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Ellenm30 Released Oct 25, 2010
Hello, Wanted to tell you...SMILE!! =) xoxoxo No worries about the show...I understand how you must be feeling so don't be too down about the show...Its hard losing a sibling and I would be completely in the same mood if something happened to my siblings. I have never met your brother but he seems to have been an Incredible person to have met and gotten to know...RIP Dan!!
Just Remember To always be Happy and keep doing what you Love and of coz...ALWAYS KEEP A SMILE On your face...Then Dan will see from where ever he may be and know you are doing Great and wont have to worry about you. He knows that he will always and foever be in your heart and never forgotten...hes hasn't left but always close by rite there round you when you need him!! ^_^
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