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I am doing this as both my re recs and my subscribe Saturday record.  Looking through the list of those I subscribe to and selecting one is impossibly hard, but today I'm going to suggest that if you haven't already done so you subscribe to tootwofoursquare.   She writes beautifully and with so much emotion.  Some of my favorites,  

She also makes some amazing recommendations.  

Now on to Re Recs...  

So ever since thatwasnotveryravenofyou started the short Story Collaboration  I have been making my way through the stories.  Finally I have finished reading everything that is currently in there.  I found so many amazing stories in different styles and suiting so many different tastes.  The below are a sample of my favorite from among the collection.  I will be hopefully watching for any new contributions to the collaboration, as I can't wait to have some more stories to go through.    

Stereotype fairy-tale by Mottelz  - this is quick and fun little story.    

Piece of the Pie by Capt Clair.  Funny, and such a unique voice.  Very fresh and fluid.  

The lonely Dead by Emma Conner  classic ghost story gripping till the end.   She does such a great job with suspenseful writing.  Check out this one too   

The Dark Adjusting by Symbiote  such an original and creepy story.  Held my attention right to the end.  

The Ocean in her eyes by TheSerpentTheCharmer  Amazing imaginative story about love and loss.  

Tunnel Vision by Shelby31  this is a quick but powerful story.  

Solitary by Smarmy  imaginative story about a dystopian future.  A Horrific and yet comedic interpretation of crime and punishment in a future revolving around the social media that consumes so much of our focus in life.  

Reality 2.0 by ThatGirlFromMars  reality altering brain modification.  For sci fi lovers like me this is so fun.  Also loved this one of hers.  

Animals by Christopher Harn  I love the scene set in this story.  I can feel myself to be there with the cruel hunter watching the death of the lion.  For me this also shows the versatility of his writing.  So many stories he has created, no two alike.  

Popcorn and Cashmere by SamVasquez0  a story about attraction and lust.  Playful and descriptive.  You can just picture the woman's buttery fingers and her perfect red mouth.  This is one of her older pieces of writing, but she has lots of amazing stuff.   

You will grow Breast by Katerly  such an amazing story about the harsh realities of childhood, and the realization that being a girl will sometimes limit you in life.  A totally shit moment that lots of girls sadly experience.  

Useless things by Mushr. This one is a post-apocalypse story.  Humans are harvested for their memories.  Mushr has a bunch of really imaginative stories.  Also check out  

Sight for sore eyes by Luis C. Lewis a story about memory and regret.  Beautifully and thoughtfully told.  

The Dry Storm by Musings 5225 The queen searches for courage on the way to her beheading,  Wonderful story.  

Ordinary by Brandi Jeaux  Horrific tale told from the POV of a young boy.  She writes creepy really well.  I recommend you check out more of hers.  

The life of Moab Fridleifsdottir: A Smasaga by bellarts Such imaginative and descriptive character development in this story.  

Tug by AndreiDoubleJ  amazing twist on the big bad wolf.  This story starts out sweet and soft and sexy and ends up somewhere totally different.  Also really loved this one of his.  

Green A Future Fairy Tale by Metaphorest  She has such a playful way with language.  She doesn't just tell stories, she sings them.  This is another example of her gift with words.  

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Beautiful images.

Believe it or not, my well can dry up. I could go days, weeks, or even months without writing ANYTHING. This place, this home has kept the fire going, and I only drag my feet now when trying to finish my Horror novella, which has finally reached its last three chapters. I think what's slowing me down is the fear of not being able to do anything with it once it is finally done, but I have to put that thought out of my mind. At least, for now.

But when the well did dry up, it was like trying to jumpstart a car. I needed a spark. Therein...

Subscribe Saturday 8-30-2014 – And the Winners Are . . .

This week I accidentally programmed the Randomizer* to pick two numbers rather than one from my list of top HitRECord talent, so the spotlight will be shared by two very talented HitRECorders.

Scifiwritir is an eloquent and insightful contributor with a gift for crafting thoughtful and evocative poems. Some of my personal favorites include Spin, The Nakedness and Helplessness of Sleep, Crone Poem #5, and Dark (Dark-Skinned).

Silvina, a recent arrival to the site, has been...

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My grandfather's house in Jamaica was a tropical paradise. Mango trees, tamarind, ackee, peppers, lime trees abounded. Long trailing woody tomato plants twined around the columns of the verandah and hummingbirds were always sipping nectar from flowers in the front garden. One day, when I was about eight, my half-sister took me to the back of our grandfather's garden underneath the Julie Mangoes and Number Eleven Mango trees and said, "Carole, do you know why I live at Daddy's house and not here with you and Grandpa? It's because...

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