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When I last had my hair cut back in late March/early April, I decided to start taking a photo of my stupid face every day, in order to eventually create an elaborate timelapse chronicling the growth of my hair.

I meant to do it for longer, but there came a point where I just kind of tapered off.

In any case, here is my first attempt at this timelapse experiment (with an added ZIP file containing all the separate photographs, should anyone need such a resource for remixing this, should anyone want to remix this).




There are two kinds of people in this world:  those who are younger and want to have sex no matter how tired they are and those who are older and no matter how horny they are they just want to sleep.

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Not sure where to put this, but when I saw AndreiDoubleJ's easier to remix, RECord the idea just hit me.  Took awhile to get the animation pieces just right (since I'm at work and can only use PowerPoint!), but I'm hoping to maybe add some sounds.  

I'm thinking at the end it would be the sounds an LP makes when it's at the end of the album side...that repetitive kind of thumping. =]

Anyway, let me know where you think it should go and I'll put it there.  Hey, I mean on the site!!! ;)

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When I saw the tiny clearing in cerebis' "In the forest of Urth" I knew what I had to do...yes, look for a tiny house!  

Thanks to belcath1981's "Outside grandma's house" and, of course, transparent24 for the awesome and soothing "Autumn Thoughts".

I'm still working on my skills, so it's still a little rough on the transitions, but I think I'm getting there!  =]

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When I was a kid, I was convinced that my real, very rich and very loving, mom and dad one day would barge in and end the social experiment I was put in at birth, and finally come and take me home...


Still waiting... :-)

by rhumble
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We feel more.

We see more.

We absorb more.

We adapt more.

We protest more.

We listen more.

We love more.

We hurt more.

We express more.

We live more.

We create more.

We are amplified.

We are Hitrecorders

by rhumble
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Lake Como, outside Bergamo, Italy. (Samsung galaxy s2, a couple of days ago. )

"He, or someone extremely looking like him, just swam around the bend over to the left there. I screamed would he just give me a minute for me to elaborate on my fantastic movie script and I know Ingemar Bergman and I talk to him weekly. He, or someone extremely sounding like him, yelled back that Ingemar Bergman is dead, so I shouted that that would partly explain his bad diction. "

If the Internet connection was better here in this place in Italy, I would start a "looking for mr Clooney" collab, where you add pictures and stories of how you look for the famous actor in seemingly bizarre and impossible places. (And never find him, of course, just maybe traces. ;)

If anyone feel like picking up on this idea, feel free!


by rhumble
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I normally don't include a preface like this, but in this case I think I have to. Writing a comedic piece about depression is a tricky thing, and the last thing I want to do is trivialize it. My hope is that this is both funny and relatable, particularly to people who have experienced depression.



TEXT: Week 1

JAKE, a 20-something, is reading a book and sipping on coffee. Then, a knock at the door. He gets up and answers the door; on the other side stands DEPRESSION, the most bro-ish bro you’ve ever seen.

JAKE: Shit.

DEPRESSION: Duuuuuude, ‘sup bra? Jake, it’s been a while…like…too long, dude, too long. Listen, I’m gonna crash here for a while, and don’t worry, I brought a shitload of garlic bread and ice cream.

JAKE: Hello Depression.


Depression lets himself into the apartment, immediately making his way to the kitchen. Jake reluctantly follows.



As Jake turns the corner to the kitchen, he sees that the kitchen counters are stacked with ice cream and garlic bread.

JAKE: Depression, where did all of this come from?!

DEPRESSION: Dude, just chill. Grab a fuck-ton of ice cream and just chill.



TEXT: Week 4

Jake is watching TV with Depression. Jake seems deflated, more lethargic than when we first saw him.

DEPRESSION: Hey, do you remember that time your sister had a stomach ache and you said it was nothing and it turned out to be appendicitis and she almost died?

JAKE: …Yeah.

DEPRESSION: That was insane dude.

JAKE: I mean, I guess/

DEPRESSION: Dude, you know what we haven’t done in forever? Linger over shit from the past. How has it been so long? Let’s fucking linger, man.

JAKE: I don’t know, Depression, I just don’t know. Maybe let’s not?

DEPRESSION: No, dude, we have to. For reals. Like, do you remember this song?

Depression whips out his phone and starts playing a song.

DEPRESSION: Didn’t you get dumped on three separate occasions while this song was playing?

JAKE: Yeah…it was more like two and a half…

DEPRESSION: Bro, that sucks. Let’s listen to it like ten times and talk about how you’ll always be alone.

Jake sighs.



TEXT: Week 9

Jake is lying in bed, staring at the ceiling. Depression hangs out on the end of the bed, playing a gameboy.

JAKE: Depression?


JAKE: I should get out of bed, but I really don’t want to.

DEPRESSION: Why would you do that? This is fucking amazing.

JAKE: No, it’s really not.

DEPRESSION: Not feeling well?

JAKE: I don’t really feel anything.

DEPRESSION: I bet you feel super self-conscious about your emotional numbness.

Jake sighs.

DEPRESSION: Are you thinking cheap beer or ice cream? Trick question, ‘cause we’re having both!



TEXT: Week 13

Jake is sprawled on one couch, Depression on the other. Neither are really doing anything.

JAKE: I’m gonna go on a bike ride.

DEPRESSION: Why the fuck would you do that?

JAKE: I don’t know. But I’m gonna go on a bike ride.

DEPRESSION: That sounds awful. Good luck with that. Can we dwell on your lack of confidence when you get back?

JAKE: I guess.

Jake gets off the couch and walks out of the house.



TEXT: Week 18

Jake is washing a large pile of dishes, whistling poorly. Depression sits on a counter.

DEPRESSION: Yo dude, I’m gonna go on a chicken nugs run. You want anything?

JAKE: Nope, I’m all set.

DEPRESSION: Okay, cool.

Depression walks out of the room. The front door opens and closes off screen.



Jake finishes the dishes and walks out into the living room. A note sits on one of the couches; he picks it up and reads it.


DEPRESSION (V.O.): Dear Jacob, it is with a heavy heart that I must inform you that I did not go on a chicken nugs run. You know, I probably will get some chicken nugs, but there was the implication that I would return…sadly, this is not the case. My baller lifestyle demands that I can get up and leave on the go, and my time here has runs its course. We had some great times talking about paralyzing loneliness, regret, and a general sensation of emptiness, but such conversations will have to be put on hold for the time being. Sincerely, Depression.

JAKE: Finally!

Someone knocks on the door. Jake smiles as he opens the door; it’s Depression, with his hand ready for a high-five.


JAKE: Fuck!

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Wee-ooh, wee-ooh

She wakes.

Ba-boom, ba-boom

Her world shakes.

Wee-ooh, wee-ooh

Run underground and wait.

Wee-ooh, wee-ooh

It's a game they play.

Ba-boom, ba-boom

For any distraction- pray.

Wee-ooh, wee-ooh

while their hearts quake.

Ba-boom, ba-boom

Where's your crown?

she hears them say.

Ba-boom ba-boom

Wee-ooh, wee-ooh


Silence is a saving grace.


Wee-ooh, Wee-ooh

There goes that siren.

Ba-boom ba-boom

Too soon to escape the den.

Wee-ooh, wee-ooh

Where's that crown- pretend.

Ba-boom, ba-boom

keep her search'in

Wee-ooh, wee-ooh

 Pray for peace again.

Ba-boom, ba- boom

There goes that thief

Wee-ooh, wee-ooh

it taunts- come get me.


Again she sleeps.

Ba-boom, ba-boom

is far away now

like a heartbeat

in the background

but in her mind

there is no sound


only sweet dreams

of peace and crowns.

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by Murker
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Author's Note: I think this still needs some work.


A coworker of mine Yo
has an app on his Yo phone
that goes Yo every time Yo
an air raid Yo siren goes off
It goes off Yo too often

The only Yo video
I’ve seen recently from Israel
Was a home movie
Of a two year old girl

The thing about technology
Is that everything happens so fast
It takes less than a second
That Yo
That one little syllable

The little girl is running her father ragged
They’re looking for her crown
Aiefo haketer?
Where’s the crown?

Over and over
Running around till bath time

That’s it to us
Working in an office in Brooklyn
One syllable
Less than a second

That little girl
Doesn’t hear Yo
Instead her bath time is interrupted with
The wee-ooh
A sound heard so often
That this two year old girl’s parents have given it a nickname
To make it less scary

Grabbing her up in a towel
The little girl and her parents run
The wee-ooh interrupted us before
You could get dressed
Say the little girl’s parents
Once they are safely in the shelter
Zeh lo yofeh
That’s not nice
Says the little girl

The man and his wife dress their daughter
To a soundtrack of wee-oohs and booms

The little girl feels the booms
As bombs fall out of the sky

The way her parents say boom
Reminds me
Of my little brothers and sister
Of how I play a game with them
My uncle played with me

Sit on my lap
Lift my legs as we go up the hill
And then boom
Legs fall down
And boom
The child slides down

the shelter shakes
I go about my day
A little girl’s bedtime routine is interrupted

In Crown Hieghts
An old air raid siren
Signals the start of Shabboss
The day of rest

I once stood underneath it
Nearly took my ears out
Wee-ooh Wee-ooh

It’s hard to imagine a Yo that loud
An app can never be that intrusive

The little girl is in her room now
I hope the Wee-ooh and the boom
Don’t disturb our sleep
Zeh lo Yofeh
That’s not nice

In Brooklyn
I set my phone to vibrate

by Mottelz
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Though I feel stoned, throat closed by grief 

for those I have, and will never, meet

whose lives have ceased

in countries and cities

whose soil I have never seen.

Though I feel such pain in my

apparent powerlessness

I will try to give my thoughts

to this recorded speach.


I cannot promise anything

but I swear I will try

never to fight

and it will begin with me

I will cease to enter into dialogues

of opposition between head and heart.

I will seek to soothe instead of blame.

Turn my shame into a story

that offers the heroine a second chance

a cleaned slate

and the knowing that learning

sometimes comes slow

and it's ok not to know.

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When a bird arrives in the Hereafter,
It sings a song so sweet,
That Death takes a break to listen.

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