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There is plenty of evidence in, say, the work of artist Peter Paul Rubens, that fat was seen as sexy and desirable in our history. In fact, it is only relatively recently that we, as a society, have become so obsessed with the idea of skeletal thinness as beautiful.

At one time being fat was a symbol of privilege and wealth. Very few people could afford to eat regularly, let alone well. Hence fat was beautiful. Once being fat was no longer the province of the wealthy, those in power no longer deemed it desirable.

Fat didn’t suddenly become ugly. It’s that beauty standards are set by those in power (usually men) and they chose whatever symbolises wealth and privilege. Fat is now regarded as something ‘low class’ and the fault of people with no self-control, extreme thinness the opposite of those things and therefore good.

The real beauty of people – fat, thin, everything in-between – is actually completely irrelevant.

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My biggest fear is that when I die

everyone will find it hilarious.

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Because I really want to see a hitRECord graphic novel some day. ;)

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Audio Book

I like the idea of hitRECord working on an audio book, because it is a great chance to showcase just how global this community is, as well as a great opportunity to put some of the amazing short stories we have on the site to good use.

Graphic Novel

Again, we have some great foundations for a graphic novel already available in the form of such collaborations as the Character Collab and Reboot the System, and several members have already outlined their own storylines and ideas for one. So I think this is definitely something to look at.

Subway Existentialist

I’d love to see this short finished!

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Chapter 1: Rituals

Album: 'Ritual' Selex (Untitled Patterns Book), by CaptCare

Chapter Text: Ritual (Patterns Book Text + Curation), by JerzyJung

Chapter 2: Deja Vu

Album: Chapter RE: Déjà vu (curation), by annejumps

Chapter Text: Sometimes, by musing5225

Chapter 3: Circles

Album: Circles (Patterns Book Curation), by Emma Conner

Text: Chapter: Circles (Patterns Book), by Emma Conner

Chapter 4: Steps

Album/Curation and Text: Steps (patterns curation), by Proi

Chapter 5: Vanishing Points

Album/Curation and Text: Vanishing Points (patterns curation), by Proi

Chapter 6: Breaking the Pattern

Album/Curation: Breaking the Pattern (Pattern Book Curation), by IvanaK

Text: Breaking the Pattern (Pattern Book Text), by thesickrose


Suggested text for an introduction to the book: Personified (REmix) by Emma Conner (original text by twillyg21:


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Taken on my phone, so quality isn't great.

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I don’t test well. 

Tests are, for me, a circle of hell. I worry about time limits; I can’t recall things that I could remember quite clearly moments before and my mind goes into a tailspin. The results are usually average at best.

This wouldn’t be a problem if our society places didn’t happen to place so much value upon test results, a fact that was brought home to me yesterday. It was upsetting to have my skills with English questioned after taking a test, because I do place a lot of value upon my (assumed, it is entirely possible I have a slight case of unwarranted arrogance about this) proficiency as a writer. However, I think the fact that I taught myself to write screenplays at least points to some ability not only with writing, but also an ability to adapt those skills.

In short, I was really fucking offended.

But, I wonder if this happened because I also inhabit another one of society's little boxes: I’m unemployed. Does being unemployed mean I’m automatically untrustworthy? I wonder.

Recently, I forgot my sign-on book when I went to the Jobcentre. I was upset because I’d never done that before and I consider myself a reliable person. As it happened, it didn’t cause much trouble, but when I was filling out the required form to explain why I didn’t have my sign-on book with me, the gentleman who was helping me with the form joked that, ‘maybe I shouldn’t get drunk the night before next time.’

Because that’s what the jobless do, I guess. Fritter away the little government assistance we get on booze. I understand that this was intended as a joke, but it also spoke volumes about the way this man really thinks about the unemployed: we’re scroungers.

These are just some of the boxes society puts me in.

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Taken on Sony RX100 II

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The concentric circles formed by raindrops falling into a puddle, and the delicate arrangement of rose petals. The wheels that form the most essential part of our daily transport, and the glasses we drink from. The terrible metaphorical circles we trap ourselves in sometimes.

The little buttons we push repeatedly to photograph them all.

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