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by Kavonne

It's great to revisit one's reel to see how far one has developed as an artist.  Thanks to anyone who has ever hearted one my RECords! 


Here's another of my historical REmixes. I tried to keep it in the same spirit as wirrow's original version. Starting this weekend, I will be focused on getting a contract completed which is due towards the end of January so I can't promise there will be a v.2.  Once I see that this video has encoded, then I'll add the rest of the resources. 

Public domain footage:

Station Commander Captures Unprecedented View of Comet

Webb Telescope Trailer

Your Chance to Live: Technological Failures

Electronics At Work (1943)

Changing City, The

In the Suburbs (1957)

Man Belongs to Earth (1974)

Day in America, A (Part I) (1968)

When You Grow Up (1973)

Sharp ELSI-8 Calculator Commercial (1970s)

Climate Factor (1984)

Public domain sounds:

Traffic Jam 1 Sound

Cassini: Enceladus Sound


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I have been wanting to do another REmix but this time using illustrations only from one artist.  When I first saw  mirtle's illustration Daydream, I knew I had the perfect centerpiece for a REmix.


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This poem reminds of the following quote from Maya Angelou: “Everything in the universe has rhythm. Everything dances.” I incorporated lots of public domain footage along with works from our community. Here are the links to the public domain footage. All are from the Premlinger Collection at

Hills and the Sea

Day of Thanksgiving, A (1951)

RFD Greenwich Village (ca. 1969)

They Call It All-States (ca. 1950s)

Study of Negro Artists, A

Arteries of New York City (1941)

Work Pays America (Part II) (1937)

Precisely So (Part I) (1937)

Chevrolet Leader News (Vol. 5, No. 2) (1939)

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I was trying to figure out what to do for the RE:Independence collaboration. While doing video research, I came across the short animated film 200 and instantly became captivated with the seventies-style Americana motifs twisting and turning. I suppose this REmix is a celebration of the freedom to fight for one's dreams and to create in Joe's words “transcendent, rambunctious art.”

Public domain resources:

200 (1975)

Cracking Peanut Shells Sound

Wind Sound

Mouth pop


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After Kelly tweeted the link to her lovely voiceover, I immediately started working on this little by little.

Public domain resources:

Journey Into Light (circa 1973)

Berlin: Symphony of a Great City

Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women (1967)

Design for Dreaming (1956)

America in Space - The First Decade (1968)

Coney Island - More Rides (Standard 4:3) (1940)

Out of This World

Frontiers of the Future (A Screen Editorial With Lowell Thomas) (1937)

Black_Hole_Quasar_ESO_Probe_ (2012)

The_Aurora_Borealis_ (2010)

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This my take and I finally got to release this just before the holiday. I hope no one minded that I used people's sequences in another part of the song instead of the part that they had designated.

Public domain resources:

[Animation Sample Reel]


To The Fair (Pt 1) (1965)

On the Air (1937)

Soundie - Reg Kehoe and his Marimba Queens (ca. early 1940s)

ISS Video Resource Earth Views 720p (November 14, 2013)

Mission Trailer: IRIS Readies For a New Challenge

thunder-crack 41k 16bit mono.wav


water bubbles chortling

Deep Sea Ambience

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