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bg vox ideas, video to follow. 

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Stem soon to follow. Granted, there is a bit of wind noise. But I don't care. :)

Also, whether you can tell or not, I'm wearing my lucky cubed square necklace from Marie Bee, so she is, therefore, respectfully resourced.

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I had so much filming this and singing along the background vocals... My mom was the camera woman (she did a good job, it was a super hot Los Angeles day) I really love this song... It's a jam for sure! 

Anyways... I am a french hungarian gypsy after all.. so, it was of course in my nature to bust out some inner gypsy moves. Hope you enjoy this as much as I had fun making it! 


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You Got All You Need bass stem - will record a video later :)

by Lutrown
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This is my FIRST collaboration!

Hope you guys like it :-)

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Although the sirens sounded cool alone, its a good example of why it should be silent in the background.  I'll see if I can't record it again with a few more practice runs, and ensure there is no extra noise.  

As it is here, I think the bridge towards the end is my favorite part.  Shortly after is where my harmonica part came in, but Spaceship rocked that harmonica way better than I did.


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I had SOOOOOO much fun doing this, even if it isn't perfect.  I know I'm terrible with the stems, but they'll be there tomorrow afternoonish with a video, I swear =).

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I was bored.

This is part of my Album: HER ROYAL HITRECORD

The body came from a Public Domain image:,_1st_Baronet.jpg

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Doing some body rhythm experiments.  

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My arrangement of the traditional Japanese folk tune Sakura on classical guitar.  I did this because DebiT told me to.  When DebiT asks me to do stuff I don't ask questions.  Forced to record this with a sub-standard hypercardioid mic because my neighbors like to yell at each other.  Can be recorded again with a better mic if anyone likes the idea in the first place.  Key of G# minor 80 BPM.

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