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Scripts, Ideas, bits & bobs that come into my brain for Season 2 relating to the themes:

The Dark                 Fire

Secrets                   School

Your Mom               The Number Two

Guns                      The Future



As I listened to Dark Future Beats by the lovely ChrissyRegler the following story unfolded in my minds eye, it would be awesome if you fine hitrecorders could turn this into some stunning visuals.


A Dark Future:

The sun is setting on a polluted Earth. We see a city.

Thousands live in poverty and are 'infected' by this pollution.  They are forced to live their lives in the slums of the 'old world'. 

The financially 'Elite' are free from infection living in a 'Contained' pristine, artificial world within buildings (and vehicles) that are in some way protected from the pollution.  Probably situated above the high rises of the old world, accessed via long elevators.

We see their faces as we pass them by in a hover car, a pristine 'contained' vessel that trasports the elite.  A woman is riding in this one.  She doesn't spare a glance towards the slums or the deprived faces.  Probably busy on a touch screen. Or whatever future touch screens look like. There is a technological 'glow' within the car that lights her face.

She is unaware of the malice building up outside her vehicle which has stopped moving for some reason.

The car is rocked which causes her to look up.  The car is being shaken by several of the 'infected', intent on breaking in.  A warning message appears on her screen when the windows of the vehicle are cracked - polluted air is entering the car.

She grabs an emergency mask and places it over her face, we see panic in her eyes as realisation sets in.

The vehicle is tipped over and hands tear her from the safety it provided just moments before.  She is robbed of her jewellery, her clothes, purse, everything and anything they can get.  She is beaten and the mask is tore from her face or damaged.

She runs to the nearest entrance of a 'contained' building and accesses the scanner - holding her breath.

She is scanned.

A message reads "Access Denied.  Infection Detected.  Citizenship Revoked" (or something along those lines)

She is overcome with loss and then fear as she turns to face the world she must now live in.

She sinks to the ground consumed by her despair.

A child approaches her from the shadows of a nearby old world tenement building.

She stands in front of her, just looking.  The woman looks back, afraid of this little child.

The child removes her coat ( an adult fur coat, dirty and torn) and places it over the shoulders of the woman and returns to her building.





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It was one of those slow motion moments straight from a horror film but I swear on her precious soul, it was REAL.

I'd brought her the glass of milk she'd called for.  She hadn't heard me coming, she was playing quietly by herself and only looked up at the sound of smashing glass.  It had slipped right from my hands, glass and milk covered the tile floor as my brain struggled to understand what I was seeing.  Was she in any danger?

Although my instinct will Always be to protect her, I confess I recoiled from her in that moment.  She looked from the shattered glass to my face and so sweetly asked "what is it mama?"

It took me a moment longer to answer.

"I don't know sweetheart, where did you find those antlers?"

That's when the eyes on the shadow, her shadow, narrowed in anger.  An impossible presence rising above and seemingly from my little girl. 

She hadn't answered me yet and seemed reluctant to do so making my stomach knot in further discomfort.

"Take those off for me will you sweetheart?"

Her little hand rose up and lovingly stroked the antler as the shadow loomed larger and more menacing, those eyes boring into my own.

"Honey, do as I tell you, take them off NOW"

She smiled "am I scaring you mama?"

"Yes! Very much, please take them off"

She stood and the shadow stood with her, I swear it was mocking me now.

"Rarr! I'm a scary monster and I'm going to eat you up!" she bent her head low and charged towards me.

"Sarah! NO!!" It was too late, her playful headbutt had speared my stomach.

Through the nauseating wave of pain I managed to stay calm somehow. "okay - honey - don't pull back okay.  I need you to take off the antlers for me now"

"mama are you bleeding?"

"Yes sweetheart, don't worry but do as I tell you please.  Very carefully slide your head out, okay, that's it just like that"

She slid away from the antlers and straightened in front of me, a puzzled expression on her face.

"Now Sarah, I want you to run upstairs and get my phone - hurry ok, mama needs an ambulance"

"Okay" She turned and raced out of the room.

I couldn't see the shadow anymore but I felt it, looming behind me.  I dared not to look.

My suspicion was confirmed as Sarah came hurtling back into the room with the phone in her hand.  She looked at the wall behind me and froze in perfect imitation of my earlier pose.  I staggered towards her reaching for the phone.  She dropped it and ran screaming from the house.

I was glad, it wasn't her and she was safe now.  I slumped onto the floor and got hold of the phone, managing to dial emergency services.  I remember hearing a women's voice asking me something as I watched my blood mingle with the milk on the floor making the prettiest shade of pink.  As my eyes closed I could hear another sound.  A faint lapping noise, as though a very thirsty beast was finally quenching it's thirst.


(Just one of those images that wouldn't leave me alone, there's another version I'll add tomorrow when I get the chance and hopefully then this image will leave me in peace)

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Exterior - old house, last of the visitors are leaving having had paid their respects.  Some young girls play hop scotch on the path nearby.

Woman shakes hands and exhanges pleasantries regarding the loss of her father.

This was his home.

There is lots of work to be done.

Woman waves goodbye as the visitors drive away in their car.

Inside she starts clearing away.  She picks up some glasses and a few plates with the remnants of sandwiches on them, she carries them through a narrow hall into the stripped kitchen area.

Her daughter sits playing quietly by herself on the floor, she is wearing a pair of antlers like a casual headband, but they are real and monstrous on her little head. 

Woman double takes as something about this image jarrs.

Then she notices the shadow on the wall, seemingly attached to her daughters own shadow but definitely something more, something other.  The shadow has eyes.   They blink.

Woman drops the glasses and plates in fright - the daughter looks up serenely and asks

girl: What is it mummy?

woman: Honey, where did you get those?

girl: In grampas closet, aren't they brilliant!

woman: No, they are dangerous - take them off for me, now please

girl reluctantly removes the antlers and passes them to her mother.

As she does this the shadow grows momentarily before disapearing.

Mother opens the trashbag and gingerly places the antlers inside. 

woman : now come here and let me look at you.

girl approaches her mother sulkily.

woman: (looking her over) Are you okay?  Do you feel any different?

girl shakes her head.

woman: Okay - I saw some of your friends outside, why don't you go play with them while I finish up in here, ok?

girl exits.

woman glances back at the rubbish back and lets out a scream.  The antlers have ripped through the bag and are lying on the floor by her feet.

She grabs the roll of rubbish bags and quickly stuffs them inside a new bag, she double bags her parcel for added security and runs outside.

woman: Sarah, I'm just going to the dump, I'll be 5 minutes okay?

girl: (playing hopscotch with the other girls) sure mum.

Woman drives to the dump, takes the bag out and throws it as far as she can onto the landfill site.

woman: Just leave us in peace dad.

She drives back to her fathers house.  The girls are no longer playing outside.

woman glances up and down the street but can't see the children.

Inside the house she hears thumping from one of the rooms upstairs.

She climbs the creaking staircase and follows the noise to her fathers old sitting room.

She opens the door to discover Sarah and her 3 friends holding hands and skipping in a circle.  They are all wearing antlers and the shadow people cover the walls, all of them eyeing her menacingly.

woman: Girls! Where did you get those?! Take them off now!

The girls stop dancing, and look at her sweetly.

girl: mum, you really have been silly, you have to get him back.

woman: Get who back?

girl: Their friend.  They won't give us back until you do.

the woman is swept from the room by an unseen force and the room door slams in her face.

woman: (thumping on the door and trying to open it) Sarah?!! Sarah!! Let me in!

Shadow person seeps out from under the door frame.

woman: fuck.

She backs away from the door and runs downstairs and outside to the car.

She drives too fast to the dumpsite and climbs the wall onto the landfill.

Staff of the Dump are screaming at her to get out of there, one of them is calling the police.

She finds the rubbish bag with the antlers and manages to get it back to her car and drives out of there.

Back at the house she hauls the bag out of the car and begins tearing at the bags to free the antlers, cutting her arms as she does so - she is filthy and haggard looking by this point.

She takes the antlers upstairs and hammers on the door, it swings gently open.

Sarah and her friends, still wearing their antlers are sat on the rug playing pat-a-cake.

woman: girls, take off the antlers and come with me, now please.

girl: aww mum, we're having fun

woman: now Sarah, come on.

The girls all reluctantly remove their antlers and place them lovingly in the closet on their hooks along with dozens of others.

The shadow people are not seen, they are lurking on the edges somehow barely visible.

woman drops the antlers on the floor.

Woman: Okay girls hurry it up we're leaving.

girl picks up the antlers on the floor and lovingly places them back in the closet.

woman ushers the children out of the room and anxiously closes the door behind her.

Before it clicks into place she whispers into the room

woman: sorry dad.


[Okay so the format, grammar and spelling is probably all over the place.  Feel free to correct it :)  Typing in a rush.  Been pretty ill so sorry for the delay in getting v.2 out there]

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What can happen in 2 ticks of a second?    

(Possible Cold Open or Ad Campaign for Season 2?  contribute to developing this idea here! 

What can I say, I'm so enamoured of the idea I've gone ahead and made it a collaboration already)


A bullet can pierce a heart and end a life.

A light can go out and plunge us into darkness.

A spark of flame can ignite and fill the world with warmth and light, or destroy everything in its path.

It only takes a second for a woman to become a mother (we all know it takes more than 9 months all in for the actuall process but I'm sure most mothers can think of a definitive 'moment' they 'became' a mother)

For a deep secret to be revealed and forever change the lives of all those it affects.

For one to become two.

A second is all it takes to be 'saved by the bell', released for summer, or to pass or fail.

The Second Hand of the clock completes the most cycles and moves us from the present to the future in a sneaky fashion we perceive as both slow and fast. 

The seconds are usually passed over when 'telling the time', but it's the Seconds in our lives that hold our moments; the ones that burn the brightest and define a lifetime, the ones that flash before our eyes before we die.

Join us for Season 2 of HitRECord on TV and hit the RED button - it only takes a second.

It only takes a second to HitRECord.


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Girl:     (screaming)           I'LL NEVER BE LIKE YOU!!       (slams the door)

Mother:   (sighs)               Ah... but you already are...


flash back to 'Mother' as a Girl, the Girls Grandmother is not yet a Grandmother.

Mother as Girl:   (Screaming)     I'LL NEVER BE LIKE YOU!!    (Slams the door)

Grandmother:  (sighs)               Ah... but you already are...


And so on and so forth.


Maybe a similar repeating skit of a father telling his daughter "You're not going out dressed like that!" and each generation of flashback/flashforward shows the mother smirking; the changing fashions could be fun to play with.


As a mother I find myself saying a lot of the things my own mother used to say to me, and I'm sure my Grandmother said to her:

"Your face will stick like that" [ whenever my son pulls silly faces and does so with rude intention as opposed to just for fun]

"Eat your carrots they help you see in the dark"

"I'll tell you when you're older"

"Do as I say, Not as I do!" [I always hated that one]

"How do you know you don't like it if you don't try it?"

etc, etc, etc... there's no handbook for parenting, we only have our childhood experiences to go on.

So there's lots of looping scenarios that could be done in short sharp segments.


Childhood rebellion against their parents is like a right of passage, and in that moment of rebellion we fail to realise we are already becoming our parents by repeating the cycle of what they did themselves when they were younger.


Of course this is a generalisation, and a general musing for History Repeating Itself...

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Could be interesting to look at Chat Shows where personal secrets are revealed on television (Jeremy Kyle/Jerry Springer style). 

"It's not your baby!"  "I've been sleeping with your brother/sister/best friends/pet dog!"  etc, etc, etc.  Shock Horror! Screaming ensues and possibly a punch up!

There's always debate around whether these shows involve real people and real stories or if the whole thing is staged.

What is so compelling about people revealing dark terrible secrets to their loved ones on television?! Why are these shows so popular?

Is there a comedy sketch where the characters reveal bizarre secrets or are the characters animals... maybe pets reveal their secrets to their owners 'I pooped in your designer handbag'

 I don't know - I'm throwing it out there - pick it up and run with it!


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So I tried this in my natural voice... 

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Ok my last attempt at this illustration for Socks.

And then my left sock said to my right sock

"I hate you, never come back!"

And so it didn't...

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So here's an interpretation of humberfloobs text for the animation 'Swimming' by OphirLevi...

Hi folks, I just saw the collaboration for this project - and though it's not on the list of requests I added this anyway because the request video does say voice overs.... go on add voice overs to the request list - I'm dying to hear what everyone else does!

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We had a lot of fun doing this. I like 'staging' photos, and Jack likes getting into 'costume' and acting, bless him. There's even a shot of him pretending to cough but I thought that was too far... I assure you my son is well fed and is not in the habit of drinking alcohol on the streets. Think I've got a few more years left before I have to start worrying about that.

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