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Looking for people to write lyrics and add vocals to this song.


Nobody could tell why the moon had gone red.

But even if they could it wouldn't matter.

People from that place were too busy and tired.

The sun was hotter and brighter than anywhere else.

The wind was like a steady hot poisoned mist.

Their blood were thicker and darker.

The moon was just another unreachable thing in the sky.

They didn't care for impossible things.

As long as their lives were fair they were satisfied.

It didn't change the course of their lives so why bother?

"At least the background will be different for a week or so".

The moon remained red. But they didn't care. They got used to it. Just like everyone else.


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-Tell me private, what happened out there?!

-The whole story, Sir?

-Don't spare the details, son...

-Ok... As I was reaching for the rover I saw the sun, it looked so small and meaningless but still so powerful and comforting. My oxygen was running low and I just saw two of my friends almost die from the past sandstorm, but I couldn't look away from the sun. You see, Sir,  I came from the most scorched place on Earth, I never really liked the sun, it always represented death to me and...

-Son, I guess you can spare some of the details after all...

-Sorry Sir...

-Thats ok, kid.

-Anyways, as I was gazing at the sun a hole in the ground caught my eye. I had to replenish my oxygen a.s.a.p. but I couldn't hold my need to explore, so I went for it. It was tunnel, and between the rocks I could see some light on the other side, I couldn't tell if it was natural or artificial light...

-So what was it?!

-A city, Sir.

-A city?! Like ancient ruins or something?

-No Sir. A city, just like the ones on Earth with people coming back from school, working and just.... living their lives...

-And what did you do, Soldier?!

-Well Sir, I turned around and came back... That's not why I came here.


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Today the old castle serves only for housing the mice royalty.

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Collage with some things I had and some awesome resources by Badwolf88`s and Menglada.

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