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To help with the FAQ collab, I was interested in the motivations of people who use hitRECord. I found a few collaborations that had delved into that subject and trawled through them, collecting specific quotes about motivation from what turned out to be 150 hitRECorders. (Thank you kouralilly for your awesome "Why do we hitRECord?" text record. Saved me a ton of time!)

Going further, I looked into the latest RECords of those 150 users, determining what sort of work they posted. For example, if most of their RECords was in direct response to a collab request, if they posted mostly self-directed work, or if they seemed to be in contact with other hitRECorders. I also looked into the websites and/or Twitter handles of as many of those users as I could find, trying to determine what kind of job they did. (It's not creepy if it's all public and for user research, right? Right...?)

Believe me, this is a pretty impressive spreadsheet!

I managed to sort the 150 hitRECorders into 4 categories: Trailblazer, Collaborator, Sponge, and Archiver. (If someone has better names for these personas, I'm all ears!)

In terms of numbers, the site should be most paying attention to the needs of (in order):

  1. Collaborators, who are looking for projects that require their skill set (62%)

  2. Sponges, who use hitRECord for inspiration and an artistic sounding board (35%)

True trailblazers are important, of course, but they comprise of a relatively tiny amount of the site's user base. Although, I imagine they would be spending a lot of time on the site, but there's no way I could look up that kind of information. Also, I had some trouble parsing out who was a trailblazer and who was a particularly active collaborator. I think we can all agree that wirrow and RegularJOE are most definitely trailblazers, so I worked from there.

There were very few "archivers" in my spreadsheet, but I know they exist, because I know a few folks myself who uploaded some work on the site once and never came back. I figure someone who doesn't use the site very much wouldn't spend time writing something for a "why do you hitRECord" collab. Limitations of data collection and all...

I hope this helps other hitRECorders walk in the shoes of a new user. Put on a different pair and give it a try!

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The legend of the Easter Bunny



The freshness of the spring dew glistened on the ground

as the sun rose high into the sky. A new day had come around.

Two little boys called Sam and Ben woke up early and bright

So excited about the Easter bunny who left the presents last night.

The legend of the Easter Bunny was known far and wide

This may be the first time, however, that you hear this side.


On Easter Sunday every year all the children would wake

and in their gardens they would find chocolate eggs and chocolate cakes

It wouldn't take long for the little children to have chocolate all over their faces

from scoffing the lot so greedily, they would even have races.

Who could eat the egg the fastest or could put the most in their gob

and when they had eaten the lot the spoilt children would start to sob


Who put them there? I hear you ask, the Easter bunny of course

he'd creep in and leave them, I hear from a reliable source.

Now mothers would prepare themselves with buckets at the ready

and by night fall the flow of sick from greedy kids was fast and steady

The point of the Easter bunnys generosity was not as nice as it seemed

His purpose was to be forgiven and so he would be redeemed.


The bunny was very greedy and selfish when he was younger

And as a result of this greed his family suffered with hunger.

Sick of his self serving ways his family severed their ties

They had enough of his carelessness and enough of all his lies

The only way to be forgiven was too do his best and ensure

that the gluttonous behaviour he had, was not repeated any more.


Knowing that they wouldn't listen and had to realise themselves

that overindulgence was not a good feeling and made them very unwell.

He supplied the chocolate in the form of eggs, bunnies and cake

and encouraged them to eat it all from the moment they would awake

Only when a child refused to eat it again would the Easter bunny win

and he could join his family free from any sins.


So back to the little boys unaware of their impending test

Wolfing down their breakfast and leaving the table in a mess

They hurry on their shoes and reluctantly put on their jackets

holding their buckets firmly they go outside and make a racket

screaming with excitement eveytime an egg is found

the spring birds flock away on the utterance of any sound.


The Easter bunny left ten eggs each and soon the boys had the lot

they went inside and counted out the ones they had got

the foil wrappers around the eggs identified them as milk, dark or white

containing nuts, jellies, fruit or toys, to keep them occupied into the night.

Ben took off a golden wrapper and punched the egg into chunks

he picked up the biggest shards and into his milk he dunks.

Sam decides to follow suit and smashes his first egg to bits

and tries to put as much of the egg in his mouth that it will permit.

Soon the boys have devoured their first, their second, third and fourth

by fifth and the sixth they hold their stomachs and rock back and forth

Their mother tries to stop them by hiding them away

but it doesn't stop them finding them, they have no intention to play


They ate and ate and stuffed their faces hiding under the table.

The seventh was a battle, they ate as much as they were able

Sam knew he would puke if he ate the eighth one

Ben finished his eighth egg but knew he was done

They automatically started to peel the wrapper of number nine

the fresh smell of the chocolate was where they drew the line


The syrupy burp crept up on them and left a bad taste in their mouth

their tummies let out a gripy rumble and they dropped their head south

Any movement triggered nausea and an unwillingness to move

but competition was too strong neither was wanting to loose

They reluctantly persevere each determined not to fail

but one bite into nine and Sam had to bail.


His mum was there at the ready with a bucket already in hand

cursing the bloody rabbit thinking of how to get him banned

Sam is retching up a treat and each time the urge is worse

vomiting up his chocolate lunch hoping it will soon disperse

The smell of vomit fills the air and poor Ben didn't stand a chance

he stands there and lets it out, mesmerised in a trance


The mum swears to hunt that rabbit for what he has done

she will serve him up for dinner and then she will have won

The boys continued with their stomach pyrotechnics well into the night

they sat on their beds clutching the tummies not feeling very right

by early evening they had enough and want to go to bed

they couldn't face a cup of water or even a slice of bread


Their mother came in to wish them sweet dreams and then tucked them in

she also bought in their final eggs and had a wicked grin

“would you boys want egg number ten?” leaving it on their beds

“no no no” came the replies and they vigorously shook their heads.

“Well never eat chocolate again” Sam said hiding in his pasty face

“take it away please mum, can you get out of this place”


“What, never again?” she asked fingers crossed behind her back

“yes yes, I never want chocolate again” Ben called out. And that was that.

The Easter bunny heard this and he beamed from ear to ear

is it true at last? Has a child conceded? He can barely hold back his cheer

The next morning comes around and the boys slowly get out of bed

Egg number ten just sitting there..............................


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by marhea
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Last one for now! See the complete set here -

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The complete collection!

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We can probably all agree that the way technology is advancing will have a huge impact on our future.  And it seems that movies and TV shows often portray that impact as a negative one.  Terminator, Matrix, the current movie Transcendance, these are just three examples among many that offer frightening hypotheses about machines becoming more powerful than humans, and eventually becoming our enemy.

Personally, I think there's a very valid warning in those stories.  But I also think advanced tech like nanotechnology and artificial intelligence have enormous potential to have a positive impact on our future.

The question is, how do you tell a story about that kind of positive impact?  The stories about negative impact are easier in a way.  When you can create a compelling antagonist out of "The Machines", you've got yourself a great thriller.  And make no mistake, I love those movies.  But, how to make something entertaining, yet positive?

I wanna open this question up to you guys.  Let's hear your ideas.

Here's one idea I've had.  What if it were a serialized kind of story set in the future.  Like an episodic TV show.  And what if it weren't a thriller, but more like a slice of life kind of thing.  Like, for example, Mad Men, or My So Called Life, or something like that. And the plot wouldn't be specifically ABOUT the technology.  But the technology would just sorta be part of the setting.  Like how the 1960s setting of Mad Men is a compelling part of that show.

Just brainstorming, what would the world be like for an average 16-year-old girl in the year 2114?  Or even 2064?  What will her day be like?  What will her school be like?  Her family?  Her social life?  Her love life?  She might very well have microscopic computers (nanobots, nanomites, they have lots of different names) integrated into her biology, her blood, her brain.  Those computers might all be connected to an incredibly sophisticated and powerful network—the evolution of the Internet.  Her ability to communicate with other people, or access all kinds of knowledge, would be staggering to us.  But normal to her. 

Maybe we could start coming up with some ideas centering around this character.  Anybody out there know a lot about the future of technology that might want to contribute some thoughts about what life might be like a hundred years from now?  Writers could start throwing around some timeless storylines that our character might go through, but in a new way. 

We wouldn't have to make it ABSOLUTELY positive.  We could still include a sentiment of warning against technology potentially being used for greed, war, etc, how that could backfire and get out of our control.  But we could also show how cool it might be to live in the future.  How technology ALSO has the potential to help us become smarter, healthier, and more compassionate.  And perhaps, if we make the story good enough, it'll come true!

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RLP no. 36: conceptual self portrait

I get it all the time where I happen to be making a face that expresses the total opposite to what I'm actually feeling, eg. I apparently look concerned when I'm actually reflecting on a good day. And then there are some people who can read too accurately what I'm thinking just by looking at my face. Just last night my friend said "don't worry you can wait in the car, I can tell by your face you don't want to move." It was really dark too so how she managed to read that baffled me. This photo is actually one of the outtakes from what I was originally planning to do, but now I'm curious, what do you read?

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Dark Forrests are pretty scary; maybe the russling, crunching of animals makes you feel like you're not alone when you want to be. The tree's keep going up high and high, higher than you can go so you can't find the light when you want to. Taken at Bushy Park's waterhouse pond

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i am shooting

a short film tomorrow

and i am






(a/n - i notoriously refer to Day 18 of poem a day as by far the hardest. by day 18, you've become slightly delirious... you feel like you've been repeating yourself and repeating yourself... but there are so many days still left to go. it's rough, day 18. but you gotta push through. and you will. 

in honor of that struggle, i decided to completely cheat and write a nonpoem. 

this is my day 18 coping mechanism.)


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This is Mikael's original idea which I thought was pretty cool...

Opening Monologue
--control freak, losing control, control the game, self control, lack of self control, controlling, controls, air-traffic controller, fat controller, remote control, ctrl+alt+delete, panic disorder because of leaving control to others as in fear of flying, elevators, etc.

Short Films
--ctrl,alt,delete (not sure yet but there's an awesome short story there somewhere)
--Air Traffic Controller (New air traffic control software completely takes away the need for human input. But what if the computer has a unique way of best regulating air travel?)
--The Controller (We have no free will, all our decisions are made for us)
--Doofer (An ever-more bizarre and fantastical search for that lost tv remote control)

--tell us of a time when you felt really in control.
--tell us of a time when you lost control.

--a day in the life of someone who needs order/control in all aspects of their life.

--a hybrid of control and out of control (I'm not a musician, shoot me)

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Shellshock33 and I are currently in cahoots making a short film (I guess is what it is)... And when I say "in cahoots", I mean he has kindly agreed to panda to my odd whims and assist me with something I know nothing about...and by "assist" I mean, I talk the talk and he walks the walk...

Anyway, it is a visual interpretation of The Descent that should turn out pretty creepy...

Below you will find a rather epic shot list (or at least it seemed epic when I was writing it... even it it will only run 3 minutes) that will require a few visuals that may or may not already be here... But basically, if you know where we can find certain images (I've "bolded" all the images for easy findability... It really is a long list), or you have a certain image, please leave a comment!

Thanks bunches!


3/24/14  UPDATE... I've resourced RECs of images and stuff that we have tracked down so far for probable use :)



*All text is White on Black, same size and large on the screen

*Text shots are all the same length (long enough to read the word, short enough that they don't linger), No fades... they're there, then they're not.

*Still image shots are a fraction (try half?) of the time of a text shot... They're suppost to be disruptive and clitchy.

*Moving images are suppost to be less time than text but long enough that you can see the movement... ( the noose, lightbulb and dust can be oddly fast)

*The ticking clock runs throughout, gradually building in volume, but not enough that you would notice until the end when it abruptly stops.

Shot 1: Black Screen

clock ticking (empty/hollow) after 3rd tick

Shot 2: (text) Breathe 

Shot 3: (text) In

Shot 4 (text) Choking

Shot 5: (text) Ash

Shot 6: (moving image) dust being sucked *Juan has

Shot 7: (text) Of

Shot 8: (text) Discontent

Shot 9: (image)clock *Juan has

tick (beat)

Shot 10:(text) Suffocate

Shot 11: (image) Face of girl *pamagotchi 1493669-convert to B/W

Shot 12: (text) Me

Shot 13: (text) With

Shot 14 (text) Your

Shot 15: (image) woman facing camera with person invading space *pamagotchi 1536399

Shot 16: (text) Sulfuric

Shot 17: ( image)progression from Shot 15 *pamagotchi 1536398

Shot18: (text) Breath

Shot19: (image) clock

tick (beat)

Shot 20: (text) Wispering

Shot 21: (text) Inconsistencies

Shot 22: (moving image) Water drop collecting (before it actually drops) * Cerebis water drops 1408802/1408803/1408799 ?

Shot 23: (text) And

Shot 24: (text) Truthful

Shot 25: (moving image) progression from Shot15/17 *pamagotchi 1536397

Shot 26: (text) Lies

Shot 27: (text) As

Shot 28: (text) Ragged

Shot 29: (image) grubby hand around a throat * repeat pamagotchi 1536398

Shot 30: (text) Nails

Shot 31: (image) repeat Shot 29

Shot 32: (text) Trace

Shot 33: (text)A

Shot 34: (text) Noose

Shot 35: (image/video) noose swinging too fast/COuld also be heavy chain * possibly 1568050?

Shot 36: (text) Around

Shot 37: (text) My

Shot 38: (image) repeat Shot 29/31

Shot 39: (text) Neck

Shot 40: (text) And

Shot 41: (image) clock

Shot 42: (text) Drag

Shot 43: (text) Me

Shot 44: (image) repeat Shot 29/31/88

*(Shot 44a: (image) could insert the top of the basement steps in here? 1567562)

Shot 45: (text) Down

Shot 46: (image) clock

three ticks (Starts shot 46 ends Shot 47)

Shot 47: (image) water drops on 3rd tick (progression from Shot 22)

Shot 48:(text) Open

Shot 49: (image) close up of mouth slightly open

Shot 50: (text) Mouthed

Shot 51: (text) Spilled

Shot 52: (image) water splash (progression from Shot 22/47)

water drop (timed to image and to tick)

Shot 53: (text) Ineffective

Shot 54: (text) Platitudes

Shot 55: (text) As

Shot 56: (text) The

Shot 57: (image) clock

Shot 58: (text) Darkness

Shot 59: (text) Swallows

Shot 60: (image) close up of throat swallowing *pamagotchi 1564581/inkblot from me/1564581 rapid transitions from one to the other and back again

Shot 61: (text) Whole

tick (beat)

Shot 62: (text) Forget

Shot 63: (text) You

Shot 64: (image) head and shoulders of a man

tick (beat)

Shot 65: (text) All

Shot 66: (text) Reason

Shot 67: (image) woman shedding clothes/ something shedding skin

Shot 68: (text) dissipates

Shot 69: (moving image) repeat Shot 67

Shot 70: (text) And

Shot 71: (text) Inarticulation

Shot 72: (image) alphabet spaghetti

Shot 73: (text) Takes

Shot 74: (text) Hold

Shot 75: (image) clock

tick (beat)

Shot 76: (text) How

Shot 77: (text) Can

Shot 78: (text) A

Shot 79: (text) Place

Shot 80: (image) grimey basement *mine 1567560

Shot 81: (text) So

Shot 82: (text) Thick

Shot 83: (image) swinging naked lightbulb 

Shot 84: (text) With

Shot 85: (text) Filth

Shot 86: (image) repeat Shot 80

Shot 87: (text) Amplify

Shot 88: (text) Such

Shot 89: (text) Hollow

Shot 90: (moving image) repeat Shot 47

Shot 91: (text) Sound

Shot 92: (moving image) Repeat Shot 52

Water drop in time to splash and tick

Shot 93: (text) That

Shot 94: (text) Drags

Shot 95: (text) Me

Shot 96: (image) basement step  *mine 1567562/1567564 rapid cut between the 2 images

Shot 97: (text) Down

Shot 98: (image) clock

three ticks (beats)

Shot 99: (text) It

Shot 100: (text) Is

Shot 101: (text) No

Shot 102: (text) Choice

Shot 103: (image) repeat Shot 15

Shot 104: (text) To

Shot 105: (text) Set

Shot 106: (text) Foot

Shot :107 (image) basement step * 1567563

tick (beat)

Shot 108: (text) Venture

Shot 109: (text) Into

Shot 110: (image) Repeat Shot 83

Shot 111: (text) The

Shot 112: (image) Repeat Shot 35

Shot 113: (text) Oppressive

Shot 114: (image) repeat Shot 11 *might need to revise this one

Shot 115: (text) Gloom

Shot 116: (image) clock

tick (beat)

Shot 117: (text) But

Shot 118: (text) A

Shot 119: (text) Slick

Shot 120: (image) black ooze *1296210 (1st part-black ink in water))

Shot 121: (text) And

Shot 122: (text) Sticky

Shot 123: (text) Grasp

Shot 124: (image) *mine 1567562/1567563/1567564/1567565 rapid sequence

Shot 125: (text) That

Shot 126: (text) Drags

Shot 127: (image) Repeat Shot 47

Shot 128: (text) Me *changed from "You" 

Shot 129: (text) Down

Shot 130: (image) repeat Shot 96

Water drop sound

Shot 131: (text) Into

Shot 132: (text) The

Shot 133: (text) Crawling 

Shot 134: (image) crawling/slimy worms/bugs *close up of fishing bait?

Shot 135: (text) And

Shot 136: (text) The

Shot 137: (text) Skittering

Shot 138: (image) Dark... rat runs past

skittering noise in time with rat

Shot 139: (text) Dark Shot 140: (image) clock

tick (beat)

Shot 141: (text) Down

Shot 142: (text) Where

Shot 143: (image) Repeat Shot 80

Shot 144: (text) The

Shot 148: (text) Black

Shot 149: (text) And

Shot 150: (image) repeat Shot 52

water drop timed to splash and tick 

Shot 151: (text) Slithering

Shot 152: (image) repeat Shot 134 

Shot 153: (text) Things

Shot 154: (text) Are

Shot 155: (image) black screen

three loud ticks abruptly cut off


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