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So I tried this in my natural voice... 


We had a lot of fun doing this. I like 'staging' photos, and Jack likes getting into 'costume' and acting, bless him. There's even a shot of him pretending to cough but I thought that was too far... I assure you my son is well fed and is not in the habit of drinking alcohol on the streets. Think I've got a few more years left before I have to start worrying about that.

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It was one of those slow motion moments straight from a horror film but I swear on her precious soul, it was REAL.

I'd brought her the glass of milk she'd called for.  She hadn't heard me coming, she was playing quietly by herself and only looked up at the sound of smashing glass.  It had slipped right from my hands, glass and milk covered the tile floor as my brain struggled to understand what I was seeing.  Was she in any danger?

Although my instinct will Always be to protect her, I confess I recoiled from her in that moment.  She looked from the shattered glass to my face and so sweetly asked "what is it mama?"

It took me a moment longer to answer.

"I don't know sweetheart, where did you find those antlers?"

That's when the eyes on the shadow, her shadow, narrowed in anger.  An impossible presence rising above and seemingly from my little girl. 

She hadn't answered me yet and seemed reluctant to do so making my stomach knot in further discomfort.

"Take those off for me will you sweetheart?"

Her little hand rose up and lovingly stroked the antler as the shadow loomed larger and more menacing, those eyes boring into my own.

"Honey, do as I tell you, take them off NOW"

She smiled "am I scaring you mama?"

"Yes! Very much, please take them off"

She stood and the shadow stood with her, I swear it was mocking me now.

"Rarr! I'm a scary monster and I'm going to eat you up!" she bent her head low and charged towards me.

"Sarah! NO!!" It was too late, her playful headbutt had speared my stomach.

Through the nauseating wave of pain I managed to stay calm somehow. "okay - honey - don't pull back okay.  I need you to take off the antlers for me now"

"mama are you bleeding?"

"Yes sweetheart, don't worry but do as I tell you please.  Very carefully slide your head out, okay, that's it just like that"

She slid away from the antlers and straightened in front of me, a puzzled expression on her face.

"Now Sarah, I want you to run upstairs and get my phone - hurry ok, mama needs an ambulance"

"Okay" She turned and raced out of the room.

I couldn't see the shadow anymore but I felt it, looming behind me.  I dared not to look.

My suspicion was confirmed as Sarah came hurtling back into the room with the phone in her hand.  She looked at the wall behind me and froze in perfect imitation of my earlier pose.  I staggered towards her reaching for the phone.  She dropped it and ran screaming from the house.

I was glad, it wasn't her and she was safe now.  I slumped onto the floor and got hold of the phone, managing to dial emergency services.  I remember hearing a women's voice asking me something as I watched my blood mingle with the milk on the floor making the prettiest shade of pink.  As my eyes closed I could hear another sound.  A faint lapping noise, as though a very thirsty beast was finally quenching it's thirst.


(Just one of those images that wouldn't leave me alone, there's another version I'll add tomorrow when I get the chance and hopefully then this image will leave me in peace)

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Ok my last attempt at this illustration for Socks.

And then my left sock said to my right sock

"I hate you, never come back!"

And so it didn't...

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So here's an interpretation of humberfloobs text for the animation 'Swimming' by OphirLevi...

Hi folks, I just saw the collaboration for this project - and though it's not on the list of requests I added this anyway because the request video does say voice overs.... go on add voice overs to the request list - I'm dying to hear what everyone else does!

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