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I love this song soooo much… could not help it. All the images are from the gorgeous "EMPIRE" by Lawrie Brewster (see REsources). I highly REcommend it.

Toss wrote as a REmark on wirrow's "teddy bears in space" : "sometimes I think you come from another world and you miss it so so much."
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"Everything is on fire" video, troisième!
I combined Dr. Gory video with wirrow's "coulouring fire" + some other RECords I saved for that project. Of course it's still not finished so please join in.
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For those who weren’t there. And those who were.
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Dance party in the MicroCinema. 50 sec!!! Youhou!
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I see you in everything everyday.
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dAN as Neptune. I will always remember him that way. As a god from another world, throwing fire at the sun, juggling with stars.

"Sometimes I think you come from another world and you miss it so so much"

Toss wrote those words as a REmark for wirrow and I RECorded it. I think they fit perfectly.
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Just because I love this song so much.
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I love "The lovers" by tommacarte. Could not resist to that beautiful remix made by Johnny 4 The City.
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An other version of Ryan Patrick's beautiful tiny story, "I will not misbehave" + wirrow's "It's a wonderful life". Couldn't help it. Love it too much.
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So as promised… this is the Love Collab resuscitated. This one is very special to me 'cause it was my very first collaboration to hitRECord.

I tried to dig as many RECords as possible but it was hard because all the V3 RECords did not make it to V4… Also I kept a sample of that "500 Days of Summer" dialogue. Hope it will not be a problem. If so I will cut it off.

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