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by MarieIv

2 Years ago on this day I joined hitRecord, and for everything I've learned I am thankful to each and everyone on the site. Very very much possible I wouldn't be able to create things I create today without this wonderful place.

* I've started workig on this animation before I knew the text for this illustration, so I guess, this is more an "adaptation" of image, how I visualize it.

* (Public Domain sounds - owls  crickets



I thought this track would really suit a bassy trip hop element, enjoy :)

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overwhelming desire

to be close to you

directly conflicts

with my intense fear

of people.

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Since the ship was also their sustenance, their new home would be determined by their rate of consumption.

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I love andrewhip's poems, and since WILL YOU READ TO ME is one of my favorites, I wanted to turn it into a song... I hope you like it! You can find the poem in the resources, I remixed it a bit.

I also looove "monsters, mermaids, castles and kings" by sojushots, so I used it as custom icon!

Enjoy <3

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Self portrait. Description of this piece lies within the title.

Acrylic on canvas. 

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Just realized that the previous version of the BalletBallet video was squished. I reuploaded it so that it looks better.


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First crack at doing a VO for Joe's prologue. I tried out quite a few different voices, and this is the one that seemed best to those who were good enough to give me feedback. Hopefully this will also help build some more momentum for this wonderful collaboration. As always, I'm very happy to have another go if this isn't quite capturing the spirit of the thing. 

EDIT (March 4, 2012): Looks like Joe's 'Prologue' started life as 'Shadowplay: A Prologue' and 'Shadowplay: A novel in chapters' by flockofwords. Huge apologies to her for not doing my homework properly, and congrats on an amazing, wonderful story. Props are also due to Soupy and Attilee and everyone else who's been working away on this project for months!

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I really love "crashing" by wirrow, and it inspired me to make this tiny song... (I know my pronunciation sucks but I trust you still understand :D) Enjoy<3


This is it, we're on the edge of everything

We ran so fast we didn't see it coming

We kept on making lies, it was easy to believe in them

Now it's the time to pretend we didn't se it coming


This is it, we're on the edge of all we know

We didn't look back when we could, and now we can't

We kept on making promises, and we kept on breaking them

Now we're gonna pretend we didn't see it coming


Ladies and Gentlemen, we're crashing. Please enjoy the ride.

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