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Yeaaaaah couldn't quite make it work, but do we get points for effort?


When you get a sweet flow of hearts upon releasing a new RECord and you're like "fuck yeah!", and then it abruptly stops and you're like "well, fuck".

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The body and the mind changing every 7 years

How we change when we're with different people

How the world around us changes throughout the years/decades, and how some things seem to never change

The power of the masses to change their enviorment (from bringing down governments to bringing back cancelled tv shows)

The power of the individual to change his or her enviorment (from well-known people like Thomas Edison, Ghandi or Rosa Parks to lesser known, smaller-scale heroes)

Becoming religious/ becoming secular

Intriguing stories about people changing their minds/opinions about other people, things, their beliefs or themselves

Plastic operations

Sex change


Anecdotal adolescent voice change stories

Anecdotal baby changing stories...? ;)


There's obviously so much more. I might add to this a bit later. Feel free to do so as well.

(And apologies if this theme has already been suggested. Couldn't find it).

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I have been in limbo for such a long time now. Neither dead nor alive. Floating in a dark cave, hearing the muffled voices of the living, seeing a tiny glimpse of light far ahead. I know that I am supposed to walk towards this light, but I can't. My dark cave is neutral, this light brings uncertainty. Will going towards it take me back to the world of the living? Or is it that light you supposedly see when you die? I would rather just shut my eyes, ignore it and stay as I am, than be consumed by this overwhelming, mystifying, anxiety-engendering feeling of uncertainty... the uncertainty of not being able to figure out which of these two options is actually the one I am afraid of.

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Hey all,

So... I'm considering releasing an EP pretty soon, and I'm thinking about closing it with "A Memory" (

I believe that the track could use some (subtle) additions - so I thought I'd throw it out there and see if anyone in hitRECord-land would wanna give it a try. As much as I like working solo, it's twice the fun collaborating with you talented lot. :) I'd sure love to see (or hear) where others might take it.

Cheers & much love x

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Dunno, I am quite fascinated by the creepiness of this photo... so - after postponing it for weeks - I've decided to just go ahead and share it. 

Perhaps it could be remixed in some way? Inspire a story or be cropped and used for the Fictional Film collab...? 

Or maybe it's just me and there's nothing in it. I'll wait (a while) and see.


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I played Ophir's video, pressed record and just let the music pour out. Kept it all very lo-fi, unpolished & raw-sounding. Felt right for this.

Dunno if it actually works, but... this is what I ended up with.

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G. G. Eselmund leaving his vegetable workshop, 1974.

Photographer: Anna Zozulinsky

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...Just one final moment of softness before 

   the armour goes back on my skin



The alluring, comforting softness of my bed; The vulnerability in being naked

 RLP29 / Naked Men Collab


[EDIT: No idea why it came out so small and weird looking. Will try to figure it out tomorrow]


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Umm, so... recap: moments before I posted my RLP contribution last night I was still trying to think of other ideas... and then I saw my daughter's dollhouse and this little cowboy dude next to it on the floor and thought that a cowboy in a dollhouse could actually fit quite well with the "contrast" theme!

...And this pure, unadulterated haphazard foolishness was what I ended up with. Little cowboy dude taking a bath.

Posted it as a joke and hid it pretty quickly. But now, as requested by anna nimiti - the silliness of bathtub cowboy dude re-emerges!

Since he was still in the bathtub this morning, I thought I'd at least reshoot it. This time with actual lighting and such.

So, yep, there you have it. Cowboy dude in a bathtub. Do with it what you will.


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