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WWC#11 Last Train
KarlaMarie Released Dec 16, 2014

Arriving late to the train station, Lester didn't recognize any of the passengers feeling like a stranger without the usual morning regulars, he did not get his habitual spot on the train. It happened to be an older model with cushioned seats and tightly close quarters nothing close to the newer minimalist train cars in rotation.

This morning was a disaster he thought, frantically searching for his wallet. Why do these shitty things happen consecutively?

Fuck. He tried to relax, staring out into the crowd packing in from 21st. south. A man siting directly across from Lester was stuffing a thin envelope between two seats, he gave Lester a wink and disappeared into the crowd jamming in.

A woman took the strangers place, nodding politely "Good morning" at Lester.

"Hey". Lester was fixated on the envelope, the woman followed Lesters eyes down to the cushion. 

"What's this", she pulled the corner further out until the envelope was revealed. The woman feverishly looked up at Lester and whispered "Should I open it?"

Lester was aflame hit with a flutter in his gut, he knew it was going to be a good day.


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1. Moved to Utah from Miami in 8th grade. I have an awesome math teacher he makes coffee in his class every morning and plays guitar at the...

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KarlaMarie Dec 04, 2014

Gathering around a fire gazing as the flames leap and jump listening to the pop and slow rumble of a roar I feel in harmony with the fire and everyone watching.


It beckons as if...

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 I saw her night end at the beginning of my night, replaying in my head with every passionless attempt to dance and hollow sips of vodka the event consumed any buzz I tried...

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I want to do a testimonial for this but I'm a little

tired and feeling a little sluggish after the extra piece of pumkin pie.

Like many people I was reluctant to start I wasn't sure...

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