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“ugh, Why do I have to be naked for this?”
”?siht rof dekan eb ot evah I od yhW ,hgu“

“What am I supposed to see? “
“?ees ot desoppus I ma tahW“

“Oh my god is that supposed to be hanging so low?"
“?wol os gnignah eb ot desoppus taht si dog ym hO“

“Is that a mold?”
”?dlom a taht sI“

“jeez, Where’d that bruise come from?”
”?morf emoc esiurb taht d’erehW ,zeej“

“Fuck this, I’m putting my clothes back”
”kcab sehtolc ym gnittup m’I ,siht kcuF“

“Okay, I'm in the car. I see you there and don't worry I have the doohickey to show me how to get there. “

“Ok, let's see how we get there.”

“Calculating destination.”

“Ah, There we...

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