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by Sally

RegularJOE and ppeppina singing Beastly Beauty

HitRECord on TV / Pivot party @ Sundance

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It took me a whole day to finally face the fact that there really is no language I know that would make it possible for me to describe the gratitude I feel for the community of hitRECord, so I decided I’ll just give you guys some facts, about me and the site, because facts are easy and safe, and helpful in avoiding emotional blabbering (which can be also beautiful, but I just really suck at it). Sorry about the length though, I guess there’s just no brief way for saying this…

Facts (1)
Two years ago I was 16 years old. I had always loved music more than anything and had already spent 10 years of my life studying it, but I was afraid to show it, afraid of rejection and being judged, afraid of dreaming big ‘cause I was sure I’d never be really good enough. I had written some songs (all in Finnish ofc, as if anyone outside my family & friends would ever hear them), but it felt wrong to share them, the whole idea of telling people that my music is worth their time and energy, that they should look here, listen to me, me, me, it made me feel uncomfortable. To be honest, I was slowly running out of reasons to try becoming a musician.

Facts (2)
Two years ago yesterday, I found this site. And you all know how it goes. Finding a place where it’s not about creating something ready, finished or perfect, not about awkwardly shouting: “look at me, me, me!”, but where it’s all about collaborating, connecting and sharing things with people by creating, continuing, listening and remixing stories in differend shapes by adding beginnings, endings, colours, tastes, feelings, dreams, memories, love, bits, pieces, this that and whatnot… I know you know what I’m talking about, finding a place like this is magical.

Facts (3)
The picture above and the tattoo in the hand were both taken yesterday, and the hand in the picture belongs to me. The chord that’s written there is C/F which has been one of my favorites for years, but even more importantly, it’s the chord that starts the song I wrote, “Crashing” which started a lot of things for me. I had been planning to take this tattoo for over a year and a half, and finally yesterday on my 2nd hitRECord anniversary, I dared to go for it. To me it symbolises not only my insane, blind, burning love for music, but also my gratitude and love for this community that has given me so much…

There are no words. Thank you for these two. Here’s to many more to come.


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Quite a while ago when joerud uploaded the amazing "Adieu!", I was so inspired by it that I wanted to try writing something in French, too. Later on I came up with this little tune, and Joe was kind enough to borrow his golden voice and sing it with me as a duet! :)

Enjoy <3



Il était une fois, il était une fois

J’entendais la melodie d’un pianiste

Et me souvenais l’époque où les histoires d’amour

n’étaient pas toujours aussi triste


Il était une fois il n'y a pas longtemps

Je connaissais un monde assez agréable

Les toutes petites choses étaient importantes

Et la vie était assez formidable


Mais le temps passe vite…


Il était une fois il y avait un jeu

Auquel on a joué encore et encore

Est-ce que tu t’en souviens, même un peu?

Comme on a tous les deux gagné, on était super fort!


Il était une fois, je te connaissais

Et presque pensais que je t’aimais

Il était une fois j’étais un con

Mais à défaut de ne rien avoir, j’ai au moins cette chanson

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This is the version that played at Sundance 2012

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It's just a quick song. And it's about people. Lots of people. And other things... maybe RE: The Road...

I left this intentionally bare because I wanted people to add as much as they could to it. So more vocals, more instruments, solo instrument section, anything! Stems up soon enough. 

A major - 3/4 - 190bpm


People on form, people on time,

People magically on top of their shit,

People changing and I know for one I'll be a son of a gun if I don't change one bit to get where I end up,


People folding, people without an apetite,

People exiting things without saving them prior,

People know I'm not one for a show but I can't help but aim a bit higher,


I was told I should prepare for the best of days and best of days I'll get,

Can I be a fighter and a runner?

I'm not one of those gambling men, but I'm my safest bet, and I quite like roulette,


People don't show, people loco,

Why'd he run from the bun 'cause he's bored of the oven,

I can't stand people raising their hand as they tell me there's no such thing as lovin', they're just being stubborn,


I was told I shouldn't mind if they hammer at my head,

That's just the order we are placed in,

What else could I do but fight my own way through instead, to make some real good bread,

Hurry there's no time for wastin',


There are doctors, there are nurses,

There are killers and coppers and warriors even now,

You can think that you're fine then you blink and you're old and you've lost all your money,

And no one is talking and reading gets harder but you know the truth still,

People are people,

You know the truth still, people are people,

You know the truth still, weak and their feeble, people are people.


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You know when you hear a song that kinda pisses you off because its so good.... this is one of those times. Killer song joerud! I think its damn near perfect as is. Maybe a very minimal upright bassline and and light string parts.


by joerud
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Over the past couple weeks Sojushots and I have been working on this.  I hope you enjoy.  Also wouldn't have happened without ppeppina and Jeff Peff for the music, thank you.  I can't wait to hear the full orchestration.

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The weather in England isn't the best.

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by Sally
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by Sally
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Giske, Norway.

by schelly
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