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Monuments of men are immortalized in momentous moments but even more momentous are mortal men making mere moments monumental.

And there before her, written in the sand

Were the promises he’d made of the life they’d planned

‘Marry Me?’ engraved in the grainy tan shore

Everything she’d always wanted and so...

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I grew up in the foster care system. 

To most people this means bouncing from home to home, placement to placement until all the faces of the users, abusers and accusers blurred...

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There once was an old woman with three little pigs, and as she had not enough to keep them, she sent them out on their merry way.

The first that went off met a man with a bundle of...

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Twas the night before Philly and all through the town    *
The RECorders were too excited to lay their heads down
Their cameras were charged by the bedside with care
In hopes that...

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WE are the road warriors.

WE are the conquerers of asphalt.

WE are the movers and shakers of gravel and earth.

Paving our way to the dawn of a new age.

There are no limits to where we...

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I spent most of my childhood in cars. My Mom and Dad divorced when I was 4 and my Dad moved several hundred miles away. We  drove between LA and San Francisco at least once a...

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When you left this earth you said you were going to the sky.
So I built myself wings and learned how to fly.

When I got to the edge of the atmosphere,
I looked far and wide but you...

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I used to wear my heart on my sleeve, but you took it when you stole my jacket.

Odd, even though I'm naked and missing a major organ, you're the cold, heartless bitch.


"What are you doing out here in the barn?"

"Searching for a needle in a haystack."

"Aww, honey. You won't find one. It's impossible, that's why people say.."

"I found it!"

"Oh, shit."



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