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Model : Khalila Harry 


My mom totally used to dress me for these things...

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This was a special request from Alex. (I can't find your profile, I'll send you a link via email)

It fit in with an idea I've had floating around my head for a while. I'm not very good with words but I've had this notion of The Neverever Man. He's the voice in our heads that says we can't do things. We'll never ever make, be that, get that, etc. It's the part of us that holds us back. The voice we listen to even when we know better. But I heard the story from his perspective. Like a withered old father who was just trying to protect his baby from the evil world outside. Road to hell and good intentions and all that. 

Anyway, it was a lovely and sad little movie in my dream. I hope to get all the images out one day. Thought it might inspire some of our wonderful writers. 

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WIR #3-seasons

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lots of doll photos, looking for ways to get them out of the toyroom and out into the big world

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Two good friends fall asleep at their respective homes and start to dream. Somehow they end up in the same dream and are fully lucid (aware that they are in a dream).

"Dude, this is my dream. Get your own."

As soon as realize they're in the same dream world, they start trying to outdo each other: a pissing contest of dream world creativity. It'll start out small, but quickly escalates into pandemonium.

Since they are buddies, there should be plenty of witty banter between the two.

This is pretty much a vehicle to showcase super weird and batshit insane stuff with actors/actresses on green screen. Similar in style to "It's Fantastic", but even more fantastic.

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circa. 1986

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Colored Pencil, Ink, Acrylic and Coffee on paper.

January 2014

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¿What are your Recurring Dreams? ¿Do they give insight into your daily thoughts, fears and anxieties?

I have two reoccurring dreams since I am a little girl.

The first one always happened when I am sick, with fever. I am in a road, and is night, I am walking in this road that is surrounded by big trees, in front of me, far away I can see a house, and it seems like is going to start to rain, because I can see lightning and I hear thunders approaching , so I start to run, trying to get to the house, but everything looks like a cartoon, the house, the trees, the lightning, everything, even the sound of the thunders sounds like the ones in the Disney movies or cartoons, so I keep running and then I hear a noise behind me, like something burning and when I turn to see what’s behind me, there’s the devil, yeah, that on, the Devil with his pointed tail and horns, smiling at me (but he is a cartoon as well), so he start to run and I do the same, and I am screaming and the house instead of seem closer it seems to be more far away and then I can feel the heat behind me and when I see that he is about to catch me I wake up and always with high fever, as I said, it always happen when I am sick, with lots fever.

The second one is at night as well. I am in my bed, in my room, but is not my room, but I feel comfortable there like its actually my real room, suddenly I hear noises outside, people screaming, running, so I get out of bed and I look out of the window and I see all my neighbors in pajamas running like crazy from one side to the other of the street and then I saw them, lots of black bulls with red eyes following everybody, so I say to myself: well, I am inside the house, they are not going to be able to get inside, and seconds after I saw a BIG black bull looking at me through the window and start to run and hit the window, I can see that the window and the walls of my room begins to break, and the bull is coming again and again to hit the window, so I am just there waiting and when he finally is able to get inside, I wake up.

The last time I had the first one was like 5 years ago in Costa Rica when I was very sick, I was in bed for 10 days and I had that dream like 4 times and the second one was just 2 years ago.

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In this picture my mom is brushing my hair, before I went to school, I think I was in 2nd grade or something like that!

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