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When my eyes close

I  see you behind

the darkness of my eyelids,

and you are beautiful.


Every inch,

every fraction of you

seems to be

a hand crafted,

delicately sculpted,

perfection of creation.


I'm amazed how touches

turn to holding.

Holding leads to kissing;

kissing to undressing,

and undressing,

to satisfaction.


When I pull you close

that feeling could be addictive.

That ember of your essence

enslaves my mind

until I feel the warmth

from deep inside...

your arms.


So I surrender

to the vibe in your voice,

your delicious moans,

and vibrant tones.

The intricate rhythms 

you give me

would keep me at home

bed stricken,

love sick, and

having fantasies of you near.


Right here.

Right there.

To the Left.

Ahhh Yeaaaaah.


I'm in that kind of mood

when I envision your frame.

Visions of kissing

and lifting you out of those things;

those earthly garments

that cover your sensuality.


When I say,

"Hey, what're you wearin'?"

you'll know where my mind

had to have been.


From the tip of your toes

to the hair on your head,

I wouldn't have a single thing

put in its stead.


As our love; it grows

to inspire my pen.

I would keep it

the way I have you.

With an indefinable end

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Had to be done :)


Download for better quality.

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These were such cool designs for the killer drink fake commercial.

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I had the right to remain silent.

I didn't.

Anything I said could be used against me in court.

It was.

I had the right to have a court-appointed attorney, even if I could not afford one.

I couldn't and I did.

And this all was at the Office of the Justice of the Peace...

when we applied for our marriage license.

And they said it wouldn't last.

"Silence in the court!"

"Sorry, your honor."

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‘Sorry we’re closed.’


‘We are closed.’

‘On a monday?’

‘Yes of course on a monday!’

‘But I don’t understand….’

‘Don’t understand what?’

‘Why you are closed on a monday?’

‘Yes, well it’s the apocalypse you see…We’ve got to clear up before the four horsemen arrive.’

‘The four…?’

‘Yes, the horsemen’


‘Have you been living under a rock the last two millennia?’

‘Well, I haven’t watched the news in a day or two-‘

‘-A day or two? A day or two? Preparing for the apocalypse and you haven’t had five minutes to watch the news?!’

‘I have been busy you know-‘

‘-Doing what?’


‘Doing what? What have you been doing that has led to the apocalypse being pushed down your list of priorities?’

‘I had to get some shopping-‘

‘-Some shopping?! The whole world is ending and you are out shopping? I don’t know, people today…’

‘So these horsemen…’


‘Are they the harbingers of the last judgement?’

‘That and the same.’

‘Only four horsemen?’

‘What? You think they can’t handle a single apocalypse? Why don’t you help them out? Conquest, War, Famine, Death and Ill-Informed, the fifth one that rides a donkey.’

‘I guess they’ve got it covered.’

‘What do you want anyway?’


‘What are you here for? Didn’t you come to buy something?’

‘Yes, but now I know it’s the apocalypse, I’d just rather go home.’

‘Oh don’t be like that.’

‘Like what?’

‘Got some half price bananas…’

‘I dont-‘

‘-Bargain price, tell you what, I’ll chuck in a free cat.’

‘A free cat?’

‘Yep, got loads you see, after the plague of locust’s came the rats, but we had to get the cats to get rid of the rats.’

‘I don’t remember a plague of locusts….or rats for that matter, are you sure it’s the apocalypse?’

‘Well it’s scientific fact isn’t it?’

‘No it isn’t.’

‘Yes it is.’

‘No, just because you had a rat infestation doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world.’

‘Yes it does.’

‘No it doesn’t’

‘…No it doesn’t.’

‘Yes it does, I mean-‘

‘-Ah see you secretly agree.’

‘So if it’s not the apocalypse…whats this then?’

‘Looks like a piece of granite…’

‘A piece of….A piece of….This here is brimstone I’ll have you know! Fell on me outside on the way in this morning, how would you explain that?’

‘Maybe a bird dropped it.’

‘A bird? A bird!…What type of bird?’

‘A Pigeon.’

‘A pigeon? A Pigeon! I’ve heard some wild ideas in my time but that one really bakes the cake…Two cats.’


‘Two cats for the price of three bananas…go on.’


‘I’ll put in a good word with the horsemen…I used to drink with Famine.’


‘I used to drink with him, down my local.’

‘No you didn’t.’

‘Yes I did, darts player, big fella, never beat him.’

‘You’re lying.’

‘Honest to God, he used to bring War in, not a big talker. We didn’t get along. Famine got married the stress of the marriage tore him to pieces, now look at him…’

‘So you’ve met two out of the four horseman?’





‘Yes, well his name was Harold, happy chappy always laughing, until he got promoted.’


‘Death, He got promoted to Death, thats the only thing about clergymen, the only was is up.’

‘Wow, I’m not sure if I’d take that job.’

‘I guess it has its perks.’

‘Like what?’

‘Well, you only ever need to work once, you would always be on standby so the overtime rate and unsocial hours pay must up the pay packet. Plus you get a horse.’

‘Ah. I didn’t think of that.’

‘I think thats why he took the job, Harold. He loved horses.’

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drew this while in Google Hangout

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Had this melody ready for my last Tiny Tune, but I was missing some lyrics!

So yesterday I found the "White noise" poem by threepixel (it's awesome!) and thought it fitted quite well!

Note: Heavy effects on vocals ahead!

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A claustrophobic experience:

It feels like drowning ... in the pitch-black darkness.

When it pervades all around you, nothing remains but this utterly deep-black nothingness: no light, no colour,no silhouettes... even the shadows disguise themselves in a dark cloak.

It feels like falling into an endless black vortex. Your eyes are opened wide in a desperate attempt to find something they can cling to and stop your fall. But there is nothing but this sinister darkness. Like a concealing curtain it covers your eyes and clouds your mind: You cannot be sure anymore, where you are... you're falling and the world is turning upside-down.

The darkness engulfs you like a tidal wave in a gloomy sea. You hear your heart beating faster. Every single beat seems to impel the darkness even more until it lies down heavily on your chest and weighs you down deeper into its dark throat. You open your mouth to breathe, but all you inhale is this all-consuming darkness. You feel it crawling into your lungs and spreading through your body. You choke and gasp for air... You need to unclose your eyes and see, but they are already open... And you see only darkness...

Seeking for the only relief, your hand slides blindly down the wall ... It only takes one small twist of your finger and it's gone... With a simple flip, light conquers the dark monstrosity and reclaims its territory.
Finally, as in the embrace of a saviour from drowning, you enfold in its welcoming blaze and let it clear your mind. Your eyes are wide open and you can see. And you breathe freely the enlightened air

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Picture was originally taken by a friend of mine. She asked me to do a sketch of it for her.

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