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Img_0406 Jon791 Released ago
Ten words, make something magical.

What we have so far is AWESOME! The creativity is astounding, keep 'em coming!

Is anyone really good with animation and editing? If you could somehow combine all of these stories (or at least a few!) with some animation it would be really cool! I don't have any programs on my computer to or else I would...
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by Jon791 ago
1. The anatomy of a circle.

X. The 90's was full of cliche, he said.

X. This yellow-bellied coward ain't got nothin' on you.

X. He was born from the Georgian skyline,

that's in Europe.

X. Wait til' you take the bull by the horns,

You'll think he's taking you by the hands.

X. Well, folks, that's all she wrote.

X. You say it's impossible to fly?

Then why can I dream?

X. Them stars don't shine so bright up to them eyes of yers.

X. Who said he didn't have a chance?

He's had plenty. Just not from her

X. She looked,...

by Jon791 ago
His soulless soles somberly sank along,the boots began bumbling beneath the ground,dragging the dreary demeanor with which Wilfred wore.

Foregoing frivolous freedoms,

the world's weight was wearily worn.

The booze in the bar bellowed beneath his belly,

aching away any attempt at amnesty.

He had hoarded his heretical ideas,

quietly quaking queerly in the distance,his adversaries accumulated among the masses,Going the distance, deliberately daring upon the path,

All for Wilfred's woeful wonderland.

by Jon791 ago
by Jon791 ago
All the while he spent looking at his watch,The time would soon be now!

The rest of the world kept on.

He spent waiting,

watching the watch.
by Jon791 ago
When, oh whenwill the timing be right?My decision soon,must take flight!For years and years,has this troubled me so,and the answer, oh the answer,have I been dying to know!Will it be no,or, Will it be yes!Will the lady doth protest?Will she answer my request?
by Jon791 ago
The Nun was the one,with the gun.

The bullets stung,

As the chamber hung,open and empty.The holey priest was on his knees,"Forgive me, the world is not as it seems,"

The Nun, with the gun, pointed straight,

between the eyes, this demon lies,His words were not true.

"If sacred men no longer believe, then who is there to save us?"

spoke the Nun, with the gun.

The trigger stung.

The Nun, the one with the gun,

her deed was done.
by Jon791 ago