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A slightly more refined/less chaotic mix. This one even kinda makes sense on speakers! I think.


I'm up for dancing when you sing
And I'm up for singing when you dance
I'm up for eating anything you make

I'm up for shaking when you stir
And I'm up for stirring when you shake
I'm up whenever you're awake

But I'm down, down, down
when you're leaving
I am down, down, down
when you're not around
I am down, down, down
when you don't make a sound
Oh baby
I'm basement low when you say no

Such a low
Watch me go


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Written by sabine/Joab Nevo/Metaphorest  Performed by Joab Nevo & Metaphorest


From the soundtrack of PANOPTICON


This Prison


I saw your face

Through your own eyes

And felt disdain's reflection


Your sorrow's pace,

Pulse pumping lies,

Long lost in the translation.


My own unrest

Put to the test

Nerve endings eager allies.


Fates never guessed

Pains pierce my chest

Sad souls breach glassy blue skies.


This prison, this panopticon

Where everything you love is gone...


Your mirror like

A spider web

Re-connects the shattered bits.


With all your might

You fight the ebb

That sucks your mind off all wits.


A helpless guard

I am ashamed

Your edges should not hurt me.


Where do I start

Emotions maimed

I swear to not let you be.


This prison, this panopticon

Where everything you love is gone...


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And in this vast universe grew a boy.

And in this boy grew a vast universe.

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The floor, it so envied that all-mighty ceiling,
Unburdened above - it looked so damn appealing!
Never stepped on or bothered, just observing it all,
"So smug, and superior, making me feel so small".

What the floor didn't realize, and would never have guessed,
Was that the ceiling, it thought that the floor had it best.
Getting stepped on, acknowledged, (and constantly washed),
"I am merely observing, but the floor - it is touched".

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The right shoe left,

knowing the left shoe was right.

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A short piece by Joab Nevo and Sagy Tsirkin, 2006.

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