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(Forum version doesn't work, sorry. D:) 

Attempt #3 and praying that I'm not wasting record space this time. -_- A fun collaboration with Sara Parra last night/this morning.


I say HQ in the title like I know it'll actually upload correctly...because I have the faith.

I tried to convert the swf for ages (because apparently flash has no idea how to export in good quality), and it just did not work. No matter what program I placed it in. So this thing has went from fla (obvs) > swf > gif > flv. Which sounds completely ridiculous no matter who you are. Welcome to my life. 

Hitrecord hasn't been letting me edit any of my records. Which is slightly embarassing considering I rarely proofread any of my rambles that go along with them. So while I can say it - Hey, thanks for making my life hell, Justin. I'm kidding, though. Really. Sort of. Hey, here's a link to the swf ( You know, in case this doesn't work again.

If you want the flash file to remix - just ask in the comments. I'll only take a week so that I can organize the hell out of it. Because it's disgusting, to be honest. We need sound now, that's my request.

Okay I'm done.

p.s. If this doesn't work. Feel free to delete my account.
Just kidding, I still like it here. But delete the record please. 

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