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Loopy Lilly - tiny story
Kalymi Released Oct 04, 2012

Loopy Lilly
spaghetti for brains
didn't have the good sense
to come in from the rain

She splashed in mud puddles
and played in the ditch
until a flash-flood
threw her in with the fish

So she swam and dog-paddled
and looped back around
came up in time for dinner
in another town


Once there was a prince who was the real deal
He wanted a Princess who could feel
his true love, he searched all day and all night
but with each one it seemed something wasn't quite right

So, he returned home, very tired and sad
for he wanted a princess, oh, so bad
Then a storm came up in the night, really late
Someone was knocking at the town gate

So the King, all dressed in royal robes,
answered himself and did behold
A Princess standing in the rain
and she was in a terrible state

Water streamed from her hair and clothes
It ran in at the tippy-top of the toes
of her pointy shoes and back out the heel
but she insisted she was real

"If that is true," thought the old Queen
"I'll surely know by the morning"
She sent for her servants, she sent for her cook,
gave the girl a thin robe and a devious look

Took a pea to the bedroom whilst the others supped
took the bed clothes all off and then she piled up
twenty mattresses right on top of the pea
If that wasn't enough, took another twenty

down feather beds and she piled them high
'til the guest bed nearly reached the sky
This is where the Princess would sleep
and she'd never feel the pea buried deep

But little did the Queen realize
her husband, the King had grown, oh, so tired
of their freeloading son squandering all his riches
traveling the world searching for a Princess

A different girl and town every night
He was becoming a playboy and it wasn't right
for a Prince must marry, inherit the throne
sire royal heirs, the King was now old

But cunning as a fox and as sharp as the tack
he placed under her sheet pointing straight at her back
The Princess hardly closed her eyes at all that night
it left such a mark that the Queen, she did cry

"At last! a Princess who is worthy of
my son's and my undying love!"
"Oh, no, there'll never be another!"
The King and the Princess winked at each other

The wedding was at high noon, their subjects cheered to see 'em
The pea was mounted on the tack and placed in the Royal Museum
It's lying there, still, in all its glory
And this, I'm sure, is a true story...

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Rub-a-dub,-dub, three artists in a tub
Wet, cold and broke, they shiver
It's so hard to get warm at night
in a van down by the river


Hey, Diddle Diddle, the cat on the fiddle
sang to the girls 'til they swooned
The drummer, he laughed to see such sport
'cause he knew it was all auto-tuned


Twinkle, twinkle little star

Alien friend ship from afar

Look down on the world and sigh

We're still at war, you wonder why

Twinkle twinkle little star

Change your mind and you depart

Tattered Memories
Kalymi Released Nov 05, 2012

"You're kidding! We used to go there every Saturday night!"

"Yeah, us, too!"

"Maybe that's why you looked so familiar to me."

"I was thinking the same thing when I saw you."

"I think you guys played frisbee with us once."

"Hey! Did you drive a big red truck with a white dog in the back...and a bunch of lawn chairs?"

"Yeah. His name was Harold."

"Harold! I remember!"

"And were you the girls who used to sneak your friends in for free in the back of your trunk?"

"Ha ha! Yes! Pay for 2 - Admit 6!"

"Remember the blueberry snow cones?"

"Yes! And the popcorn with extra cheesy butter?"

"Good times! Good times!"

"You know, I drove by it the other day... just for old time's sake..."

"I did the same thing...last July..."

"It looks so sad and...empty now..."

"Yeah. Just a field full of weeds and one big, tattered screen."

Featured by Day Glo (text curator)

As the live shows approach, I'm continuing my search for great contributions to Dialogue Tales that could be used in the live shows in some way.

I really like this one; in contrast to a lot of the others that I have included in my curation, it is neither dramatic nor comedic. Instead, there's a wonderful conversational tone to it; the dialogue doesn't sound like it's being delivered for an audience, but is just about the interaction with characters. Very good.

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Little Riding Hood, all cloaked in red
Took her knife from her basket,
stabbed the wolf  'til he was dead

Lesson to all wolves:  You'd better be good
You never know who you might meet
out there in the woods

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Idea Machine
Kalymi Released Oct 30, 2012

He mostly liked to sit and dream

He was an idea machine

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Kalymi Released Dec 27, 2012

Her new stilettos showed she was a well-heeled girl

Flying (tiny story)
Kalymi Released Dec 31, 2012

for pantoufle's beautiful ilustration:)

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Straight to her head
Kalymi Released Dec 29, 2012

She drank in all their compliments and soon she was full of herself.

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Move slowly and stir with grace
lest the party end up in your face

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