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One Week Later Update: Still getting back to everyones comments! Last week got extremely busy on D:

I am now subscribed to 1000 of you incredible humans. I thought I'd celebrate by making this collage.


Some of you are new, some of you are no longer active and some of you create so much you fill the void of their absence. 


Each and every one of you has touched and affected me in very unique ways and it's incredible and scary at the same time to comprehend that number, which can only grow larger from here.


To everyone who has ever clicked a heart on my recs, or left a comment, collabed, remixed etc; thank you so, so much. Most days I just lack the confidence to speak and respond, but I do visit each and every one of your gallerys in return.


I wish I could say to all of you, personally, just how much your art and your kindness has helped me in life. I look forward to meeting 1000 more of you :)


EricStog mysteriously turned into a windows thumbnail placeholder, the special EricStog edition is here


 It seems the program that batch downloaded everyones profile pics had skipped over at least 4 of you from what I can tell... If you think you're missing, first I apologize immensely for making you comb through the collab for no good reason and secondly, let me know in the comments below and I will double check with the files on my desktop and give you guys the EricStog treatment :) Promise! 



The first few methods I tried to build this collage were scrolling down my subs>prntscrn>paste>repeat. About half way through I realised I'd used a browser plugin a few years back that could batch download images.


So I scrolled down until all my subs had loaded up, and prayed my browser wouldn't ship the bed. Then, using Adobe Bridge, I had it open all the images as layers in photoshop and walked away to make food. When I came back photoshop had crashed. This happened three times before I realised I was going about this all wrong.


Adobe Bridge was already presenting all the photos in a nice big organised fashion for me, so I took 4 screen grabs to make the above photo.


It turned out to be a much easier task than I'd originally envisioned, I was over-thinking it :) The resourcing however... well that has been a different story altogether XD Worth it though!                  



                                            ~ I shall now begin the impossible task of resourcing each image... Crap, I never even considered this part of the process when making this... *gulp*  ~



- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


  • *update*

Some of you have profile pics that aren't recs, so I chose the nearest thing to one I could, hope you don't mind :3

  • *update 2.0*

102 resources down... 18 quintillion left to go. Starting to feel like an Automaton [0 ... 0]

BTW, there are only 940 images in this collage, 60 people still have the default HR profile pic, so don't worry you're in there, second line, 3rd from the left  :)

Feel free to play the follow up to the popular Matt Conley Drinking Game, "Where's Conley?"

Reading each and every one of your comments, I'll get back to you all soon as I'm done. 

  • *update 3.0*

200 down, cigarette&coffee time :)

  • *Musings Update*


Almost 1/3rd of the way through.

The monotonous process has brought my thoughts to some strange places, for example...

Did you know that Statistically, one of us is a Monster ;0;  

I fear it may be me because only a sociopath would systematically catalogue and resource 1000 individuals :D

  • *sleep update*

It's just gone 6am and I've made it to 500 resources, I'll take that as a milestone and try get some sleep. This is my usual bedtime most nights so don't worry, I didn't skip out on an early night for this or anything, I would have only spent the last few hours watching funny videos on the youtube. Goodnight/Good Morning everyone :D


I just noticed one of the little pics is a windows thumbnail placeholder... I was trying to help EricStog find himself in the collage... I fear it may be him :'(

  • DAY 2!

Back to the grindstone, not stopping until I cross that finish line! See you all on the other side :)

  • Final Update

100 TO GO!



I can die now :) Thanks everyone for the hearts and comments. A new word needs to be invented to express my gratitude!

1000 resources
5 results