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This is my last try at the New Hevn score. I changed the middle, the end, the voices, I changed a lot. Well not me as a person I mean, I'm still Johnny Clyde.. Yea anyways I hope you like it!

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00:00-00:49 There's a boy walking in the rain with an umbrella through a field. With each step he takes he visibly ages until he is a full grown man.

00:49-01:19He stumbles on a laying tiger. Sensing something isn't right, he walks closer. He then notices the blood stained grass around the tiger slowly being washed by the rain. Worried, he drops his umbrella and runs to the injured tiger, placing his hands on the tigers slowly rising ribs.

01:19-02:10 The tigers eye jolts open, he turns and looks at the man, who seems to have visibly aged to his child self again as he smiles down at the tiger. The tiger sits up and the two play together in the tall grass. The boy strips off all his clothes and acts as the tiger does.

02:10-02:44 The Tiger comes in close and speaks to the boy, "I am sorry, but I have to go. Thank you. Turn away now, face towards your home." The tiger turns to leave, the boy ignores the Tigers directions and instead watches as the tiger descends down a dirt path.

02:44-03:41 The tiger takes one last breath, turns towards the boy once more, and collapses. The boy picks up his umbrella, puts his clothes on, and walks away as a full grown man again.

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Audio_icon Franz was a tailor who was so sure that his invented suit would enable him to fly, he chose to jump from the Eiffel Tower to test it. This song is meant to be his timeline, from the making of the suit, to the plummet. A first in a series of songs to come.

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I wanted to write this song as a dedication to Honeyboy, he gave me a lot of hearts and supported me through the years. This is a thank you to you honeyboy

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It took me almost 8 hours to write two minutes worth of music....

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A song I wrote for Winter

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