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by IvyAnne

A butterfly, living in water - a waterfly - not sinking but swimming, skpping and hopping about from greeny seaweed to shiny seafoam...

Lands into the hands of a Robot, and...

The birds had joyfully started to sing goodbye to the yawning night when a flickering spark of inspiration fluttered into my heart, pulling me out of my torpor, lighting up my eyes and spreading a smile across my tired face. The fluttering glow breathed life and inspiration into my fiddling fingers up to the birth of the butterfly's tiny tune.


I somehow imagined an argument between Mother and Father Teapot, for their beloved young Cup fell in love with the Sugar Bowl.

[edit: let me know if I should re-rec this piece digitally and/or rearrange the musical phrases - I'm more than happy to! Thank you so much for having featured it! :') ]

by IvyAnne
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