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InkedCanvas Released Feb 20, 2015

hello friends. long time no see :)

i haven't been very active here... so i thought i'd share something i've been working on. leihulu (or feather lei) is a traditional wearable art from hawai'i. i've known how to make leihulu for 15 years now... and have made an estimate of 100 lei in that time. but recently i've found myself making them more frequently and purely for the calming repetition. i don't know how to knit or crochet but i imagine they're similar in their crafting?? anyway, i have no idea if this skill set could ever be translated to hitrecord stuff, but i do miss this place. so i thought i'd pop in with a tiny update. i may not be active here, but i'm trying to keep in touch with art stuff regardless.

xx inky

(the leihulu pictured here is an 8" kupe'e - used around wrists, ankles, or a hair bun)