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by Kubi


What is it, exactly?

Where did it originate?

How do we use it?

Why do we need it?

Why do we react to it the way we do?

What makes a "great" artist?

Why should/do we remix it?



Art is obviously a very broad theme, but the more broad, the more there is to explore and break apart. 


by Kubi
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recollection volume 2

A bigger, bolder, badass vol 2... There's an overwhelming amount of new writing, photography, illustration, music, film, etc that has been contributed since vol 1. It's also a great place for the segments that didn't make the final cut of the tv show.

And in keeping with the idea of always creating art, I'd love to see a chapter that was hands-on interactive, utilising cut-out figurines and model sets that people can use to tell new stories with (similar to how the writer/artist Chris Ware creates some of his graphic novels).


kids vs monsters

I'd love to see this fleshed out. Perhaps as webisodes or a book/diary.

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used a section of a line from thatwasnotveryravenofyou's slope [short story]

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*NOTE: This is not the final version that appears on the DON JON dvd/bluray

It's really great to be able to upload this, mainly so all those people who contributed to the collab can see it. Thank you to everyone who did contribute. It was a crazy little film to make - there was about 2.5 weeks to get it all done, and that includes most of the pre and post production. So there was no way I was going to get it all done without everyone's help. That insane schedule is also why I couldn't use quite as many contributions as I would have liked, but I feel like I used a fair chunk.

Just so you know - because I mostly animate in Flash (a vector based program) it means when I'm using someone's rec, I'm not using their actual physical image. Instead I'm tracing over it in Flash so it's vectorised and I'm free to animate in the way I'm most comfortable with. It also means I can easily manipulate things like colour so it blends in with the rest of the scene. So some of you might not recognise your rec's straight away, but I assure you they're there in some form or another.

Don Jon was only released 2 days ago on DVD/Blu down here in Oz so I finally got to see it complete with Joe's introduction and credits etc... I've made quite a few shorts in my time and this was definitely one of the more enjoyable ones to make.

As always, but especially with this one, it will look MUCH better if you download it. I was going to upload a 1080p version but my intenet speed sucks, so it's just 720.

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by Kubi
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*NOTE: This is not the final version that appears on TV. 

It contains my own temp sound design and is missing the final title/graphic cards. The final tv version won't be uploaded to the site, so I hope you can enjoy this one... oh and you get to hear some of ozie's music.

It'll look a lot better downloaded. There are all sorts of little textures and whatnot you won't see on here.

1280 x 720

by Kubi
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These are very simple and obviously nowhere near as bold as Marke's design, but I was bored tonight and wanted to play (and Mariee's hands are meant to look like that).

It's at a high enough res to download and zoom in for a better look.

by Kubi
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While I have no doubt I've missed a lot of great records this year, I still wanted to list some of my personal favourites. I also limited myself to just 10 for each category, otherwise this list would be a mile long.

In no particular order:



The Bed Song by tdolan

Stupid Fucking Interstitial by babylove

How I hitRECord by WunderBoy

Secret For Men by mrchickenchops

HARMONY (myfavoritething) by DevinLevi

In Which I Teach Myself To Play The Saw In 24 Hours by debit72

The Blue Storm by CameronSmith

Ignotum by webcamille

Humerican by WunderBoy

at the edge of space / for brad (Remix) by Kubi (I'm choosing my version over Taylor's original video simply because I prefer the addition of the music and effects, but it's Taylor's performance I'm highlighting here)



Collaborating by azry

december wolves by wirrow

Teleportation by alexandretta

The Mushroom, Of Course (graphic novel prop) by IrmaVep

Leaving Behind The Suburbs by rewfoe

The Sequence by stainedraincoats (I love this simple image, but it's the idea behind it that really strikes a chord with me)

CAN I JOIN WITH U.. by auntika_tar

Long Exposure Pattern with the SONY RX100 II by spectaclephoto

double joe by kouralily

Level this town (Poem-a-day #6/REmix) by CaptClare 



a brief list of small tragedies by thatwasnotveryravenofyou

Neologisms & Linguistic Lacunae by Day Glo

Utopia Under Paper Stars by MaggieMC

Life of Donnie Bibbs by MadisenMusic

A Room Without A Door by TheSerpentTheCharmer

Still Here by rcjohnso

the feel of fire by thatwasnotveryravenofyou

The Cell by Mcgettigan

How to Succeed in America Without Even Dying (and How I Came Out On the Other Side) by saintmaker

mystery, a tiny story by wirrow



Woodridge by MadisenMusic

Collecting Stars REmix (Reference Mix) by jeffpeff

specks of light by megancarnes

Animal, Man by Metaphorest

People by joerud

for yiayia by wirrow

As We're Meant to Be by Metaphorest

Tournament of Champions (full mix) by Malicore (credit to AshestoAshes)

if (voiceover) by IrmaVep

TV intro by Ephraim by Marie Bee


Favourite Album of the Year:

hitRECord: a manifesto [draft] by IrmaVep


Favourite Collaboration of the Year:

Tournament of Champions collab by RegularJoe


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Some more random ideas... If you want a closer look just download and zoom in.

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I just received the TBoTS 3 and was reminded of this cool image, and always thought it would be great on a shirt (although maybe it should go on a hoodie for a winter collection). Anyway, I just wanted to put it out there as an option.

The dot should probably be a flat vector based image, but I left some texture in there for this rough version.

by Kubi
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