man that's gotta go.

A:  Yeah, he was a bit of a douche.

B:  Hey... Wait a minute.

A:  What?

B:  Well... I dunno... I mean, think for a moment. Deleting parts of your life. It seems... Well... Life is like a giant jigsaw puzzle, right? And we can only piece it together by the decisions we make. It's our experiences that help make us who we are, even the shit ones. Without them, how will we grow? How will we learn? How can we make those important decisions? I mean, sometimes it's the mistakes that turn out to be the best parts, you know?

A:  Yeah... Sussie cheated on me with Dad.

B:  Yeah, OK, fuck that... Becky Summers, I'm so gonna erase your ass!

A:  Dude, that was like, second grade.

B:  And it still stings.

by Kubi
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A lone ASTRONAUT gently floats away from a Spacecraft hovering in the distance. Tiny sparks fly out of the end of a torn cable dangling from his suit.

ASTRONAUT (VO):   I can still see your face.

Cut to a flashback of a WOMAN'S face drenched in beautiful sunlight.



Inside the spacecraft a COMPUTER MONITOR crunches digits.

COMPUTER:  Sir, according to the data you can still make it back safely if you release the centrifuge charge. Combined with your bodyweight, it should apply enough pressure to force you back within a minimum safe distance of the docking bay.

Cut to a flashback of the Woman kissing the Astronaut's face.

ASTRONAUT (VO):  That last winter's day. You kissed me goodbye.



The Astronaut stares out into the vast blackness.

COMPUTER (OS):  Sir, do you read me?

ASTRONAUT:  ... I read you.

Cut to a flashback of the Woman running her fingers over the Astronaut's lips. 

ASTRONAUT (VO):  Your taste on my lips.

COMPUTER (OS):  Do you agree with my hypothesis?

Cut back to the Astronaut.

ASTRONAUT:  I think I might stay out here a while longer.



The Computer continues to run the numbers.

COMPUTER:  Sir, according to the data, that is not advised. You have approximately 6 minutes of oxygen remaining.

Cut to a flashback of the Woman waving goodbye.

ASTRONAUT (VO):  I should never have left you.



The Astronaut looks back over the tiny planets in the distance.

ASTRONAUT:  I should never have left her.


ASTRONAUT (VO):  I'm so sorry.

ASTRONAUT:  My wife.



A picture of the Astronaut's Wife flashes up on the monitor.

COMPUTER:  Yes. Samantha Jane Charles. Maiden name, Stone. Married July 17, 2197. No Children. Last contact, December 15, 2185.



The Astronaut continues to float further away.

ASTRONAUT:  Do you still have the message?

COMPUTER (OS):  Of course, sir. But I must insist you retu--

ASTRONAUT:  --Please.

COMPUTER (OS):  ... Yes sir.

A small holographic video flicks up inside the helmet of the Astronaut. It's a video message from his wife.

WIFE:   Hey Brad... So it's about 30 minutes before your big take off, and, well, they let me record this last message... It's funny, I thought I'd said everything already... I tell myself this is just another mission, and you'll come home to me like before. I try not to let my imagination go beyond that, but, I know this one is different. I know you're about to do something no one has ever done before, I know you're doing it because this planet needs you to, and, well, I know it's dangerous... But baby, I want you to know something. No matter what happens, I consider myself lucky to have had any time with you at all. Our lives are so short, and it's not till you find someone that any of it starts to make sense. I know you're looking for answers in all that blackness, and I hope you find some, but please know I found all my answers in you... I love you, and I'll always be with you, right there, at the edge of space.

The transmission cut off.

COMPUTER (OS):  Sir, according to the data your life will cease in approximately 97 seconds. I will log the report and await further instructions from home base... Sir, I'm programmed to tell you, that on behalf of mankind, you've done us proud, and you will be honoured.

ASTRONAUT:  Thank you.

COMPUTER (OS):  Goodbye, sir.

ASTRONAUT:  Goodbye.

ASTRONAUT (VO):  Goodbye.

The Astronaut continues to float aimlessly through the darkness, until he is suddenly stopped by something... He slowly turns around and runs his hand down an invisible barrier. It shimmers at his touch. Shards of strange light reflect off his helmet.

He leans back and smiles, as if his soul had been touched. He moves even closer, and starts to force his body through the barrier, until... He's gone.



by Kubi
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