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Thoughtless Submersion:

Spurning and sinking, deeper into the mind of one’s own,

Tallying the times we couldn’t find a way to breach the hold,

To break away would be a great escape from reality,

To soar and score on our own self esteem, sanity, and humanity,

The world has no boundary for the thoughts sifted by open minds,

Ideas thrashing and gashing through the barriers formed by this world,

Where due to reality one’s thoughts flee to the questions, pondering,

What now, what comes next, what is the next step I take and even so…

If I take the next step, am I going in the right direction?

Still how will I know if this step marks the end of one thing?

Or will it initiate the start of something completely new and undetected

Like ripples we influence many things with one simple action,

But we will never really know the effects the world has upon us,

Or even the true effects we have upon the world, but always remember,

Your mind is your own, and your dreams help lead the way,

Because when life leaves you in the dark, a dream is that little spark,

To set your fire ablaze, and lead you to better days.
Thoughtless Submersion
Fighter4Hire Released ago
Cutting the ties And the weave of lies Through the chains that bind Weighing down with time. Got to firmly grasp That which doesn’t last Got to break the hold Got to take control. This is my time. My time now Senses numb And sanity flees (not this time, this is my time) All the darkness made it hard to see, the truth (not this time, this is my time) All the pressure pressing down on me (not this time this is my time) Now I feel like I can finally breath, again. This is my time to make it right Defenses down, I'm tired of the fights...
by Fighter4Hire ago
Poetics:short and simply sweet. like a pull of a trigger. straight and to the point... need not any more words. for those alone were the single bullet headed straight for the mark that is... a bullseye. like sharpshooting poetics
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Sweet Dreams Dream the Dreaming Dreamers

Sweet Dreams,

Dream the Dreaming DreamersOh the Dreams,That Dreaming Dreamers Dream….

Swiftly throughout the silent night

To Dream a Dreamers DreamLie your head down, tucked in tightFor nothings as it seems.Take the woes and all your wearyAnd place them in your chestLock them up and toss the keyTonight we get some restDream my Dreaming DreamerPut all those things asideOut from shadows into lightAs darkness runs to hideDream of those who love youOf things that make you smileDream of most impossible...
It does not matter where i came from.It does not matter where i have been.It does not matter where I am.All that matters is Heart

Heart is made of what you feel

Heart is measured by actionsHeart is free though expression and artAll that matters is Heart

Some people disaprove of Heart

Some people wish it awaySome people ignore heartSome people wish to stop the beat

But it cant be beat

We ARE Heart

Its in the way we move

Its in the way we flowIts in the actions that we takeIts everywhere we go

Heart is the world

In life and beyondWe will always...
by Fighter4Hire ago
Out within the shadows of the deepest darkest nightA chill shot up my spine and i knew something was not rightThe hunter in me restless, i could taste it in the airI knew, and without knowing, that this fight was far from fairA figure now before me, so familiar, so awareI couldnt see its face yet still i knew just what was thereThis Figure now before me, and the challenge then was clearFor there was only one sound reason why he would be herepressing forward, eyes were locked, i kept my line of sightthe fight begins, the worlds were...
by Fighter4Hire ago