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KarlaMarie Released Nov 17, 2014

Please forgive me I havent written a letter in a long time. This past year was great we didn't have much in common but we worked it out at every stop we managed to move forward maybe even look the other way....I let a lot of things go, mainly because  it had been awhile since I'd been in a relationship started to think that maybe I was difficult and I wanted to be a new person someone anybody would be lucky to have. The ugly side of me has been hard to hide as of lately your jokes aren't funny and its hard to hide my agitation with you and everything you say. I've become someone even worse then what I was in the begining I'm verbally abusive, quick tempered, moody I know it's not entirely my fault though it seems as if you secretly enjoy being yelled at and playing the victim. I casually mention breaking up all the time. So this shouldn't come as a surprise that I think we should breakup.

P.S. let's do it when the lease is over though I think I can do this for 6 months I hope you understand. Muah I love you! ( not in love with you).


Hey Babe,

Leaving notes on my way out every morning coming home to a note from you was always sweet. Yesterday in a hurry I'd forgotten to leave you my forget me nots, anxiety...

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She decided she was going to do it.

Diving in with her hand it was fragile like jello, gushy and squishy what was once tens of billions of neurons dissolving in her mouth, hmm...

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Aaron walks this path on his break everyday at the same hour, it's his time to feel the seasons changing to let his mind wander, away from her face, laughter and smile to forget...

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KarlaMarie Nov 01, 2014
KarlaMarie Oct 30, 2014

 I have a couple ideas I hope they are clearly understood but I think we could have visuals of the children in the car watching an animated Caterpillar on a tree branch while the...

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KarlaMarie Oct 27, 2014

"We get along just fine we could be considered perfect it's just one thing."


"You see that couple over there"


"They smile without realizing it, we've never done that."


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