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The genre of glitch is completely based on sampling, cutting, chopping...the deconstruction of one artform and the reconstruction of the pieces into something new. I ripped the audio from RegularJOE's videos and sampled it into a track I made. I reconstructed his words to describe a lot of feelings I have regarding sampling and remixing in general. I was suprised how easily his words could tell my story.
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As I said before, I really felt like the original megamix had 2 separate songs in it. And here's the other one...the upbeat song.
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This is my remix of Beautiful Kitsch's "Bird Song."  (Video Diary should be done tomorrow.)  Beautiful Kitsch and I have been collaborating on this one together for about 6 months now.  And I couldn't be prouder of how far it's come.  I hope you guys like it!

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This is a song I wrote awhile back that todd68976 encouraged me to upload.  (Thank you, sir!)  I love songwriting, but most of what I write I feel is meant for someone else to sing.  So I'm uploading a few songs in hopes that they find the voice they were meant for.  <3

Selfish Song

I'm moody.  I'm jealous.

Even a little bit reckless.

I'm bitchy.  I'm needy.

You already know I'm greedy.

I'm fearless.  I'm freaky.

You know I can be real kinky.

I'm flirty.  I'm giving.

But don't ask me to stop living.


You knew who I was when we met

And I have no regrets for being this way.

You think that I won't compromise

But I'm tired of all the lies that I'm living each day.

you think I don't know who I am

But you wouldn't give a damn even if I did know.

i just want to live my life

And I know what's right for me, so just let it go.


You don't have to understand

Just let me be who I am.

You don't have to agree

Just let me be me.

You don't have to compromise

If you'd just realize

You don't have to sing along.

This is my selfish song.


I'm loud and outspoken.

My spirit can never be broken.

I'm loaded with amo

So you'd better put on your camo.

I'm very outrageous.

My sex is a little contagious.

And you love it.  You know it.

So you'd better not blow it, cuz


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This was just an idea I had of how we could remix the video for "It Starts With a Glitch" and use the footage we've already curated.  Just a jumping off point.  Any thoughts?  Is this do-able?

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