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ordinaryfox Released Aug 10, 2015

The Sun had whispered to The Boy that it was time to go. It was once far ahead of The Boy, roaring, and burning everything with a blanket of warm protection, never telling of what it was protecting everything from. Now it was behind the boy, slowly departing like a soft touch, never wanting to leave but understanding that it must. The Sun had led the boy here, to a frozen lake with its own blanket, covering whatever life that may be sleeping underneath. The Boy had felt The Lake's sombering calm, and watched as The Moon peeked over the landscape, as if to tell The Lake that its protection was now here. The Boy listened to The Moon as it whispered him a story. A story about dreams, about the stars, and many other moons and how they all sing through the night. But The Boy did not want this moment to end. He did not want to hear the end of this story. The Boy decided that this was not a time for dreaming. So, he ran. He ran from The Sun's soft touch. He ran from The Moon's gentle story. He ran until this feeling overwhelmed him, enslaved him, and soon realized that he was not running alone. The Boy knew that they felt the same, and that it was all they knew. It was where they belonged, and he belonged here too. So, they ran. They ran until The Sun was asleep under the blanket of The Lake. They ran until The Moon began to laugh, until The Stars began to dance, all quietly singing the same song. For a moment, everything was alive, and The Boy had felt everything.

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I was showing my Mum some of the awesome stuff from the colouring book collab, picking out lots of different and varied examples to show her the range of images and styles people...

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