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This is one of our fantastic rotoscope artists zitadavid...NOT ME ;-).

Her two RECords "Paranoid" & "Blank Canvas"  told me the most obvious...

A REmix for REmix purposes.....Hi-RES videofile ➔ Right Here

EDIT: It is remarkable that andyramone and myself realized the same concept at pretty much the same time! Neither one of us was aware of this coincident ➔➔➔:

So now the title makes even more sense..right? RIGHT?


I like wheels and cogs and all things turning... so got very inspired by Metaphorest's Cog Contributions.

Loving the "Cogs (Gif)" especially and took cerebis' comment: "... Now, make it turn into a robot :)" as a personal challenge ;-D. This is what Sundays are for.'s not Transformers as such....but it might do for now :-D

If one likes to add sound or mess around ➔ GO HERE! (I can also render in other format if needed...)

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Guys, hello!

I've been very busy these days and this weekend is not the exception, so I am not going to be able to make a video or a remix for this weekend RE RECS, so I am just making a text record with my 11 recommendations.

Please, as always, go and check all these wonderful records and recommend them!!! They are brilliant as much as their creators, so they deserve some recognition from all of us!

Thanks again and see you next weekend!


  1. Tiny Stories Cheese cake by Jiukk

  2. Foxtrot Brick by babylove

  3. Gingerbread House by BreeKrafty

  4. Night (snow version) by ya yun

  5. What a Pity by lovehidemo

  6. My work by Jozefiny

  7. Tiny Plant by mellowmeful

  8. Epic Mouse by MaxGoe

  9. Christmas Tree by charisnqthenq

  10. Merry Christmas skriks by Laural

  11. Premeditated monkey murder by sojushots

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It's finally here! I hope I didn't keep you in too much suspense AnneMarije, I slept in :P 

I wanted to make a short and sweet animation which I think describes the friendship between us hitRECorders. AnneMarije wrote a lovely tiny story called "My Favorite Thing" which summarises it perfectly. I immediately thought of KiuKK's illustration 'Friend' which I thought was rather fitting, then discovered Madrond101's Dream Orchestra #3 and everything came together! I strongly recommend you listen to his soundtrack in full because it's my new favourite. And last but not least, special thanks to Spaceship for RECording a voiceover for me!

I wasn't very familiar with your RECords before this collaboration started, but after looking at the comments you've received from others I found you are just one of the sweetest people out there :) I hope you have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year, you deserve it!

Keep on truckin'

Love, Steph.

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My one year anniversary on hitRECord was in September. It has taken me this long to put together my milestone tribute. I think it was worth it. My goal was to express gratitude for the site and the community and also explain why it means so much to me. Perhaps you will want to share this with friends and family who are not on hitRECord so they'll get a glimpse inside. A few notes:

Time -- This took me many hours to make, probably pushing triple digits, but I think it's particularly fascinating to factor in all of the time that the other artists invested into the RECords I REmixed. It must be thousands. How cool is that?

Gratitude -- I mentioned that I am very grateful for this site and for you all. I hope that I did not overlook any one at the mother ship in the homage sequence. My apologies if I did. I tried to get y'all in there! Also, a big shout out to tillycat for drawing my sidekick in this piece and spaceship for helping me find just the right music.

REsources -- There are 200+ RECords in the REsources. I tried to include REsources for REmixes but it's hard to dig so deep. Please let me know if I overlooked anyone. I know I missed a few. Also, the last 159 RECs are REmixed from my Christmas video and are tiny images flying through space. I can't guarantee that each one is visible but I did not want to leave anyone off the list. I'll be doing a REmix of that video soon, so you'll have another chance to see them.

Thank you for watching this short film. I hope you will enjoy it. I'm on Twitter @sethbang and I welcome you to subscribe to me here, too. You never know, I might do something else spiffy someday. Soon I will do one of those Q&A RECords that are so fun to read. I meant to do that today but I'm pooped.

Again by <3


November 22, 2013 - Kirkland, Washington, USA

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Download for HD

Another addition to my roster of Edge Of The Universe Visuals. More of these to comes as well! Some that actually imply a transfer of information from one place to another, but I thought this looked pretty cool.


Note: I will probably always use KevinMaistros' piano track for these, because it fits so well. 


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ILLUSTRATORS: Please refer to these Visual Reference Notes when illustrating the Characters, Settings, and Props for the "Vinegar Short Film collab." NOTE: Please use THIS VOICEOVER as an additional reference.


Contribute to the "VINEGAR Short Film" collab HERE




Main Character – approx age 21

Vinegar Bottle with logo design that reads – “Fucking Vinegar”

Detectives x 2 – they’re both interrogating the Main Character

Pretty Girl at bar – 30ish

Criminal on the TV – he’s just been captured and put behind bars

Craig – older, bigger, slightly dumber brother

Hillbillies at party x 6 – a group of hillbilly slackers standing around smoking weed. Male and female.

Alyssa – attractive, approx age 21

Hillbilly Gang x 3 – one badass leader, with 2 sidekicks




Wide shot of the whole front porch of a run down hillbilly house

Beaten up old armchair sitting on the porch

Side table to go beside the armchair – Vinegar bottle sits on it

Tired old Bloodhound dog to sit on the other side of the armchair

General items that will make it feel more authentic to the location and add character

It would also be great to get a tighter shot on just the armchair, side table and Bloodhound


Interrogation room – looking through the one way mirror into the room

Desk in the middle of the room Chair for the Main Character to sit on

Other small objects that could decorate the room


Just the front section of an old beat up pickup truck – looking at it from the front and back towards the windshield, so we can see the driver and passenger


A section of the bar in a Roadhouse – imagine you’re the bartender looking at the Main Character trying to chat up a girl sitting at the bar directly in front of you

Glasses of beer

Bowls of nuts

Ashtrays full of butts

Background – a few round tables with people sitting at them, and any other items


The Main Character's messy bedroom – try different angles

Woolen jumper with “I (HEART) VINEGAR” stitched into it

Full length mirror that he stands in front of

Unmade bed

Clothes tossed about

Desk with various items

Anything else that could add character to the room of the Main Character


Wide angles of the Main Character's Living Room from as many different angles as possible – don’t be afraid to be extreme with high and low angles as well



Chili in a bowl


As many different items you can think of to fill the living room


Wide shot of a cave at the base of a mountain

A boulder that can cover the entrance and roll away

Tighter shot of the cave entrance after the boulder has rolled away

Shrubbery and other items around the ground in front of the cave


Wide shot of a home basement – in the midst of a stoner party

Ugly '70s carpet and wallpaper


Any other party items – table with snacks, keg of beer, party lights.


Wide shot standing outside of Alyssa’s house looking at her bedroom window

Tighter shot of the window


Wide angle shots of a sidewalk in the center of the small town

Again, try and make some of these extreme, playing around with some low angles

Paved sidewalk

Street signs

Background buildings at various angles

Flick knife

Badass chopper (motorbike) – one of those ones with the low seats and high handlebars 

by Kubi
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HELIX and RION are sitting at a table, studying and eating junk food. Their surroundings clearly indicate that this is the future. Everything is beyond modern. But they are teenagers, so it’s still a total mess.


RION: It was just paper?


HELIX: Yeah.


RION: I don’t get it.


HELIX: What?


RION: Didn’t it get ripped all the time?


HELIX: No, it was like—strong paper.


RION: Paper is so easy to rip though.


HELIX: Maybe it was cloth.


RION: You just said it was paper.


HELIX: It was some kind of paper made of thread.


RION: But what if it got wet? Paper just like, dissolves.


HELIX: It was really strong paper!


RION: But that doesn’t—


HELIX: Whatever! The point is, that’s what people used to buy shit.


RION: Huh. How would you know how much paper to hand over to get something?


HELIX: It had numbers printed on it.


RION: That seems stupid. Couldn’t you just like, change the numbers?


HELIX: No. Well, actually maybe. I don’t know.


RION: Yeah see, there is no way money was just paper. There must’ve at least been a microchip in it or something.


HELIX: No, that’s what I’m telling you. It was just paper.


RION: But how did society even function? If you could get anything for paper, how did that even work? How would you prove it’s your paper?


HELIX: I think people –


RION: Couldn’t someone just like, take it out of your hand? And now it’s their paper? Were people running around killing each other for pieces of paper?


HELIX: Yes they totally were! And there were these things called banks—like not a banking company, but like, a physical place called a ‘bank’ with safes and locks that held the money.


RION: You’re telling me there were buildings, actual buildings, just full of paper? That people guarded with guns and locks?




RION: Bullshit.


HELIX: I’m serious.


RION: Shit. (beat) Glad I wasn't around.

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1080p, h264, 23.976, full credits (I'm planning on posting it to my vimeo page because I like how it came out, and I always do full credits when I do that).  


I can upload a no credits version, but not now. later. I so didn't have time to do this today! >_< 

I ended up being really inspired by the fact that my earlier versions reminded me of Portuguese mosaic sidewalks and Portuguese and Spanish Azulejo (painted tiles) Also, it's not entirely D'Noir. ;o)


Programs: Adobe AE CS5, zbrush 4r4, Silk (

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"On the otherside of fear, I found a friend."

[About 45 seconds. It could use a little story VO and some music. Pretty please. :D]


I'm about 2 weeks shy of my one year anniversary on hitrecord.

This time last year, I never would have imagined a website would bring so much into my life. 

But it has.

It gave me back my art, which I had let languish for about a decade. Looking back over my recs, I can't believe how much improvement I've made; how many new mediums and subjects I've tried.

I saw this great rec by Soju and thought, "I have to animate that."

I don't have animation software, I've never used anything of the sort but I worked with what I had (Art Rage and Windows Movie Maker) and ended up putting together close to 500 images for this little video. It took a few weeks and a lot of learning and isn't as smooth and neat as I'd like; but I did it. 

The words "I can't do that" aren't a part of my vocabulary anymore (except singing, and you should be thankful for that). That's what hitrecord gave me, once I moved past my fear and gave it a shot. 

And even greater than the thrill of learning and improving is the community. Cheesy as it sounds, it really is an amazing group of people we have here. 

Thanks everyone, for being so supportive and awesomely freaky. Y'all never fail to inspire me. 

Stay tuned; I'm saving up for real animation software.. my two year rec is gonna be amazing. :D

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Here's is a remix of Eaneikciv's "A Lullaby for Decomposition". Excellent track with great remixing potential. 

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