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YAY :-)

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OK, I lied, one more record.

During the HOA in Frome, Pam and Joe kindly re-did their vocals to fit my mix a little better for this awesome awesome song.

So this new mix includes the new vox, plus iamemma's great piano addition and tinderlocks' sound fxs. It's the whole kit and kaboodle all packaged for your aural pleasure into a tasty new mix.


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Shadow Play is a cool way to play with THE DARK! 

Images of the shadows are in the public domain, I just paged them and added the caption.

by Pom
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Cats have found the passage to parallel Universes.

by Mantia
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Cats have found the passage to parallel Universes. Actually they have always known, they just didn't tell.

by MoN
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by Shiraga
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I agree that it is extremely discouraging to not have contributions seen and/or recognized. After all, if I wanted nobody to read my stuff, I’d call it an urgent memo and send it to my boss. But I think the major danger for the site as a whole is that great art will be missed or great artists will feel discouraged from adding more great art. So, I have attempted to identify some potential issues and propose possible solutions to alleviate them a bit. I submit text records almost exclusively, so my discussion leans heavily on the issues facing text records.

1. Possible Problem: Perhaps my stuff is not being seen

Possible Solutions:

1. Have subcategories for text records and sub-specializations for curators

Rather than the broad “t” for text records on the main REC page, there could be several text types to choose from, for example: comedy, testimonial, drama. Then maybe there could be more curators that specialize in each of those subcategories. This would at least allow the volume of contributions to be broken up into (slightly) more manageable categories.

(Cerebis has a similar idea for audio recs here:

Perhaps our profile info could include a searchable bit about what our specialty or preferred art is so that like-minded people can subscribe. Also, it might be helpful if my fan (Yeah, I have a fan. Don’t hate!) knew right off-the-bat if my piece is intended to be funny or serious.

2. Have weekly mini-townhall, user-driven collabs to discuss how to get more involved in HR

The mini-townhalls could have topics such as:

  • What is your preferred method of communication with other RECorders?

  • Do you collaborate outside of HR? If so, how?

  • If you prefer not to submit images of yourself, do you sometimes feel left out? How can we collaborate to include these people more, or should this sort of anti-social behavior be discouraged? (Full disclosure: I’m one of these people)

  • To Heart or Not to Heart – if you liked my stuff, why didn’t you heart?

The mini-townhalls could be featured prominently on the main page so that newcomers can easily learn how things work around here.

2. Possible Problem: Perhaps my stuff is being seen but it is stinking up the place.

Possible Solution: A formal mentorship program.

Discussion: Ok, ok. I know….this could be extremely difficult to implement, due to the volume of artists and contributions on the site and the limited availability of people’s time. AND HitRECord is by far the nicest website I have ever encountered in terms of there being very little (or no) negativity when it comes to individual contributions, and I don't think anyone wants to upset that vibe. But would it be possible to get some more feedback on why my stuff is stinking up the place? I’ve seen in a few people’s records that they have worked on a particular text with one of the resident curators. How does that work? I’m not comfortable just asking a curator to look over my stuff. Is there a way for the curators or other cool kids to formally offer some of their time in helping someone create better art?

Is it possible to open the comments to more constructive criticism without bringing in a lot of negativity? Probably not. But still…if I don’t know why my stuff is stinking up the place, I will either never get better as a writer, and/or I will continue to waste everyone’s time (including my own) on the site. Does anyone else have thoughts on this?

(SethBang has an idea for mentoring newbies:

3. Possible Problem: Perhaps my stuff is not the right fit for a particular project.

Possible solution: providing more info on the production decision-making process.

I sense that this is probably the most common issue and the most difficult to overcome. I like to write about old man nuts, and sometimes there’s simply no place for that shit. But is it possible to provide more info on how some of the production decisions are made without revealing too many secrets? Who are the key decision-makers? Do you sit around a table and discuss face-to-face, or is it done exclusively over the site, or some other medium? What are some of the factors you take into account? Who works at the HR main location thingy? What is the main location thingy? Who are all the resident curators? I don’t know any of these things.

[UPDATE: the resident curators can be seen here:  I'm an idiot.  I think I use the site so much that I don't look at some of the everyday details as often as I should.]

Some of us have never been involved in the industry at all, even a little bit. How can we learn more about what types of projects are usable?

Does HR prefer that we, as users, drive the projects and take our own initiative to develop them further, or is it better to wait for the HR “go ahead”?

That's all I have.

by Smarmy
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This mistress is a widow. Her late husband died under questionable circumstances and some folks wonder if she might have had (more than) her little pinky in the whole episode. She likes to dress in black as though she's still in mourning. Fact is, she has inherited a good business, providing a solid income so she's free to do whatever she likes. Don't let her looks fool you, underneath that lovely facade is a ruthless vixen!  

by hbbos
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SIDEKICK WANTED: Contribute Scripts & Character Ideas for the Sidekick Wanted collab. CONTRIBUTE HERE

HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVES: Check out a Text Book from your Library & RECord yourself on camera paraphrasing lessons on historical events. CONTRIBUTE HERE

FAMILY TREE: Draw & Animate Visuals, Backgrounds, Typography & Characters for the Family Tree short film. CONTRIBUTE HERE



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Work in progress. Needs another verse, maybe a bridge. I think it'd be a nice duet.


It's about falling in lurrrve. <3

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Why are you leaving your current superhero?

I was a better fighter than Metrosexual Man. He didn’t like to get his clothes dirty or his hair messed up. We were mix-matched; originally I was assigned to work with Hot Tomato Sally but she opted for Pasta Pete. In fact, my attributes far extend the realms of a sidekick. I’m more of a roundhouse kick. You know, martial arts shit.

What's your greatest weakness and strength?

I tend to mold in humid weather and get dry and hard after a couple of days. I'm best when freshly baked. However, with the right preservatives I can be an indestructible Twinkie and survive cataclysmic consequences. In the end it will be just me and the roaches, bitch.

Describe a difficult work situation and how you overcame it?

One day Metrosexual Man wanted a PB&J sandwich. I used to work with the famous duo but that was before they ditched me for a ciabatta. I told MM that there was a recall on Peanut Butter and he ordered sushi instead. He never suspected a thing.

What was the biggest accomplishment/failure in your last sidekick role?

In the olden days, I helped build strong bodies in 12 ways. However, that was when I was plain ole white bread. As a whole wheat entity I can kick ass 12 ways and counting. My shortcomings are my cravings for gluten free pizza.

What are your passions outside of work?

I’ve joined a book club sandwich group. We discuss the latest recipes and new condiments. And I love dill pickles.

Would you be willing to undergo a rebranding if required?

My first trademark was Muffin Man. I didn’t like it because I thought it made me sound old and fat. I wouldn’t mind a change as long as I maintain my youthfulness and shape. I don’t want to look like the fucking Pillsbury dough boy.

What are your superpower/s and how would they benefit this partnership?

I cause celiac disease which is highly uncomfortable for the victim. Granted I’m not feared universally yet, but there is a growing concern about me. And soon, I will be as intimidating as anthrax or lactose intolerance.

Do you have any questions? (Where the potential sidekicks can ask mundane things like the parking situation and health benefits)

Do you know how soon I’ll be hearing from you? I have another interview at McDonald’s this afternoon.

by Murker
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