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These are all the songs I've written for you


This is my last try at the New Hevn score. I changed the middle, the end, the voices, I changed a lot. Well not me as a person I mean, I'm still Johnny Clyde.. Yea anyways I hope you like it!

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Today I had an idea. The idea was a man who found a way to create winter. He would make electric snowflakes, electric blizzards, elecrtric ice, all using his invention to create a winter wonderland whenever he chose. This song is about the first time he ever turned his machine on

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It took me almost 8 hours to write two minutes worth of music....

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A song I wrote for Winter

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So the story is a space ship captain see's the world about to be destroyed. He prepares himself to go out and do whatever he can to stop it. On his way out a girl stops him. He than takes her to the bay window with a view of the world, and asks her to dance. they dance together as the world turns to ash behind them. Slowly devouring the universe around it.


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You're wandering around a forest, and you stumble into a clearing occupied by a circus. You leave the path you've made to explore the large tents, and a ring leader approaches, smiles, and says "It's yours' and hands you the keys. The more you look the more you realize this is an extraordinary place. As you find the opening of the tent made out of bits of the sky, you find a carousel made of celestial lights...

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