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I'm the baby of my family, so when we would go camping, and it was time to build a fire, my job was to gather the kindling. 

I would scour the ground for small, dry twigs, leaves, and branches. 

And when we'd finally all gather around to light the fire, I felt proud to see my findings fuel the first flames.

RegularJOE Oct 09, 2014

Up ahead, it's dark, but I'll get there first.
Kid, I'll be going there sooner than you'd like.
I'll try to light it up so you can see where you're headed.
But you're gonna be...

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debit72 Oct 02, 2014

When I was a child when I looked up at the sky,
I saw that the future was infinitely vast.

When I became a grownup,
the future became noticeably smaller.

Now, that I'm an old man

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