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Once upon a moonlit night

There lived a fairy dressed in white

She flew across the starry sky

In hopes to find a passerby

Through the trees and over the land

She soared and searched to lend a hand

Not a soul was found to her dismay

No one to talk to, no one to play

Deep in the forest she went with a sigh

On a nice quiet rock she began to cry

All of a sudden she heard a faint sound

Coming from behind her she turned around

A wee little gnome, not quite grown

Told her that she wasn't alone

Wiping her tears he gave a tiny salute

Then pulled out his pipe and his flute

He packed his pipe with his finest weed

Handing it to her she smiled and agreed

With one sweet breath to her surprise

She felt her spirits beginning to rise

Now the gnome played a happy tune

And the fairy got up to dance under the moon

As the song came to a cheery end

The fairy thanked him for being her friend

As she flew away, a kiss she blew

To the wee little gnome who was kind and true.