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Rub-a-dub,-dub, three artists in a tub
Wet, cold and broke, they shiver
It's so hard to get warm at night
in a van down by the river


Hey, Diddle Diddle, the cat on the fiddle
sang to the girls 'til they swooned
The drummer, he laughed to see such sport
'cause he knew it was all auto-tuned


Twinkle, twinkle little star

Alien friend ship from afar

Look down on the world and sigh

We're still at war, you wonder why

Twinkle twinkle little star

Change your mind and you depart

Little Riding Hood, all cloaked in red
Took her knife from her basket,
stabbed the wolf  'til he was dead

Lesson to all wolves:  You'd better be good
You never know who you might meet
out there in the woods

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Straight to her head
Kalymi Released Dec 29, 2012

She drank in all their compliments and soon she was full of herself.

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Kalymi Released Feb 11, 2013
I didn't intend to attend
I dropped in by mistake
Sorry 'bout the hole in your ceiling
and your lovely cake
Miss Finn Wins!
Kalymi Released Jun 27, 2013

This hand, that hand
One rubber band
shot right through the air

It hit Miss Finn
right on the chin
and she fell off her chair

Two small boys froze
whispered, "Oh, no!
We didn't mean to hit her"

Miss Finn shot back
"Hey!  Who said that?"
in a voice so bitter

"It was us"
said Sid and Gus
and hung their heads down low

"I see," said she
very sternly
"Come here, don't run, don't go"

The boys glanced at each other
and each one wished his mother
could save him from this hag

But they figured, alas,
this was math class
and they knew it'd be a drag

So they walked to her desk
and stood statuesque
neither one giving a hoot

'Til she said, very trite,
"Do you know what it's like
being a substitute?"

"No," they nodded
and still she prodded
"Would you like me to tell you?" she pressed

Sid and Gus heaved a sigh
and lowered their eyes
and then they both said, "Yes"

"I get to see the worst in you
when your teacher's not at school
I never get your best

I know you'll try your tricks on me
behind my back, where I can't see
You two, and all the rest

I always hope you'll do better
and I won't have to leave a mean letter
for your teacher, who adores you

I want to give a good report
I surely don't want to resort
to feeling I abhor you

So give me all the rubber bands,
snakes and thumb tacks in your hands
How many of you have them?"

The class looked 'round
without a sound
and there were 27

"Amnesty Day!"  Miss Finn exclaimed
"Turn 'em in, I'm not takin' names
I'm a nice person, see, not a creature!"

And that was the day
the kids in third grade
voted Miss Finn their favorite teacher

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