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I Am Joab Nevo
Joab Nevo Released Feb 28, 2015

I initially joined hitRECord with the sole purpose of sharing my/making some music. And since I knew that if I was ever gonna end up releasing or doing anything serious with my music I'd be using my own name (I actually released two music videos on a national platform under my own name at that point), it didn't make much sense to release/make it under a moniker on hitRECord.

I never once regretted that decision. My art is... mine. It is me. And I believe that being "exposed" in such a way actually helped/benefited/strengthened me in quite a few ways I haven't really anticipated when I chose to go that route - firstly and most plainly, it made me take full ownership of what I release (which pretty quickly became more than just my music) and say "hey, this is me", without any barriers, masks or disguises, at every step of the way; but, more importantly - and definitely unexpectedly - it helped me in battling - and eventually lessening and very-near overcoming - my crippling social-phobia and decade-long depression. (It was only after I had joined hr that I finally found the courage to reactivate my Facebook account, which was deactivated years before, pretty quickly after I had signed up...).

So yes, this is me. I am Joab Nevo. And for over three years now - I'm no longer hiding.

I really thought

I somehow mattered

when I still

thought I existed


She always managed to manage her managers,

but never managed to manage her man.


The cool kids are doing it, so why the hell not...


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Joab Nevo Dec 24, 2014