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OK first one re payments as it's quick - is there anyway that payments could be made to contributing artists via Paypal instead of cheque?

I don't what it's like in other countries, but I was charged 1/3 of the cheque I received (which was under $100USD total) in bank fees just to pay it in to my account & convert to AUD - which is quite a lot to lose - Paypal would also speed up the whole process - not to mention save HR a fortune in postage and envelopes - the payment advices could be emailed.



An "HR Business" or similar TAB where all the HR/Site posts go instead of to the "Featured" TAB - especially when the cover art for an announcement is also featured (is that REALLY necessary?) 


Have these on the same page as where the Collaborations currenlty are (by the way, that was a GREAT improvement/addition to the site - thank you) just add another TAB "Recent Requests" - I dodn't think these need to be in the "Featured" RECords, it will be easy for people to find them on the "Collaborations" page.


If the above (or something similar) is done then this will be a lot less cluttered so for a start the works featured won't get lost under a pile of announcements & requests.

The seemingly same few artists who get featured on a regular basis vs the many great ones that are lucky to even get viewed by more than 50/100 people. I know there's obviously an element of personal taste at play, if someone likes basic sketchy type illustrations, they're not likely to feature a more detailed illustration (visual art is just the easiest to compare for this purpose). 

I think part of the problem may be Curators subscriptions, Curators will see RECords posted by or RECommended by those they subscribe to first, and in some cases that means they might not see any RECords posted by anybody else....which is a problem in itself. Maybe the Curators should have 2 accounts or something, their personal one and their "Official Curator" one which does not subscribe to ANY members, so they will not always see those people's RECords first. Believing that our Curators have integrity I don't think they'd just go and find RECords from those they Subscribe to from their personal account so hopefully by using this account to go throught the Collaborations, using Browse to go through New and Recently Recommended RECords they will see a lot of the stuff they would maybe otherwise never see and hopefully then some of the works that go unnoticed will get the attention they deserve.


This would be for members of the community to post no more than one RECord a day that they would like to see featured. This could be a really good way to bring work that may otherwise not be seen by the Curators to their attention. If the collab is split into Music, Voice Over, Text, Image etc and by limiting it one RECord per day from HR community members it should make it easier for the Curators to go through.

(I've read through a lot of the RECords posted here and know this is a common theme and there have been some great suggestions - some of which I'll probably double up on)


These are a great thing the community does. Personally I don't always do them every week, and recently I've started to RE-REC single RECords that have really struck me. I think having fewer RECords in a RE-REC means people are more likely to check them out than if there are a lot of RECords in there. 

I'll admit if I see a RE-REC I will have a look and try and check out at least a couple of them - usually I only do this where there's at least a brief description of what the RE-REC is, if it's just a list, or they're only in the REsources, I tend to skip them as it can take too long to go through them all. If there's more than 5 RE-RECS I admit I will often only chck a few of them out - sometimes there's so many, esp if there's videos and or music, it could take a whole day just to go through the RE-RECs in one RECord!

So I think less is more in some cases, and maybe instead of RE-RECs once a week, twice a week, or just when you see something that makes you go 'wow' this needs to be seen/heard/read/watched etc - this might mean that more people actually check out the people whose work the RE-RECCers have taken the time to hilight.



These are just personal thoughts but some basic REMix etiquette points as I see it:

1) If I REMix, I RECommend the original (if you think it's good enough to REMix, it has to be worth a heart right?)

2) If I see something that gives me an idea for something, RECommend it an REsource it, even if it's not a 'technical' REmix. The way I see it is if I see a RECord that Fred has posted and it makes me think, "that would be interesting/funny/whatever" or gives me an idea for an illustration, then I REsource it, because if I hadn't seen that RECord I probably wouldn't have had the idea.



(this is long enough & I'll end it now, for those that stuck it out until the end - thank you :))





Okay, so I really didn't want to contribute any more to this but for some reason my fingers are pressing keys and even though I know it's a bad idea they're not stopping.

HitRECord is a Production Company, albeit a really unique one. There is nothing else like it out there and I have so much respect for everyone involved in setting it up and keeping it running - it must take a massive amount of effort and cost a lot of money and the way the site is organised is really really exceptional. From the outside looking in it looks like the staff are really committed and put in long long hours, certainly not your typical 9-5 job. And the finished art that is produced - wow that is just phenomenal.

I should probably stop there, shouldn't I?

HitRECord is making a tv show and everyone wants in on the action. The Resident Curators have positions of enormous power because it's impossible for the HR staff to go through everything on the site, so the curators are essential to the smooth running of the site. If you look through my recommendations I'm sure you will see the same names coming up time and time again. My friends if you like, those I chat with, collaborate with, those whose art fits with my personal tastes.

The same is true of the curators. It just is. So you get curators hearting and featuring other curators because they're all friends together, they're often the long-serving ones on the site and have 'grown up' together here. Yes, you can throw up exceptions but it won't alter the basic point. And not just other curators but also their friends, their co-collaborators etc. They're just doing the same as everyone else but on a bigger scale.

Where it becomes a problem is when it comes to submitting ideas for the tv show. Not all records are treated equally and that's what's pissing people off and it's disingenuous to pretend otherwise.

The ideas of non-curators and non-friends of curators have to be that much better to stand a chance of being developed.

It's ridiculous to think otherwise and to be honest it's no different from anywhere else. HitRECord is a Production Company. If I submit a script to a traditional production company it has to be that much better than what people who they already know are producing otherwise why would they entertain me, they're not a charity.

I'm a writer and forgive my arrogance but I know I can write. The Resident Curators have a much better chance of getting a writing gig on the show than me because of their privileged position. Again, I'm not criticising this, they've got that position because they have already proven their writing abilities to the hr staff. They are a 'safe writing pair of hands' and that's important because it's not just about great writing, it's also about being professional, meeting deadlines, etc.

I will say though that it is very rare for a writing curator to give me any kind of feedback, even when I remix their work and I think that's a shame (not for me, I'm fine honestly) because a nice supportive comment from Matt or Jared or a Resident Curator can really be a special thing when people are releasing records and getting very few hits and hearts and understandably taking it personally.

People are putting their art and soul up on this site and yes a lot of it is actually crap but we all know how nerve-wracking it can be baring our souls to people we love, never mind strangers on the internet.

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With some of the feedback from the Town Hall collaboration coming in, I thought I’d write out what my process is as a curator and a hitRECorder, because it strikes me that you all wouldn’t necessarily know how I go about day-to-day life on hitRECord.

Disclaimer: This is my own methodology, and I speak for none of the other curators. Their own processes may vary, or they may be similar, but I don’t speak for anyone else.

Daily: Get out of bed, pour a cup of coffee, open hitRECord. Literally, those are the steps exactly. The first page I visit when I get to the site is my dashboard (Reactions to my RECords). This isn’t a vanity thing; I normally check if I have any comments but more importantly any remixes. Sometimes yes :) Sometimes no :(

Next visit: home page or Featured Records

I like checking what’s been going on while I’ve been asleep, and my time zone dictates that I’m usually snoozing while stuff is happening. Time to catch up!

Then: Dashboard. I like to see what is trending in the community, and specifically any remixes or ideas that have come from the requests or features overnight.

Note: I once skipped the ‘Features’ visit and went straight to my dashboard and was like ‘WTF, why are there illustrations of bongs and paraphernalia all over my dashboard??’ I always check the features first from now on. ;)


I go through the recently released records and filter by video. Admittedly, I only do this about once a week. And I might not heart everything that comes up, but that doesn’t mean I don’t see them. However, even with this step, I do miss things. It’s frustrating, but it happens, and it always will despite my efforts. (see reRECs below!)

My process for featuring

Before I start, I just want to let you know that curators are not given a guideline on how to feature. This is a good thing because it allows us to come up with our own process. In the same way that there aren’t a list of rules and regs about how to be a hitrecorder, we all get to be free to create and inspire in the ways that work best for us each individually.

Also, I want to say here that the reason I’m putting this up is so that you all know that we don’t just feature willy-nilly. We all have our own processes, but we take featuring very seriously.

So without any further ado; here’s what I personally go through when thinking about featuring a record:

  1. Will it inspire? – This is where I ask myself if this record is going to spawn more records or remixes or ideas. I think Featured RECs should inspire the community, so this is my number 1 and most important part of the process.

  2. Is it a remix or can it be? – I normally check to see what is resourced and think about what it could be. I like to encourage the community to collaborate, because that’s what we’re all about!

  3. How can this be remixed? – Most of the time, I’ll put up a small suggestion, but I leave it to YOU in the community to come up with your own ideas. I feel like if I suggest too much, that might arrest your own creativity. I trust you guys, and you’re all so clever that, chances are, you’re going to come up with something better and more outstanding than I could ever suggest. :)

  4. (sub process option) Direction – I sometimes will feature a record, because I’d like to see more records in that particular direction. ‘You’re on the right track! Let’s see more things like this!’

  5. (sub process option) Gimme More! – If I notice that there haven’t been a lot of responses to a request video, or in a collaboration, after going through the process points 1-3 above, I’ll feature to inspire. 'Let’s see more! Who else has an idea/testimonial for this?'

The main thing I’d like for everyone to take away from this process is that inspiration is the important factor in all of this. A featured record isn’t about spotlighting an artist, nor does it have to be about the record, but about what it could become and what ideas it could inspire.

Here’s what I don’t feature:

  1.  Myself – duh. 

  2.  Remixes of my work – I dunno, it’s just a morality thing and I don’t think I can be objective enough about a record if I’m somehow involved. I choose instead to trust the process and trust my peers. I’m not the only video curator in the village, and I trust the opinions of the other curators to make that call.

  3. My pals or other curators – This does happen sometimes, but trust me when I tell you that I agonise over it. That process above takes 3 times as long, the record has to hit each of those guidelines right through the bull’s eye and I make damn sure before I feature it.

  4. Jared (That’s meant to be a joke, but yeah…sorry J :)

It’s worth noting a couple more things about featured records in general, that you already know, or maybe you know but you don’t know that you know, or maybe suspected, or perhaps this is brand new information:

  • Featured records aren’t a guarantee – If you’re featured, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll automatically be included in the production we’re working on.

  • Yes, it’s a great feeling to be featured, but it is not the end game. There’s more to hitRECord than being on the front page.

  • There are many great hitrecorders that consistently contribute quality records that have either never been featured, or have only rarely been featured. This does not mean that they are not valuable members of the community, and it does not mean that they aren’t worthy artists. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I admire the work that people do, not whether they’re a popular name in the community.

Also, can I just say how important ReRECs are? I love them, and I don’t always heart them (and I’ll start!), but I’ve found so many great things because they were re-recommended by others. You all in the community have such a great eye for things, and I want to say that I appreciate that, and the hard work that goes into making up a re-recommendation record. You guys are ace, and I am so grateful for what you do.

To wrap this up, I just want to say that I hope this is helpful in some way. You guys all turn me on, and inspire me so much that I just can’t wait to share with everyone. If gifs could be a part of the featured comment, mine would generally be one of a piece of popcorn mid-pop as that’s usually how I feel at the time. :)

Anyway, my particular process isn’t for everyone, but I hope that it somehow allows you to consider how much thought is put into the things that I choose spotlight to the community and why.

Again by <3

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Piano, Celesta, and Bass Guitar played with a violin bow.



Train Sounds:

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Piano, Celesta, Accordion, and Upright Bass.



Train Sounds:

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I read some lyrics and I knew what a school box was...

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Hello there :)

Some thoughts triggered by this record 

I see around the site some magnificent stuff (well..according to my taste) with only a few hits and some stuff that honestly does not say much (to me) that gets loads of likes because (in my opinion) it comes from somebody who is HR-popular. I guess this is nobody's fault, I believe that HR in the end is a "re-scaled world", were visibility and popularity (even if rightfully gained!) makes the difference.

I have the feeling that the HR staff invented the "curator" figure to try and minimize this trend. Now, has this failed? Maybe, I am not sure, to be honest I basically randomly browse or follow people who surprised me with their work. But this is my choice.

If we have the feeling that the curating business has failed, is it because the curators entered a loop and like self-similar stuff? Or is it because we are so many that lots of stuff is bound to pass unnoticed? Most likely it is a mix of both, it is only natural to like a certain style of records. We are not random number based computers. So we can work on both aspects for this:

  • HR could appoint more official curators or even better decide to regularly alternate a group of curators, so that there is a real reshuffling of taste and style

  • curators (permanent of temporary) "un-loop" themselves :-) and, as a rule, give more visibility to unknown people/records

  • we all do our RE-RECs (can't just blame staff/curators, we can do something too!). I found out about RE-RECs very recently and did my first one last Sunday and I tell you, it felt good. It felt good because I could tell the authors that their work influenced me and how. And I could do so as a temporarily appointed curator (RE-RECs was originally a HR collaboration, no? So again it is their attempt not to miss pearls). In my RE-REC I deliberately left out stuff that was liked a zillion of times (even if great).

We all joined HR for different reasons. Personally, even if I ever get featured or picked for any collaboration, though I will be happy about it, it won't really change my life or make me Shakespeare. Had I joined for the likes and for visibility, I would have quit a long time ago. But it would be nice to try and bring to the surface all the buried beauty that lies in this magnificent HR database.

ciao :)

by Mantia
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I wanted to remark on featuring as a new curator in relation to the Town Hall RECords that have popped up thus far regarding curators and featuring.

Yes features are really great, I gladly admit I am super excited when I'm featured and even more so when something I featured gets attention it may not have - especially if it goes into development, but there has always been such a big focus on features as a benchmark of popularity and/ or talent.

Pardon my frankness but I think that's bullshit and certainly not how I engage with or view it as a curator and as part of this community.

A feature and it's comment relate to a particular project or direction, TV or otherwise (Patterns Book, DVD Box Set, Manifesto, SFAFF postcards, RECord store etc.) and personally when I feature, it is reflective of the record not the artist.

Yes, HQ have a better chance of noticing a record if it's featured but a number of staff (I dare say most) do watch ReRECS so if anyone is disheartened with what's being featured then ReRECS with a comment are a wonderful way to get traction for records you feel are being over looked. Everyone has the opportunity to curate and share their reasons behind it. That's the whole point if ReRECS. 

Also I, and I'm sure other curators, would gladly explain further why we featured something - there's not a lot of room on the feature page to write everything we want to say at times - so if you aren't sure of our rationale, hit us up and we'd be happy to discuss that RECord more.

I feature a record because I'm excited about it and how it can be used within this production company (note prodcution company, not art school exhibition so there are parameters albeit loose ones) and we want everyone else to get excited too. Having said that if a RECord doesn't relate to a prodcution and blows my mind I won't dismiss featuring it because it isn't production specific but I may hold off for a while. There is a method to the madness to maximise getting your RECords out there - both through featuring and ReRECS.

Again, still not about the artist, it's about the record :)

After seeing andyramones breakdown I will certainly be featuring more which may address some of the diversification of RECords concerns and will be braver - it can be intimidating sometimes because every one is so wonderfully passioniate :) - in going with my gut to feature and ReREC so we can all get a better idea of the amazing RECords being contributed.

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I know this is counterintuitive, but bear with me.

With all of the great questions coming out in the Town Hall collab, I would like to see the answers from HitRECord HQ gathered IN ONE PLACE.

If the official responses to individual Town Hall RECords are just in the comments, then it's likely that they will be missed, especially if it's not your own RECord or something that you have a special interest in and are following.

I'd like to see periodic text RECords from HRHQ, addressing any number of Town Hall issues, added as independent Town Hall RECords (perhaps, with titles like "TOWN HALL RESPONSES 7/30/14"). For those RECords, the original question RECords would be added as resources, so the original asker will know that their question has been addressed (since it will come up as a remix).

These official Town Hall Responses could be added to the Reel of the collab, so they are easy to locate.

Thanks for your consideration!

by debit72
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There is nothing more promising than to see fireflies lighting the dark


P.S - I was digging around for inspiration and upon stumbling on Joab's video (, it immediately triggered an idea! The little girl here is drawn with Joab's daughter, Zoe, in mind. Joab if you're reading this, I apologize for not getting your consent before coming up with this...I just have to draw it before inspiration escapes me. And if somehow she doesn't look good enough, my apologies again.

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Hitrecord Town Hall Comments, Ideas and suggestions

First, I just want to say that I really appreciate the fact that HR staff think about a way to communicate with the community and create this collab, I am a positive person so I am going to assume that this time, you’ll pay attention to our ideas, complaints and suggestions, you did it in the past but not as much as I wanted (and I am sure a lot of people share my opinion).

I’ve been on HR for almost 4 years and I’ve seen this community getting bigger and bigger every year, lots of people that joined with me are no longer involved on HR but there are a huge group of people that are still a part of this community, so even when must of us are not curators or part of the HR staff, in some way, we’ve been around for a long time, we make comments, give hearts, talk about our projects or new records and we participate a lot, the same happened with a lot of people that are new or joined 2 or 1 year ago and are active members of this community, which I think is very important, so said that, I think that I have a couple of ideas, some of them involve all these people that is always active on HR and maybe they are not been taking into consideration to have a bigger participation on the site, and they deserved more recognition not only because they are ”old” members but also because they are very talented.


Hitrecord Town Hall is a good start, but in some way it feels like is US giving some ideas and suggestions, but I am afraid that because the amount of contributions, once again most of them will be lost in the Cyberspace, so I don’t know who is taking care of following all the records that people are adding to this collab, but I think that a good way to do it is choosing some hitrecorders that are really active on HR so they can take care of reading and addressing the most important concerns, situations and ideas that people are adding to this collab, if not, this is going to be another frustrated attempt to create a better communication between you and us. Also, regarding communication, I think is necessary to add something like a “personal message” button, for example like the one that Facebook have, it could be added to every Hitrecorder profile, so if you want to ask a specific question or talk about a specific collaboration with someone, you’ll be allow to do it privately, if you want to.

Random Button back PLEASE:

I really liked the random button that was created years ago, in fact, I created a collab where people was able to add records that they made based on the records they found on the random record collab, I think this is very useful, especially because we have the chance to find some amazing texts, illustrations, remixes, songs or videos that were buried in the thousands of records that we have on the site, sometimes I found some real gems while I am looking for records in the browser, having the random record button back, will be an easier way to found all these lost treasures.


I love every single one of the curators that HR choose, but I think that once again, we have a LOT of people that has been on HR for so long, people who never left, people who always give their opinions, people who are talented and truly love Hitrecord, I think about a lot of people right now who could be great curators, so why not to give a chance to more hitrecorders to try this position? Why not to change the curators every certain amount of time, people with new perspectives and tastes, what about changing them every season, or every 4 months? I am sure that there are a lot of hitrecorders that would love to be a part of that group, and even I know people that would do it for free just because they love this place. So don’t get me wrong, I am happy with the current curators, but I think you are missing a lot of talented people on the site that could help a lot and could contribute with their talent and skills to the site. There are a bunch of hitrecorders that are constantly recommending amazing records and they are not curators, at least officially.

Also, another idea regarding this subject, is to have other people that weekly or monthly have a curator position but just for special situations, for example HR On TV, an specific Collab, a special request or something like that, we are a huge community and we have a LOT of talented people, why not to take advantage of that and involve as many people as we can in all our projects.


I’ve been doing RE RECS since like 2 years ago, lately I wasn’t able to participate a lot because I’ve been busy, but I am back, however, I think that the purpose of the weekly RE RECS is not clear and is not being used as it should. It seems like RE RECS are just important for the people that made them and for the people who records are recommended, so how to change that? Well, I have an idea, why not to have one of the curators, paying attention to the Weekly RE RECS collab and choose at least one record per week (from all the records that people are recommending that week) and feature this or if you don’t’ want to feature these records, at least this curator, can create a weekly resume as a text record, highlighting specific records that are coming from the recommendations, I think that all the people that are contributing with their RE RECS are amazing curators per se, so they all can help to recommend amazing things that maybe curators just missed.

Collabs & HROnTV

Sometimes I feel kind of lost when we are working in a lot of collabs and projects at the same time, I think we need to improve our communication regarding what is a priority, how is an specific project working, what we need to finish it, when we need to finish it, etc., This is an old issue and we addressed about it hundreds of times in the past, especially after our first experience with HR On TV, season 1, so I think we need to improve our communication skills, try to be more communicative with us about the development of the specific collabs and requests, once again, you should ask for help to other hitrecorders, people that you choose every certain time to help you with this matter.

That’s all I can think about right now, thanks again and again by heart. GV

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I only speak a bit of Hawaiian, but I thought this was cool:



by JulesKD
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