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cause this collab looks awesome! Will contribute some of the other things in the story and the rainbow crow. i was thinking it'd be cool to have his song be like pieces of orchestra with bird like noises over them, and when his voice breaks to be like the sound of hands being dropped onto piano keys with crawks over them!

i could make musical speech bubbles too, like clear cut music sheets for his perfect song, and ripped and charred crossed over music for his broken song...

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It has always fascinated me how entourage of dreams changes. I find myself in my childhood house, where usually the main story develops, and usually I start escaping from it, running from one door to another. The adjacent room is never meant to be there in reality, but it's mostly a familiar space; none of the locations make sense, but they are exactly what you'd ask for when running away from something. 

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Its been a very hot sticky weekend, so I thought it was the perfect time to play with plasticine again. Think another shot might be on its way...  

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She lifted the corner of her shadow, sneaked under it and quietly became a part of her

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"I will meet you again when the sun meets the moon"

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I needed to do an extended version of "That Haze of Almost Summer". This is it.

Then I pictured a mother waiting for her lost children. So I added it to the swimming collab. 

And also to the home collab.:) 

Anyways...maybe words, other extras? Go ahead. Stems available. Scrambled Eggs. 

(125 BPM)

(UPDATE: just changed title to the original+)

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I had Kubi's glorious script on my to-do pile for a long time before deciding that whether or not it was used for RE: The Future, I still wanted to read it, because it deserves to be read. I attempted to emulate Bruce Willis's stoically bittersweet tone in his Sin City voiceovers.

Music: That Haze of Almost Summer (Extended) by Axon Graf (headphones recommended)

Lone VO available as a download option

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Here's my first stab at an intro video for hitRECord Around the World. I'm wide open to suggestions. One thing I wanted to show is that we can use this technique to zoom in on any part of the world, put the tower there, and add a label. I think that'd be pretty sweet.

I'll also add a second downloadable file to this REC that does not have the text or radio waves if you want to do a remix that way. 

I REmixed a VO from AmbiguousAsh and tried to make it sound like it fit with an old news film. The awesome morse code is from BEATZ_BY_B-DON and it says, "Are we RECording?". 

It might be cool to do versions with different voice overs from different parts of the world.

I suspect that the full-res (1920x1080) download will look a lot better than what you see here.



Kirkland, Washington (right by Seattle)

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This is my first animation on hitRECord, I know it leaves a lot to be desired, but here it is as it is now. I can't wait to make more! Each time I "mess up" I learn a little bit more about how to do what I'm trying to do, so that's cool. Thanks to MaxwellMudd for invaluable technical support and moral encouragement. Thanks to Saintmaker for the words and Spaceship for the voice and thanks to all of you for taking a look at my humble attempt here. Love.

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