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how is it when i am there coming here i am dreading it...

why is it when i am here going there i am depressed....

when will i ever be ready?

It all flows Released ago
People always say they need the best...But the world of technology has been moving so fast and strong,The more you wait for the best,The longer you have to wait.And one day I hope humanity will realize that there is NO SUCH THING as the best....The list of bigger and better will get longer and longer........So don't settle for the best......

It doesn't even exist...............

by It all flows ago

if you were blind, sight would be obscuerd.

if you were mute, your voice would be silent.

if you were deaf, music wouldn't play for you...

so be grateful and think of this message the next time

you see somthing spectacular,

you say somthing histarical,

or you hear beautiful music...

by It all flows ago

this morning was different...

it was more beautiful,

more stunning,

more glorious,

than any other morning wittnessed;

i woke uup to a blinding light, shining softly through my window,

i stood up, and tiptoed to the cold glass to peek out into the morning winter,

the trees, topped with snow, were glowing in the sun's golden light.

that is how this morning went. :)

by It all flows ago

I wanna give you the best present ever but I don't know how to wrap it...

I can't do paper because it has a really odd shape and it's gooyish so that won't work

I cant put it in a box because then it would suffocate and if it doesn't have air I'll die

I don't know how to present it. I think I'll just tell you what it is so you can help me.

I wanna give you my heart, cuz it's the only thing I have that completely belongs to you...