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Today is my one-year hitREC-anniversary, so I decided to hold off releasing this until today. 


I've been meaning to do a tiny story for quite a while, but just got around to it. This is also for part of a collab that I'm hoping to start really soon! I'm working on adding some watercolor, but I figured I would upload the outline because people have done a really good job at adding color to my doodles in the past. : )

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Here it is all finshed and watercolored an everything! I did the original outline, Woolie and amberleyk added some color, and then I used some of their ideas to finish it up. : ) 

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I dapple in design in what little free time I have, and this is the first dress I have made. I'm not all that great at sewing, so the entire thing is made out of paper (mostly newspaper), that way I could glue everything together. There is an upside-down picture of a cat on the butt that I love and find really quirky (you can't see it in this picture). If anyone can use this, be my guest, I just wanted to share because I'm really proud of it! <3

P.S. It can be worn! There is a zipper on the side, and I made it to fit one of my friends so she can model for me

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I have been playing violin for most of my life, and I recently fell in love with watercolor paint. Can you actually fall in love with an art material? Well, it happened. Anyway, random ideas tend to invade my brain, and this was one of them. It was too big for my scanner though, so sorry that the photo quality kind of sucks.

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These squiggles started out as doodles on my desk in a biology class, and then this idea popped into my head. Part of a group of four I did to represent the 4 elements (this one is Water). Watercolor and Sharpie.

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