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Talking with some of the people at the national park was interesting, because they don't call it "The Pando Forest" they simply call it "Pando" it doesn't have a plural name, it has a singular name because it's a singular entity. I also want to go back in the fall when all the leaves turn, get more colorful shots :)

Everything here was shot on the Sony NEX 5R.


Mixed my V.O. with Scarlett's.

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Narration starts at 1:13

Give me all the Darkest Nights:


Give me Darkness so I can close 

my eyes forever,

swallowed up in the black 

embrace of night.

Silent, not stirring enfolding light 

with hollow gloom.


Give me darkness to embrace

the monsters in my dreams.

Give me shadowy hallways and staircases

from my childhood.

Crouching and giggling from

under the table, unseen, and 



Give me darkness from moonless nights

and starry skies

when flickering campfires

hurt my eyes.

Haunting breathless dark sides

of the moon make a hole

in the empyrean.


Give me the darkest nights 

that make wide my eyes

when pitch crawls

and wings fly

wrapped in the cold embrace

where time and space

are all equal.


Give me ocean depths

of crushing tide

that abide with 

the dammed 

that cast the shadows

which play on ruins

of decay.


Black, murk, and gloom

spreading to every corner

filling the whole earth 

with senses of doom

until dawn breaks.

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Tried to do this one as though the Host itself is merely an outside observer with no emotional attachments to the unfolding events.

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Special thanks to Etiainen for the awesome picture. for the original, go here

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The story behind this photo:

I always wanted to take a breathtaking landscape photo, one afternoon I was out scouting locations and came upon this place. I concluded that it was perfect for what I wanted and returned later that evening, just before sunset. The photo was taken from an island that sits amidst a lake. It being winter, the lake was frozen over. As I looked around, daylight slowly fading, I concluded that in order to get the best possible shot, I would need to walk across the lake. I set out, my tentative footsteps crunching the hard snow. About 50 yards out I suddenly heard a series of deep cracks, which sounded almost like underwater gunshots. I felt the ice shift beneath my feet ever so slightly. I froze, not wanting to aggravate the lake any further. There was silence for a little while and I set out again. I came to the island and traversed to the top of it's highest point. I got my picture with time to spare.

The End

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Hickory Dickory Dock,

Two mice ran up the clock.

The clock struck one

And the other escaped with minor injuries.

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I dunno why I released this, pretty sure I was just goofing around. Ha hA!

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